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Hey, I’m Caya, CEO & Cofounder of Slidebean. Since 2014 Slidebean has helped tens of thousands
of people create stunning presentations by taking their content and transforming it into
beautiful presentations via our online platform. However, what we’ve noticed is that some
presentations can benefit from having an experienced content strategist and designer lead the charge.
Because of this, we’ve decided to open a new business segment within Slidebean – Pitch
Deck Content + Design. In a nutshell, I, Caya CEO & Cofounder of
Slidebean, sit down with the CEO and the co-founders to craft the pitch deck story. Sometimes we
have a business plan to start, sometimes we only have the business concept- but I focus
on helping them figure out the flow of the story, nailing the problem and opportunity
slides, finding potential holes in the business proposition, defining your market size… After they brief me on the business, I work
with our team on proposing an outline for the slides and the content and copy in each
one of them. Just like with our platform, there’s no design distraction at this point,
only the content, the story. We iterate over these slides over as many
sessions as we need until we agree on the final copy going to the slides. Once approved, the content goes to our design
team, who takes care of turning my notes into final slides. Just like before, we can iterate
over the style until we land into something you love. Still with me? Here’s some backstory on how we landed here. Back in 2014, we set out to build an utterly
self-service platform: we believe in automation and intuitive experiences to allow users to
develop theirs. Our platform and our templates at Slidebean
have helped tens of thousands of companies approach investors. Still, through our support channels, we saw
founders asking questions related to how to craft a market size slide, or how to talk
about competitors. As our brand grew, many reached out directly looking for a service
like that, and for the first couple of years, we pointed them back to the app. When we finally decided to give this a shot,
I started taking these projects myself. As with most things we do in the company, it
was vital for me to experience them first hand before I could find ways to scale them. I soon found out that the questions these
companies had, the expertise of having raised capital and knowing how the dynamic works
is a rare find- most founders who have done it are busy managing the companies they founded. So I’ve set aside some time every week to
work with these projects- this seems to be one of those tasks that needs someone in my
position- so I’ve delegated many of my CEO tasks to other team members. It’s been a great experience so far, meeting
and working with these companies first hand. You can find out more about this service at

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