A slew of dusty Italian sports cars hidden in muscle car country | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 30

(classic rock music) (engine revving) – Last year when I was
writing the book that recently came out callled Motor City Barn Finds, I met a gentleman at a Cars and Coffee event outside Detroit,
who told us he had a bunch of foreign cars in northern Michigan. We went up there and looked at them and wow it’s pretty cool. So now we’re gonna bring the video series, Barn Find Hunter, with these video cameras to
come and look at those cars in his yard, way up in northern Michigan. (classic rock music) Here’s an Alfa Romeo
2000 ,pretty rare car. Much larger than your average Alfa Romeo. It’s probably only good
for a parts car these days. There are nice parts on
it, tail lights, bumpers but if you look at the chassis rot down on the quarter panel
there it’s pretty bad. Next to it if you can check
it out is a French car, called a Citroën 2CV or Deux Chevaux, and that was a front wheel
drive two cylinder car that was designed so
that you could drive it to the market to sell
your eggs at the market. And if you had those eggs in
a basket on the front seat with you you could drive across a plowed farm field and they wouldn’t break. That’s how compliant the suspension was. And back there is a
1956 Alfa Romeo Giulietta It’s the 34th car like that built. And it’s probably too far
gone to restore unfortunately but we’re just getting
to the good stuff now. This is just a prelude of things to come. Here’s a car that in
Europe this was called a Volkswagen, marketed as a Volkswagen, but in the states it was called a Porsche. It’s a 914, a mid engine car. This one’s a four cylinder probably a 1.8. They were amazing handling cars especially when they had the optional six cylinder which was a 911 6, it was amazing. This one’s got the optional alloy rims. You know you’d really have to go in there take everything out and
see how the floor is. These cars have a bad habit
of rusting very badly. But if it has solid
bones it might be worth restoring or making a vintage racecar. This has been on this
trailer for at least 20 years if not longer, the owner
bought it in the early ’80s and it’s been sitting here ever since. But now we’re gonna go down
to a garage, David, who owns these vehicles is gonna explain
what we’re walking past. This is our friend, David Korwin, and David has invited us here to his farm up in northern Michigan to look at some of the cars that he and his brother and ultimately his father
collected over the years. We’ve seen some of them
over in the woods there but this is the mother load in here. So if you’re a foreign car
guy you’ll really dig this. So, thanks for inviting us. – Thanks Tom. – Show us what you got. – [David] All right the
first thing you’ll see is this 1940 Dodge truck,
it’s a one ton stake. And the idea with this is that it was gonna be the perfect
vintage race car hauler. Especially for like an old Lotus 6. Because you could drive it up on the back and on the ramps and you’d be all set. – [Tom] So your dad bought this? – [David] Yeah, and we
were talking about that. We think maybe in Roscommon,
Michigan but we’re not sure. – [Tom] How long ago
you figure he bought it? – [David] Maybe 1976. – [Tom] ’76? – [David] Or more. – [Tom] Yeah, 40 years. Okay so we have an Alfa coupe here? – A 1957 Giulietta Sprint. It’s a car that my mom
and dad went on dates in. – [Tom] No Kidding? – [David] Yeah Way back, way back then,
so early ’60s, end of ’50s. I think he bought this car in ’59. – [Tom] What year is it do you think? – [David] This is a ’57. – [Tom] Okay so he bought it as a two year old car no kidding.
– [David] Yeah. And this thing was like a turquoise. – [David] That is the original color – [Tom] Isn’t that something. – [David] I think it would
have been called celeste blue. – [Tom] You can see the
dash board a little bit, wow what a fabulous car
this must’ve been, geez! Column shift?
– [David] Yep. – [Tom] This car has a
column four on the column. – [David] Yeah four speed on the column. – [Tom] Here’s the engine on the Giulietta It’s a 1957 1600 cc’s. If you could look at
this, this is a 1957 car being built at the same time as MG A’s and Triumph TR3’s and they were so basic. The Triumphs, the MGs and most other cars had push rod engines very antiquated. But this car had overhead cam,
double overhead cam engine. Aluminum head, it was
so much more advanced than the British
contemporaries of the day. Italians really had it together
when it came to machinery. It’s got a single down draft single barrel but most people who had
performance versions of this would have side draft Weber carburetors. Two two barrels. It’s a flow through head
design which means the intake is on this side, the exhaust
is on this side so gas and air would flow through the
head and right out again. A much better cylinder head design than the alternative
which would be the gas and air come in and go
out on the same side. It just slows the whole momentum down. This is a car worth restoring. And especially since David,
his parents dated in this car in the late ’50s or early ’60s. He has a real need to
wanna restore this again. So we have here what is it, a GTV? – [David] This is a GTV that
my dad owned a couple of times. (laughing) It’s a ’66 and he sold it to a young man in Ann Arbor who drove
it for a couple of months before he floated it over a traffic island and took out the sump and
the front end of the car. And when we walk to the front
end, you can see that my dad didn’t buy factory panels and repair it. Because he was a body guy he
decided to do his own take. – [Tom] Oh look at that. – [David] On Chazarros
theme here and it’s got NSU headlights, that’s where the
oval headlights came from. – [Tom] So you got a
custom Alfa, holy mackerel. – [David] Yeah, but it is a custom Alfa. It’s all done with lead, it’s surviving better than the rest of the car. – [Tom] And did he drive
it after he fixed the car? – [David] Oh, quite a bit, after this guy crashed it my dad bought it back from him, the guy gave him a bunch
of money and my dad gave him in return his
Iso Rivolta as a trade and got this back and
then did the work on it. – [Tom] Huh, interesting. – [David] So then they drove
it for years, my brother and I used to hear them coming home
from the shop and we’d hear them downshifting a block over
from us and we’d say there comes dad and it was just
wonderful to listen to. – [Tom] Isn’t that cool? Wow. And another, is this a 2000? – [David] This is a 2000
as well this is a 1960 and this one is in pretty decent shape as far as a restoration project and we have all the pieces plus parts car obviously, and this is body by touring, this is a coach built car, the body looks similar to some of the
Maserati’s at the time because touring had their designs, their favorite look and it does look similar to that the 2600 was a bigger car than this and had a little less detail as far as trim was concerned but this was a luxurious car for the time. – [Tom] You got a nice
Alfa logo on the back. Is this the car that the other one in the woods is a parts car for this? – [David] Correct, correct.
– [Tom] Yeah, okay. It’s been here for a while. – [David] It has been, there’s
a roosting area up there. – [Tom] Is your intention to restore this? – [David] This one will be a
restoration, yeah this one is. – [Tom] Now is there
anything in here that you’re interested in selling in here? – [David] We’ve talked about
whether or not we would. I’m not old enough to decide to sell off the projects yet, and at
this point, I still think there’s time to restore things. – [Tom] Yep, well we’re
leaving a great stash of Alfa Romeo’s in a barn
and in the woods around here. And we’re driving about
50 miles north of here in Michigan because
we’ve heard about a guy named Denny, who has been
collecting too many cars for too long, has
decided I’ve got to start getting rid of these things
because I can’t finish them all in my lifetime so that
sounds pretty appealing to me, so we’re going to go check that out. Come on with us. (classic rock music)

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