7 Pitching Drills | Baseball Pitching

Pitching drills. There are a number of different pitching drills
pitchers can do to improve their performance. Many of them involve being on the mound, and
others involve being off to the side. For instance, there is the towel drill. Where a pitcher will hold the towel between
the pointer finger and middle finger, go through his delivery, and smack down upon a partners
glove, or a bucket to work on an effective follow through upon delivery. Another effective pitching drill is long toss. Where pitchers start at 50 feet apart, and
progress further and further away, until they’re 2 to 300 feet away from each other, extending
the distance of throwing that long toss. Another drill is spot drills. In spot drills, pitchers will partner up from
20 to 25 feet away, and work on throwing a fastball, curveball, and change up from 20
to 25 feet away to a partner. Another effective drill would be therapeutic
bends. Therapeutic bends enable pitchers to improve
their arm strength, and maintain a healthy arm by doing a variety of drills, including
internal and external rotation. The balance beam drill is a drill in which
pitchers will balance themselves, either on a balance beam, or a bleacher, and hold the
balance point position to master effective fluid balance point. The ball up drill is a drill in which pitchers
will watch their arms as they release the ball from the glove, or separate their hands,
and get into an effective arm. Pitchers can do this in front of a mirror,
or watch as they lift the ball above their shoulder in various grips. Medicine ball drills will enable pitchers
to incorporate their hips more effectively in their delivery, and allow them to pitch
deeper into their games, as well as, throw higher gun speeds on the radar gun. Pitching drills are the key to becoming a
better player. It’s not enough to throw off the mound in
a game or practice. Pitchers can work on these various drills
to improve their performance, to achieve higher pitch velocities, and better command of each
of their pitches.

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