2019 IGHSAU Iowa Farm Bureau Girls State Volleyball Championships

>>>This is a test.This is a
captions test. This is a test.>>>Funding for the Iowa girls athletic union, Iowa girls state
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downtown cedar rapids, in the U.S. cellular center, it’s
championship Friday as the Iowa high school girls athletic association is handing out the 5A, 2A and 3A championships.From
the courts and teams getting here, Barb, as we took
it from two courts yesterday in the semifinals to one big court
today.>>Arguably, the second most funday to the most fun day
here today.>>Here is what we have to start your day, west Des Moines valley
tigers. Taking on cedar Falls, only one
loss, 43-1.On paper, it looks like a great way to start the
championship Friday.>>It really should be.Cedar Falls has had a
tough timethis week. But they battled back.And west
Des Moines valley, it should be a wonderful match.>>Let’s set the stage for west
Des Moines Valley and what they’re bringing here. They’ve got a great layer in Olivia Curry.-She balanced as
she can get 200 kills on the season. Kubik leads the team in kills.
And Lombardi leads them.They’re a tough time.>>They’re a tough
team.Kubik is amazing.It’s nice when you have a centerin Curry
who can also get killedand take the ball over when she needs to.>>Cedar Falls is out to prove
something, I think. It’s their sixth straight trip
state.Barb, they did not win, it was the only loss of the year.>>
Well, their only loss, and they want revenge.>>Let’s send it
over to the public address announcer for thestarting
lineups news.>>Announcer: Today’s 2019 girlsstate
volleyball championship presented by Iowa farm bureau. Fans please welcome to the floor, the Valley Tigers.>>Valley Tigers coming out on the court.Going 5-0, graduated
seven seniors last year.They’re back with the rowdy student
section that made the trip from Des Moines.>>Announcer: And now please welcome the Cedar Falls Tigers.
>>The Tigers, they have not lost a match is this outside of
the state of Iowa.Their only loss last year came in the state championship match.
>>.>>Announcer: Phones, it’s now time to introduce the
players and coaches for today’s 5A
championship match. First of all, for the visiting team, the west Des Moines Valley
Tigers. Number 5, Dayna Dunnwald, number
6, Katie Stevens, number 7, Ellie Clark.Number eight, Ellie
Morrow. UB 10, Brenna Gion. Number 13, Carley Motz.Assistant
coaches, Matt Ross, Connor Hughes, Melanie Suljic
and Shannon Wieland.Now, the starting line up for the valley Tigers. Senior number 2 Jacey Spann. And senior, Olivia Curry.
Sophomore, number 11, haten Kubik.Junior number 12, Payton
Lombardi.Junior, number 14, Anna Bernhardt. And number 1 Olivia Lombardi. Head coach for the Tigers, Jeremy Mikesel.Let’sed me the
players and coaches for the cedar fall tigers.Number 1, Lani
Nielson.Number 3, Lexie Godfrey. Number 8, Sarah Albaugh. Number 9, Lindsey sires. Number 12, Nohea Mahi. Number 13, Teria Campbell. Number 15, Katie REMMert. Number 16, Ellie GERDES. Number 19, Lauren Lilly, assistant coaches, Adam Timmins, Madison walker, Abbie Perez, Morgan Rutherford and Kaz Brown. Now here are your starters for
the Cedar falls Tigers. A senior number 4, Emerson
green. Number 5, Jada Golden-Smith. Number 7, a sophomore, aLivia
Bronner. Emmy Wedgbury. A senior Alayna Yates. And number 2, Kirsten Graves.Ladies and
gentlemen, here are your POofficials for the championship
match. Our first referee, Greg Boekhoff, grant Detrick, Greg
Vraspier and Ted mothers.Ladies and gentlemen, we ask youto
please join us and direct your attention to the flag as we
honor America and those who protect our freedom with the national anthem. Performed by the west Delaware
high school SKstudents.Ladies and gentlemen, our national
AND THE HOME OF THE BRAVE? ♪ [ Applause ]>>Announcer: Outstanding
performance by those singers.>> Awesome.>>Wow.>>Goosebumps.All
right.The stage is set.You know the starters.Let’s take a look
at the keys to the match first your west Des
Moines valley who wants to win here in 5A.>>Well, if west Des Moines
wants to win, they have an advantage. And if they can really serve
aggressively, they can shut the cedar falls offense down. As well as they need to have
endurance, cedar falls is not used to playing long watches.If
they can wear the Tigers out, it may be to to their advantage.
>>That’s the first key for cedar falls here, BSarb.>>And
an explanation point.>>I saw that. They struggled a lot. They had 1.27 out of 3.You want
that number to be 2.5 or something like that.They’re
experienced.This is just like any other match for them,
because they’ve made it to state for the past six years and to
finals for fourof those years. They know what this game is all
about.It’s kind of old hat for them.>>Both teams worked hard
to gethere, let’s take a look at the road to the championship 5A final, cedar falls squeaked by
winning. And taking care of business in
Ankany yesterday.And west Des Moines, they defeated Dowling
Cadillac in four sets. And put a thumping on Pleasant
Valley yesterday. One of their top players,
Caitlin Morgan a western commit went down with a knee injury in
the first point of the match and didn’t really return.Regardless,
both of these schools deserve to be here.>>And injuries happen.
And it’s too bad it happens in the state tournament.Hopefully,
she doesn’t have to have surgery and have more issues with it. >>First point goes to west Des
Moines.It’s a battle of the Tigers here.>>Punches and celebrates as
hard as she attacked the volleyball above the net.>>We
think she could be the captain of the all-celebration team.
You’ll see a lot more of her this morning.>>And on the floor, Good
one-on-one.Out of bounds.>>There’s quite a height
difference there.Grace Hinkle is going to have to do a lot of shots and trickery. She’s 5’7″ and a/- acacia brown is 6 foot.>>Valley
is doing a little switching on their blocking.They’re throwing
their bigger taller blocks out against Brown,
sometimes.And sometimes, they have Hinkle out there.>>Deep on the attack, look out,
west Des Moines valley making a statement right out of the gates
here.Good serving we’re seeing. If you look at the replay.
Everything looked Good on the attack.Just went long.Into the
net. A service error makes it 4-2. Emerson Green is back to serve.
Green’s brother a standout at university of Iowa. And her father a men’s coach. Emerson will play for Tanya
warren in the women’s basketball program.Also undefeated next
year.Here’s comes west Des Moines, Good vision.Able to get
it down.And Kubik is a special player.>>Kubik is a special
player. She’s young yet. She’s only a soft sophomore. And she has, I’m going to say she has Good blood.>>Her sister
plays.>>Maddic.>>You’ll see her swing before the back row
and block from the right side. She’ll hit from the right site. He can do it all. Grace Hinkle serving.In the net.
>>Violation on valley.>>Cedar falls will –>>We’ll go to the
next camera.>>The coolnet camera. This is where Brown can be very
effective.>>She’s been a three-year starter for Cedar Falls
volleyball program.The senior class never had a year they
weren’t playing on championship Friday.Nice play.7-3.Multi till
players getting involved and that is the offensefor Valley.
It’s not just one or two players leading the offense.>>Well,
they have a very nice diverse offense.Most of the sets do go
to Kubik. But the rest of the hitters are
fairly well balanced.So look for them in trouble to go to Kubik.
But everybody else will play their roles well.>>8-3.Valley with the lead and
the serve. Hammering it over the net. A free ball.And Valley has
options.They go to the middle. Cedar falls sets it up.Back row
attack.Nice volley here.Cedar Falls to the left of your screen
in the white uniforms. They’re having a serious issue
here with the hitting percentage.Not getting as many
efficient kills down, thus, the six-point lead for Valley.With Cedar
falls.Let’s go inside with the coach Johnson.>>What’s killing
us, we’re talking about bettering the ball, we’re actually taking the
first contact and making the second one more difficult.Get
yourself outside there.The middle is available.Get tight to
the net.We’ll see the block very well. That tip ball, that zone four
tips open.If you’re off the block you can see where it’s
going.>>A little sharper passing. More predictable in the previous
blocking team.You can spread them out.>>Let’s go. >>Hey, you got a couple
rotations in a row you can score.Let’s go.>>I like what he
says there butI would add one thing.The hitters are not
getting their feet under the ball.They’re going out which
causes the ball to go out.They want to make sure they can stay
in front of the ball so they can see what’s happening with the
ball and some of the blocks and defensive players.>>Ace as the
ball clips off thetop of the net.But we play on.Oh!Just grabs
the back line.Perfect placement. And that is Kubik leading the
team with 440 kills, heading into the state tournament.Here’s
the replay.>>Rule on that, you can see where the court is
divided between pink and black. Kubik has to stay behind that
white line.She has to take off behind that white line.She can
land in front of it but she has to take off behind it.>>That
block has to feel Good for west Des Moines valley, as they shut
down the top offensiveweapon.>> You can see there, the key to
blocking it, pushing your arms over the net.So you’re actually
contacting the ball on the other team’s side of the net.>>How
about an ace.Everything going well for west Des Moines Valley. Big smiles for number 11, Kubik.
Just a sophomore.And on the season, she led them in kills but she also had fix
aces which was a team best. Tigers of cedar Falls need to
figure out something fast.>>You talk about her doing it all.She
also is second on the team this week in the state
tournament and digs.She not only hits from the back row and digs
and plays all the way around. It’s valuable when you have a
6-foot rotation player.>>A double-digit lead or west
Des Moines Valley.Another beautiful serve.Cedar Falls.Free
ball over the net.Valley, tried to center, dump.Just didn’t get
enough oomph over the net.But I like how they’re mixing upa
variety of shots.>>Well — and cedar Falls is
not ready for that.Even though the ball went into the net, no
blocker was ready for it.>>Cedar Falls needs to make a
run, trailing 13-4.Thre’s one point.>>So, look for cedar
falls, if they get their passing going, Yates is now in the front
row.Look for her to get going because she’s 6’6″ tall. And she’s hard to stop when they
get that quick middle run in.>> Committed to university of Dayton to furtherb her volume
volleyball career.3-0 run.>> Wedgbury does a nice job. She’s not one of Cedar falls great players but she’s there in
key moments.>>Wedgbury, 144 kills this year
and 44 aces. It falls on Cedar Falls.And
Valley looking for it.Let’s go back to the replay there.The
block was there with Yates.>> Well, she wasn’t exactly pushed
over.You could see her swinging her arms from above.And the ball
caught her.You don’t want to swing when you’re blocking.It
looks like you block, but you don’t.Your arms are steady and
on the other side of the net so when the ball hits it it’s like
a wall.>>There’s a Good block for west
Des Moines Valley. Offensively, they set it near
side.>>So, yeah, that’s an interesting call.The ball has to
break the plane of the net.The only way that doesn’t happenis
when the ball is driven in heart spike or driven ball.It didn’t
that time.Curry was still setting it.>>Yates comes with the Good
swing.Doesn’t faze west Des Moines Valley.They get another
point. Look out, Valley Tigers are making a statement, punching
them in the face here.>>They’re doing a Good job. Kubik is coming out hammering
balls.Then they have tip. The center is over the ball.
They’re doing all kind of shots to create a kerfuffle in cedar Falls defense.>>Holy cow, you got to love the
hustle.Cedar falls in a Good system here.>>There was a hole in the triple block.But she’s the
tallest player.And a lot of time it doesn’t matter what type of
block they throw up against her.>>Both teams want this bad.
Breaking it down.And now Valley with options.Back to a
double-digit lead for west Des Moines.Here’s what I’ll say,
Barb, it’sgoing to be pretty hard, when you take a look at
the net cam here, for cedar falls to come back and win this
first set.Boy, they need to get something positive and some
momentum going.>>Well, it’s going to be difficult.And
they’ve done that kind of thing before.That’s what the sport of
volleyball is, it’s stopping the team across from you from
getting one and then building runs of your own.If you can have
them get one point and you get four, you’re Good.>>Let’s listen inside of Jeremy
Mikesel’s huddle.>>Hey.Grab some waters, yeah.Hey, a great
left side swing.Way to bring it. Yeah.Breathe here.Hey, breathe
here.We know they still got 21 back row.Let’s keep it that way,
right?When they’re running some offspeed stuff, we got to
continue do do what we do.Expect macro attacks. They’ve been running it.JACEY’s holding it there well
atthe middle.>>When talking about the
blocker, Jacey Spann is holding the middle middle blocker.You
just got the outside hitter take advantage of that and get akill
for it.>>Coach Mikesel has to feel pretty Good right now.>>
Yeah, go get yourself some water.We got time.>>18-7, west Des Moines Valley
has been in control here in the first set. Cedar Falls, they’re not going
anywhere.43-1 overall, dropped just two sets all year. They’ve been battle tested in
the championship.>>Net line violation on west Des Moines
valley. They’ll get the point on Cedar
Falls. And now they need to score a few
points.>>Just nudged it on the way back.>>Doesn’t matter a
nudge or efficient, it’s still a violation.>>Bronner serving for
cedar falls.Cedar falls in the white uniforms.Valley in the
dark orange.The centers work pretty hard, don’t they?>>They
do.I’ll tell you what, emergency roomerson Green had a rough day
on Tuesday. You heard coach Johnson talk
about bettering the ball.She had the better of the ball or they
wouldn’t going to win the match on Tuesday.>>Important for Cedar Falls to
get Brown going.That is just her third kill.>>Valley, back row
attack.Tigers smart to let that go.A little momentum.>>They’re on a four-point run
right now.So volleyball is a game of momentum so that
pendulum does swing back and forth.>>These two teams faced
off onetime this year. It was August 31st. Sat Cedar Falls tournament. With Cedar Falls winnning 2-0. August 31st is a long time ago
Barb.These two teams are completely different than when
they played in August.>>Well, they’re very different.Chemistry
is different.Confidence level is different.It’s interesting, I
always thought it would be cool — there’s no way to do it —
but Ithink it would be cool if you know who is going to play in
thestate tournament, have them playin August and have them see
how extreme the differences are. Dramatically different.>>Three
times a year, in August, early October and here.>>Now a violation son Cedar falls.>>Her
arms went straight up.>>Something is just a little
off with the Tiger offensive attack.Their hitting percentage
very low in the first attack.>> Yeah, well, we’ve seen this
before, though.They usually are able to find a rhythm and get
things going.Right now, they’re kind of battling for the
beginning of the second set. Getting that momentum back on
their side of the court.>>One of the Tigers’ best
player, Jada Golden-Smith. Getting the hill.Had over 200
kills in the season. Most impressively, she had a 428
efficiency.Blocked. But it falls on Cedar Falls
side.Block, Valley.>>Those hands don’t push over
the net.I feel like a broken record right now.You need to
seal the net and getthe ball over the net so the ball has to
room on your side.>>A little give and go with Brown. It’s going to be Cedar Falls’ point making it 22-14. Barb Bramel and Eric Raley here. We’ll be here all day long, 5A,
4A championship. All night in Cedar Fallse.Valley is cruising
right now.>>And Kubik is going back to serve.This is the
rotation where they scored seven the first time she was serving.
Cedar Falls really needs to get this first side out.>>Hayden Kubik.Pick set,
denied.Valley knew what was coming.That brings up set point
and back to a double-digit lead. Bernhard doing a nice job in
that front row. Along with Curry.And it’s a
service ace.Final score in set one 25-14.Well, I didn’t expect
that, Barb.>>No I didn’t either.And I’m sure the Cedar
Falls team didn’t either.Matt Johnson will get them goingand
they’ll be a different team in the second set.>>We’ll take a
break. We’ll be back with more, Valley
wins the first.You’re watching Iowa Public Television.>>Don’t
miss one of broadway’s Tony winning best plays.>>What do
you think? in.>>I so want to go talk to
Brenna Gion right now.That’s how I first got my start at the
university of Iowa. The player ahead of me went down with a knee injury against the previous year’s player in
Illinois.That’s exactly what happened, she said well, Barbie,
you’re going in.What!Those are all-American players.I don’t
think you want me in there.It’s baptism by fire.>>A service
there. And shooting themselves in the
foot.Cedar Falls Tigers, so far with passing off the serve. It’s a 10-6 lead for west Des
Moines Valley.They won the first set.Let’s go inside the huddle
with head coach Matthew Johnson.>>Serve the first ball out.
Back-to-back balls.You realize how hard you’re making your life?Like you’re
just shooting yourself in the foot right now. There’s a ton of game yet.10-6
is early in the set.You got to be more disciplined okay?and
carry out a scouting report,You can’t size them out of thesebad
rotations and that’s what we’re doing right now.We have to
tighten it up a little bit.Let’s go.>>He’s exactly right.So
there are some unwritten service rules.And some of those rules
are you don’t miss after a time-out.You don’t miss the
first serve of the game.You don’t miss the last point ofthe
game.You don’t miss after the person in front of you misses. Or after a long rally — there
are, you know, you get into the rhythm and you build that
momentum back up, and they can do that.>>And siding them out
means he feels like they’re in a perfect position to put a run
together.>>Yep, yep. And they’re giving west Des
Moines Valley too many unforced errors.>>Have not seen the
Cedar Fallsteam that went undefeated against the Iowa
schools this year.Losing only two sets.We’ve only seen the
brilliance of this west Des Moines Valley team so far in
this volleyball finals.A lot of volleyball left to play.That
golden corner was open.>>That golden corner was open.Emergency
roomerson green is crafty. She sends it back after that
second tackle and back. Kubik was not prepared for that.>>Green all-state basketball,
in the 2018 basketball championship.And third in the
state in long jump.A very athletic setter.It’s important
to have someone as fast, someone with vision, someone that can
jump.>>Someone who is calm, when things get real high, she
stays calm. When things get real low, she
stays calm.She’s a great personality for that role.>>
Ball was touched by Cedar Falls. Valley gets the point, 11-8 here
in the second set.They won the first set 25-14.>>And it looks like Bernhard is
coming back to the bench walking okay. They must have taped her up and
thinks she’s ready to go back in.>>Not really favoring that
ankle too much, walking around. We’ll keep an eye on that. Yates, she is a talented player
that Cedar Falls really wants to feed.>>Absolutely.If sCedar Falls
can get their passing going, watch for this. That’s what made them to Ankney.
Cedar falls lost to Ankney in the opening set. And rolled to this 5A
championship.Off the block and down for the kill.She might not
be the tallest, but she sure brings the fire.>>Well, she
does a really nice job of hitting the hole in the block
and between the blocker’s arms. >>Outside hitter, 124 kills on
the regular season.1.2 kills per set.Here’s Lombardi.Good pass.
Set near side. Down the line.And Brown gets the
kill. For her, her sixth. Her and Kubik tied with six
kills in the match here.>>You can see how much line from that
replay west Des MoinesValley is giving brown.So, she should just
keep going that way, as long as it’s pushedout, she can take
advantage of that.>>Ball was going to see a lot but grazed off of Brown’s arm.
Leading 13-10. That’s the seventh kill now for
Kubik.Good communication. It’s loud here in downtown center in cedar rapids.>>Making a lot of hullabaloo
with all of the cheers.It’s an awesome environment.>>That’s
what you want for your championship.The Iowa girls.The
Dean making a memorable weekend for the Iowa girls.>>I mean, I can’t say enough
about Good things about what the union does for these players. And the whole branding of the pink since jean Berger came in.I said at the end
you give the winner red roses, why don’t you
make those pink. She said we thought about it. But red roses were Mrs. Cooley’s
favorite color.So they kept doing it. telling me.I got goosebumps when
she was>>Halfway through this second set.The Tigers and west
Des Moines Valley are rolling right along.>>This is a
troublesome rotation for the Cedar Falls Tigers.They really
need to concentrate and get out of it as quickly as they can and
get some points back.That helps.>>Six aces and forced numerous passing errors in the semifinal
win.Versus Pleasant Valley.There it is there.Cedar Falls down,
but nothing inthe whole grand scheme of thingswhen you look at
what’s left in the second set.>>Three points is basically — >>A deep hit, asking for a
touch.>>On those touch calls, any of the four officials can
call thattouch.If either of the line judges see a touch, the down rep or the up
rep, they can all work together. On touches, if the ball hits the
floor.If the ball is outside of antenna, they work really well
together as a team.>>Into the net. Good idea for Olivia Curry, the
setter.The Tigers’ defense is there.You’re starting to see the
momentum shift to the number one Cedar Falls Tigers. The senior class has gone 132
wins, just four losses.finals. Four straight trips to the 5A
They won it all in 2017.How about another trip.And now we
actually are tied.>>So, it’s none of those Zdumb
three-point rules that Barb said?Yeah, it’s a Good comeback.
One of the things that you never saw on Cedar Falls’ faces, their whole body language. They’re going to keep fighting. Now the west Des Moines Valley
is — the 14th.>>Tigers with cedar falls with the lead.Let’s
look inside the west Des Moines huddle.>>Remember that
zone, you’re confident in that, you love seeing that, right?Get
ready for the back, you got to see that on the play, all right?>>Let’s go, hey one pass, one
pass.>>Okay, so that is a great example of helping your team
find an open spot.He said, you’ve got the tip.You’ve got
the tip.The assistant coach came in and talked about a spot.I
couldn’t really hear him as well.That’s what you want to do.
Hey, the players are out there. They’re working hard.It’s nice
to get a little help from your teammate and your coaches when
you’re like I don’tknow what to do with the ball.Well, if you’re
in trouble, giveit to the spotter.>>Good team. We have amazing coaches here coaching in this 5A final, Jeremy Mikesel, 494 wins. Coach Johnson, 200th at Cedar
Falls.And championship as well. And the run continues for the
Cedar Falls Tigers.>>I’m a little confused because
Valley didn’t put a block on that.She was there.I’m not sure
what the deal is with that.>> Graves has done a nice job
behind the service line for Cedar Falls.Boy, they needed
that.They got the side out.And let’s go look at the net cam
replay.>>And you can see, again, we’retalking about those
blockers’ arms.They’re not pushed over the net.They’re more
straight up — theyweren’t exactly straight up but more
straight up than pushed over the net.It leaves room for that ball
to come down in front.>>Quick set, middle.>>Beautiful up there, by
Hinkle.We play on.Brown flies in. Outside, Good swing, hammer
time. Lombardi, the 5’8″ senior
outside hitter had 135 kills in the regular season.That’s her
third kill.>>Well, she does a nice job against a shorter
blocker and a taller blocker.You want to challenge that shorter
blocker. You go off the hands of the outside blocker because Alayna
Yates is 6’6.”>>Big point there.>>Wedgbury again.Nice
job.>>Did she pull up straight?>>Well, she wasn’t straight,
but she did a nice job of kind of hitting it where your body —
like your body — you can read where the body — where you’re
going.And she did a Good job of kind of disguising that is
probably abetter way of saying that.>>Ball tipped, sails out
of bounds.And Cedar Falls gets the point. We’re keeping an eye on B
Bernhard, she’s kind of warming up, back behind the concourse here, trying to test her ankle
that was injured early on.>> Well, her position is in the
back row now anyway.So, this is a Good time for her to see how
it’s going.And she’ll come in maybe when it’s her rotation.>>
Cedar Falls looking to tie this thing up at 1-1.Leading by 3.
Good play. And it’s a play for Spann. Jacey Spann, the 5’9″ senior
hitter had nine kills.>>You can see there’s a hole inthe
block.The holes are the middle blocker’s responsibility.As the
middler blocker, you got to block every single time.I don’t
care what anybody else tells you, go, go, go and get that
block.>>West Des Moines Valley makingthat run.Pulling within
one.That is the sixth kill for Spann. Trailing only her teammate Kubik
who has eight.Green. Valley was ready for it.Hinkle
now a chance to serve forthe Tigers.Just checking in and
going to the back row is aLivia Bronner.>>Cedar Falls in other matches
has had Good success with Bronner at the service line.
Maybe they can get something going here to finish out the
set.Of course, west December minute Valley has Kubik in the back
row.>>Someone not in the back row is Akacia Brown, one of the best
hitters in all of high school volleyball.22-19.She has eight
kills. Another time-out.Cedar Falls
needs just three more points to tie the series up.Let’s go
inside to Matt Johnson.>> Especially if you got — we just
got to make that left block, making decisions if she’sgoing
to stay here and leave us on and commit late, okay? A Good rotation for us, we’re
helping the middle as much as we can.Last time, last time with
Spann on the 31.They glifliterred the
next ball. You got to see it and defend it.
If we’ve got a scheme in the block we can step out and field
that.>>Textbook right there.So, when you’re blocking is — sides are really hard to block.
That’s the one tip-off behind the center.When you’re blocking
you have toget to your spot and jump straight up.There’s a
tendency to drift and flow in the air.That makes it hard for
the back row defense.If there’s a hole in the back, the back row
defense goes to that hole.But if you’re floating they don’t know
where to go and that’s exactly what he was talking about.>>Tip over the block.Brown
sends it back to Valley.Jousting opportunity.And Cedar Falls has
it.The block moves there.But it wasn’t strong enough.And Cedar
Falls now up 23-19 as we go back to the replay at the net cam.>>Again, the blockers’
hands were not pushed over the net.So brown is able to easily
use that block.>>ALivia Bronner doing a use job over the service
line.Oh!It just got in.Kubik.>> She’s done that a few times.She
really looks nice.I’m a big proponent of setting the back row attack, the 8-foot, 7-foot line to get them room.As
a hitter you can feel liberated.>>Lombardi serving for Valley. That ball sails out of bounds.
And attack there for Brown. Remember the first set as the zero kill efficiency, it was a 375 kill efficiency for west Des
Moines Valley.We’re not seeing that happening here in the
second set.>>No, not at all. Yates tries to take line.Green.
Smart play by the senior, Eme Emerson Green.You don’t have to
hit it three times.>>You don’t. And I don’t think enough teams
take advantage of throwing a team off their rhythm.Everybody
thinks we have to pass, pass hit, or pass and hit.
Whatever. Throw the other team off rhythm.
>>Green did just that.Facing set point is Valley. Good up there.Here’s sideline
swing.We play on.Quick set, middle. Nice volley.Yep, it worked.>>It worked both ways, right?>>
Almost kind of reminded Curry, yeah, I can do that.That’s part
of my game.>>Well, Curry, as of this week,she’s fourth on the
team in number of attempts taken.So, she will be very
active and take — call her own number.>>600 assists.200 kills.
And will be playing at the university of Nebraska Omaha
next year. They’re getting a Good one. Brown tips it over.>>A net
violation.But they got to call Cedar Fallsfor playing off the
net.We play on.This one is not done, folks, it’s 24-23, not
25-22.>>That’s a tough ball to play.That overpass ball, you
have to be really careful if you use your own full arm you can
swing it into the net.If you snap at the wrist you have less
of a chance to the hitthe net. But you can still hit the net, I
know.>>Backs against the wall. Let’s see what they’re drawing
up in their huddle.>>They’re flipping.She swung
line twice.ready for that this time.Make sure we get off and
get Take away the number one swinging, get tight with her.
Force that hard cross that she missed last time but we got to
be consistent here. Take that dig and turn and
swing.Block Akacia Brown, right? That’s our job, let’s go!>>
Let’s take a look at that last play. It could have ended in the
second set and the ball is tipped back.A golden
opportunity.All she has to do is tap it right down.>>It’s easier
said than done.>>Oh, I know.So the set is
hanging in the balance.With an opportunity with Lombardi
serving for west Des Moines Valley.On this slide. Get a Good swing out of it for
Cedar Falls.Tigers.Brown blocked.Green hits it out of
bounds and we’re tied at 24-24.>>It’s interesting Bernhard is
back in, but she is moving a little bit gingerly out there.>>
Number 14 left with an injury. There you see her on the screen.
She’s in. Maybe not 100% right now. And 25-24, set point for Cedar Falls.And she’s done such a Good
job behind the service shrine. And then that one just a little
too strong.Here’s Emerson green, the senior. Sideline, Brown is down.Tigers
tied this thing up.We knew they weren’t going anywhere and
showed the eye of the Tiger.>> They really did.We expected them
to fight harderand they proved it.>>Here’s the final point.
Right where we started, tied.As we head to the third set.Sending
it to the break.Back with more. This is Iowa Public Television.>>Oh, I love this. This is one where you float
really, really high.>>It’s really magic.Beyond
entertainment.>>Well-known friends share their memories on “Mr. Rogers.” Tune in on Saturday at 8:00.>>Join the conversation online at Iowa Public Television.♪
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identically designed wood blocks.You can choose from one
of our designs or create your own.Let’s build one.>>Tune into
Iowa Public Television, Tuesday at 6:30. ♪>>>West Des Moines Valley wins the first one, Cedar Falls win the second 26-24.Barb?>>Now is when the fun begins,
right.In cartoons we call tell cat andmouse.In volleyball and
sports we callit strategy.Now, the coaches will be workingwith
their matchups and working with what worked and didn’t work.How
can we make this get scoreboard points in this rotation.This is
the fun.>>Let’s take a look at the highlights from that second
set. And statistically, Cedar Falls
did a much better job offensively.Instead of hitt ting
zero, they hit 214. For west Des Moines Valley, they
hit 3.3.Didn’t think it was as tight it was for that advantage
for CedarFalls.>>Something to play are the runs with that,
too.But you also have for the digs, you have more digs on the down
side, although it’s more on the Cedar Falls side.The only stat
that really matters is the one on the
scoreboard.>>Against a huge advantage for west Des Moines
Valley, not onlyserving six aces, they also haveforced bad
passing by Cedar Falls. Still miles by west December
minute west Des Moines Valley. As we’re heading into the third
set.We’ll be here all day on Iowa Public Television.Big
shoutout to our crews, working the cameras, producing, graphic,
audio and everybody.Bringing you the sights and sounds of the championship from cedar Rapids, Iowa.>>Look like
the coaches like what they have.>>Tigers let that one go, it’s tied up 1-1 here in the third. West Des Moines Valley 42-4
overall, they lost to Ankney on August 31st.She got swept by the
Tigers thatsame day 2-0.They fell to Ankney on September7th,
2-1. And their last loss game October
5th against Johnston.They have played a lot in over two months.
>>Awesome.>>For Cedar Falls their only loss September 14th against St.
James Academy.Cedar Falls has not lost to a school from the
state of Iowa this year.They only broke two sets. They got out the brooms and said 3-0, 3-0, 3-0 sweeps.They are
battle-tested here thatthis championship match.>>I agree.
That’s one of the keys, I think if west Des Moines Valley can
stretch out the watch and keep Cedar Falls playing they aren’t used to playing this wrong with
this many challenges.Net violation.>>Net violations
called.Green will serve. In the quarterfinals, Cedar Falls beat Joaquin 3-2. And west Des Moines beat Dowling
Catholic in four sets.And yesterday in three.And cedar
falls in the white uniforms on the left of the
screen.And west Des Moines in the dark uniforms on the right.
You got to win three sets to win championship.the match and the
state Brown was denied. Down the line, mercy!Get out of
the way, as Kubik brings the thunder.>>Well, Kubik did a
nice job ofhitting over the block that time.The back row
defense is set up around the block.So you want the block to
take anarea of the court.And you set your defensive players
around that.So if the hitter hits over the block, it’s a lot
harder to defend because you don’t have players set up in those areas.>>
Brown, with that one. Here’s a look.>>Nice job of going inside. So, it looked that time like
Valley took away her line. They’ve been giving her line a
little bit earlier.So it’s Good for her to pay attention to what
they’re givingher.And it looks like she’s doing a Good job with
that.>>Big time points coming out of Emmy Wedgbury, the 5’8″ junior. 95 kills in the regular season.
48 aces, a staple in this offense for Cedar Falls. Brown, serving for Cedar Falls,
leading by two.Tip. Green is there. Back step, and there’s a Good point to see out of Bernhard who was injured in last game.She
does not look like she’s 100%. But she’s going to bring the
grit and do anything she can to bring her team to championship.>>Do you play a freshman who
hasn’t played very much or doll you play a kid who has played
all season long that’s left than 100%?It’s a tough decision.And
it all depends how badly she’s hurt.>>Another point for
Valley. Tied at 5-5 here in the third
set.play.Let’s go back and look at that It seems like cedar fall
has a Good attack.>>Well, you did see that blocker’s hands
were over the net on the outside hitter, Lombardi.Her hands were
pushed over the net.That’s what we want to see.The ball didn’t
make it over thenet.But that’s what you want to see for a
block.>>Blocked again. Jada goGoldgGolden-Smith went up for
that attack.Sending it over, out of bounds.Saw something on that
corner, but the placement just a couple feet off the mark. And here is Kirsten KP Graves.Her sibling here, a
senior.Star player.And the Tigers have rotation in their
serving.Another nice point and the Tigers getting that balance
as Wedgbury wracked up another kill.>>And Wedgbury is one of the
most consistent hitters that Cedar Falls has.>>I agree.>>So
far, she’s had zero hitting errors up until this match.>>Into the net. Cedar Falls Tigers lead it 8-5. Cedar Falls is 13 kills from
brown. And six kills from Wedgbury.
Yates who we thought would be an attacker here.Kubik was another
kill.She has 11 now.>>Cedar Falls hasn’t been able to go to
the middle as much as they would like to. So that’s part of the strategy
that they’re always working on, getting your passing going so
you can run that middle offense.>>Dayna Dunnwald, the 5’5″ senior to serve. Good hang time and vision.Valley
returns it.Back to the Tigers of Cedar Falls.Perfect spot!Are you
kidding me! Emerson Green. Green sets it up and Wedgbury
has been the MVP for Cedar Falls here in this third set.>>She’s really done a nice job.
And the little tip she had before that almost looked like she was serving it on a platter.
She went up and served it. They’re calling that ball
touched, the Valley players.You can’t really tell from that
angle, but it doesn’t really, the refs aren’t going to change
their call.>>Tigers first with double
digits here in the third set. Trying to break the tie.And I
think Wedgbury is amped uphow well she’s been playing.She goes
back to serve. What do you do, just take a deep
breath?>>Yep, just kind of clear your head. Serve is all your own.You work
on that in practice, outside of practice.You can work on that at
home, how you’re going to calm yourself and serve.>>A nice
little roll shot coming in. Getting the kill is Katie REMMert, a 5’10” freshman
hitter.Always Good to give the freshmena little chance here in
the championship match.She’s been a big part of the Tigers
number one ranking season as well.Cedar Falls leading.Won
the second 26-24.There’s Yates. I mean, you can’t miss her at
6’6.”>>And once Green gets that miss her.middle offense going
you won’t>>On the board. Yates has five kills for Cedar
Falls. And Cedar Falls feeling pretty
Good here early on in the third set. Let’s go inside their Hudding.
>>Understand that Good rotations are coming they’re
just as important for our team as when they’re stuck in one of
these bad ones, okay?They’re doing a better job on that
sider.When they stay in outside of that rotation, she’s just
bustedthe ball on the seam every time.You just got to make sure
you’rereally wide on her. Like a slow, slow swing into the
arms.Lombardi hasn’t been real comfortable swinging on the
right side. She’s swiped off the right side. Same thing, though, stay in.>>
It’s nice that he can give specifics about each hitter. Basically, he did say, hey,
Yates, you’ve got to go out there and close that block.She
likes to hit the seam.If you can get your hands on theseam you’ll
have to keep blocking her.>> Amazing coaching.And no
surprise, Good coaches are frequently here at the state tournament. Well, I’ll tell you what, west
DecDes Moines Valley needs to do something here.You really don’t
want Cedar Falls to keep building on this advantage here
halfway through the third set.>>Well, it’s kind of like coach
Johnson said.Hey, they’re in a bad rotation right now.Don’t
rest on your Laurels.They’ve got Good rotations coming up.Kubik
is in the front row.That’s a Good rotation for Valley.>>
Yates starting to heat up with six kills.She heads to the bench
and gets high-fives from her teammates here.And a chance to
serve. Lexie Godfrey, one of those
outstanding seniors who has had nothing but success here. The senior class, 132-4.Four
straight 5A finals, by the way, they won it all last year.
>>And second last year.What a great corner.>>The attack off
the block. Valley. Now Cedar Falls, blocked point.
I’ll tell you what, Emerson Green can do it all, folks.Serve
aces.Set up her teammates. Get kills, get digs, and how about solo UMA. A lot of athleticism out of
Green.>>That’s beautiful.The approach was different.The ball
led her to that corner and then she just — I mean, you
can’t place it better than that. Beautiful work.>>A little work needing to be
done here, trailing by six.Cedar Falls need it to take their
first lead in the series. Lombardi serving nice for
Valley.And Cedar Falls gets an attack there out of brown.Olivia
Lombardi, folks, she is a freshman. pAnd she has been a staple at that position. Good attack.Off the hands.Second
time is the charm for Akacia Brown who is going to be playing
volleyball next year at Mississippi state. Averaging at 5’8″, 4.8 kills per
set.>>You can see that the Valley players wanted the call.
That the ball hadn’t broken the plane of the net.But the ref
said, no, it broke the plane of the net.>>Has to hit it over.
See what Valley can do with it here.They get a point.>>I really like grace Hinkle.
She has grit.She’s only 5’7.” She’s going up against 6-footers
and she shows no fear.She’s got eight kills on the day.>>And
now she’s back to do damage behind the service line.
Senior for west Des Moines Valley. Akacia Brown.Gives block.Goes to
Brown again.Gives block. It’s out of bounds.Point, Cedar
Falls.>>Akacia Brown is really Good at using the block.We’ve
seen it all week where shegoes in.The ball is a little tight.
The block is right there.She’s able to hit the blocker’s hands
and make it go out of bounds which is what we call using or
tooling the block.>>Deep on the swing.Again,
Bernhard injured with that nasty fall where she stepped on one of
her teammates coming down.You see, she’s playing through it.
She’s fighting hard.But something was off on that
attack.Seven-point Cedar Falls lead. The momentum has shifted here.
After that opening dominant victory 25-14 for west Des
Moines Valley.Kubik has been strong, though, she’s 12-2 so
far here.>>So Kubik has the mind-set of
a middle blocker.She doesn’t want the ball or doesn’t want to
allow the ball to come back to her side of the
net.That’s what everybody blocker should have, like I’m not
letting that ball cross that plane.>>Nice set and Good finish for
Cedar Falls.>>And for Cedar Falls, that is
the first time they sided out on Kubik’s first serve.>>19-12. And into the net goes Graves with the serve.And outstanding
assistance, one is Kaz Brown, she went on to the
university of Kentucky.Now playing professional volleyball
overseas.And she’s back helping out as her sister Akacia Brown
is on the team.>>Well, and she wanted to — this is the season for pro
volleyball overseas.So, she’s missing it right now. She wanted to be here for
AKACIA’s senior year.>>Good job by the camera operators showing you Kaz Brown
helping on that.This one a little lopsided here as the Tigers of Cedar Falls run
it away, 21-13. You can feel the atmosphere, the
mood in the building has changed from when we were starting that
second set.>>It really has. The team has been, okay, we’re
Good.And west Des Moines is a little bit more on edge.>>Able
to fight through.The block is Spann. Spann now with eight kills.Very
Good balance for west Des Moines Valley.Eight kills for Spann. Eight kills for Hinkle and a dozen for their leader Kubik. There’s no stopping that, Barb.>>Well, especially when your
block is not together.She’s going to hit over the black for
the most part anyway.There was a hole there anyway.Went down
through that hole. But it in the back part of the court.Pretty Good success
operate.>>Alayna Yates looking strong.>>That’s what we’ve been
training all year long.Just be smart.You guys know that 5 has
been working for you all day.If we can set the ball after that,
fine. We ran middles, using that back
feet off the net she’s able to score in the middle.Got to hold
them accountable.She’s running more than anybody ese right now.
Settle her down.Get her Good sets off of Good passes.We can’t
do anything if she’s scrambling. Simple passes make it easier for
her.Momentum.Let’s go.Momentum right here.>>So coach Mikesel
doesn’t likethe passing that his team is doing for one, it sends
Curry running all over the court more than anybody else.The
second thing he does, is closes down the offense.It’s kind of a
two-fold issue.If they can get their passing better.It helps
them better.Kind of calms her down and helpsthe offense.>>
Yates has been there are efficient here in cedar rapids
this week, Barb?>>Absolutely. Yates coming into the game was hitting over 600.I’m sure it’s
up close to that today.>>Needed that point.Hinkle with the kill. And side out.Cedar Falls leading
23-15.Hinkle with nine kills.She playing with fire in her belly,
didn’t she?>>She really does. You don’t look at her and think
she’s going to be one of your top kill leaders. But she really does a nice job.
She knows where the block is.>> Green, Yates, point, Cedar
Falls.That brings up set point here.And the Tigers knocking on
the door. About to go up two sets to one.
In the class 5A championship finals. Lexie Godfrey, the senior.As
Cedar Falls needs one more point.Brown gives it to them.
Cedar Falls is one win away from claiming the 2019 state title. But don’t go anywhere. As west Des Moines Valley.We’ve got a
Good one brewing here inside the U.S. cellular
center in cedar rapids.We’ll be right back here on IowaPublic
Television.>>>I can’t explain how such an
important moment in our history has been overlooked. ♪ And this is what the suffrages did in those decades before they
actually achieved victory.They changed hearts and minds.They
had to change not only the idea of who is the citizen who can
vote, but what is a woman’s role in society? ♪>>She had more than any women
suffrages actually brought that suffrage amendment home.♪>>Coming this spring to Iowa Public Television.♪ The most
wonderful time of theyear ♪>> Hi, this is Marion Ross, please join me and Gavin Macleod
in a classic Christmas. ♪ Jingle bell jingle bell jingle
bell rock ♪ ♪ Have your a Merry Christmas ♪♪
Lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you ♪♪>>Saturday evening at 6:00.>>>Akacia Brown has 19 kills
and the Cedar Falls Tigers are one win away from claiming the 2019 championship final.West Des
Moines Valley proves they can sure play and beat thisteam.>>
They can. They hit 500 in that. And Alayna Yates is hitting over
.500.It will be a tough battle, but they can do it.>>West Des
Moines has offense but they got to clean up a couple areas.Let’s
look at highlights.Cedar Falls running away 25-15.I think you
hit the nail on the head, Barb. In that set, Cedar Falls had 17 kills.And
overall, hitting percentage to 143.>>Yeah. That’s too wide of a margin to do much with.West Des Moines
Valley needs to do what they were doing originally.You can
see the difference in kills there.They have six more digs.
Blocks are about even.Assists — I’m just going to saythose don’t
really matter.They’re Good sets for the setter to have.>>Wedgbury, 357. Three kills with Jada
Golden-Smith. Nine kills for Alayna Yates. For west Des Moines Valley it’s
Kubik.And only one attack there hitting 700.Three kills for
Bernhard, two for Lombardi, one for Curry. Backs against the wall for west
Des Moines Valley.Here in the fourth set.They switch sides.
your screen.Cedar Falls to the right side ofThey’re the ones
celebrating.They just get the first point.>>As I look at the
matchups again, they’re the same.Here’s something I would do
if Iwere coaching which, you know, I’m not so I don’t know as
much as the coaches do.I would mess around with my matchups a little bit.>>I know
it’s important for Valley to have three across the front row.
Start her in the middle back so she’s two away.Make a little bit
of adjustment so she’s attacking against a different blocker.Or
do something to kind of mix it up a little.>>Well, it’s kind
of the thing where you just need to try many different options in
a must-win scenario if you’re west Des
Moines Valley.They’ve had a tremendous year. It’s their fourth trip to state.
Tenth time west Des Moines Valley has made it to state.>>
Well, I’m sitting here watching them for a couple timesall
season.The coaches know, day in and dayout, they know how their
team plays. But I’m more of a nitpicy-fin Nangler.
Play with it a little bit.>>Who knew they would be here.They
graduated seven seniors, including maddy Kubik.It’s a
young group.They have a balanced attack.They’re Good at serving.
They do so many things well on the west Des Moines Valley side
of the net.One of the residence why they’ve had a special year with Grace
Hinkle.Cedar Falls.Nice to see her getting involved.Jada
Golden-Smith on the year had 207 kills.Third best on the team.
That’s just her third kill here in this championship match.>>
Well, it takes a little bit of time to get the middle going
especially with the passing that Cedar Falls had in the first
set.>>Look for green to go a little
more often.>>Back step side. Tigers are there defensively.
Nice block.That’s all Curry.>> That’s the center. Nice job.>>600 assists on the
year.200 kills.She can block it as well.She wasn’t even thinking
about I’m going to take this set.>>Right.>>She brought the
hammer.Kubik, one of the best at serving in the state of Iowa.
Looking to get a little separation here from Cedar
Falls. But a Good attack dualing it out
of bounds. With the point, Cedar Falls’
Emma Wedgbury.>>In thinking about it, I mighthave started
Kubik serving.She had that big run.>>I mean, it’s weird to put
your offense in the back row to start. Trainer is looking to Olivia
Lombardi applying some athletic tape, just above the left knee.
And she’ll be fine. You there see it. Barb Randle, Eric Braley here with the call for Iowa Public
Television. Barb and I will be here for the
3A and 1A.Regardless, hide your remote control for the day and
keep it here on Iowa Public Television.
Locked in 10:00 a.m. to about 9:00 tonight as we’re going to
hand out trophies as it’s the final day of volley in the state
of Iowa.Yates powered it through.>>That play was made
possible because of Wedgbury. She’s back there with three digs
on that play.She just keeps putting it up there.Again, it’s
all about the arms pushing over the net.If they would have been
pushed over the net that would be a black ball.>>Yates, brown.
And Curry again with the point. Her third kill. And she’s a fighter, too, isn’t
she?>>Well, that’s a really smart play.She put it right in
the middle as people were making transitions to their spot.Not
really paying attention to what she was doing and Good timing on
it.>>That one’s going to fall in, dropped just in, Grace Hinkle finds the spot in the corner. Ten kills now for Hinkle. Not a pretty play, but some way, some how, they’re able to bet
some get points out of that. That’s the third kill for Katie
REMMert, the freshman.I believe her father is the headfootball
coach for Iowa.Ranked deep in the state playoffs.By the way,
those are going on this weekend and next weekend.Handing out
trophies there for the boys.>> Well, nice job by Lombardi.She
was up against two strong blockers.But the blockers didn’t
have their hands — they were
decently — they kind of closed them together so it didn’t take
up as much space.You want to have nice broad kindof like
shoulder width or apart.They can kind of hand over hand on that
one.>>Cedar Falls in the white
uniforms. West Des Moines Valley in the
dark tops.Brown, 18 kills.And I think Mississippi state isgoing
to be happy when she stepsfoot on campus in August.>>I do,
too.I do, too.I actually think it’s impressivehow many players
we have going to play college ball.>>Nebraska, Mississippi sate.
UNI.>>Nebraska oOmaha.I think the coaches at those schools.
Yates is going to Dayton.I mean, those coaches are going to
pleased with the product that Iowa puts out.They know what
they’re doing andthey know how to win.>>We’ll show you a
university of Iowa hawkeye commit later on today as well.Seven points or
Cedar Falls. And a must win set here for west
Des Moines Valley. Tigers looked bad in the first
set.25-14, west Des Moines Valley, just an impressive start to this
championship match.But then Cedar Falls, a gritty win in the
second set 26-24.A dominant win in the third set,25-15.And now
we’re even here in the first third of this fourth set. Serve coming for the Olivia Lombardi. She goes way back to serve.>>
Sometimes, that’s the approach. Sometimes if they serve a
floater it’s because you can get big air currents in a building
like this and make that ball move.A float serve is like in
baseball what they would call a knuckleball.It just kind of
moves in the airand there’s not really a lot of run or reason as
to why it moveslike it does.>> Valley with the point tied up at 9-9. Defeated gallen Catholic in the
finals, and pleasant Valley in the semifinals. They beat Jefferson 3-0 and
Waterloo west.Sand 3-1 on November 4th, just to get to cedar rapids.Nice
looking play. It results in a point.A Good
pass.A nice set.The kill on the outside from Kubik.>>And Kubik
goes right over that outside blocker right down the line.
Hiding that golden corner. Beautiful placement on that.In
the sport of volleyball you don’t have to hit the ball
straight down.In fact, a lot of times it’s worse if you do
because you’re hitting it into the blockers hands.If you use a
deeper trajectory, it will give you more success because the
defenses tend to getsucked into the court.And they’re not
playing the backfour to five feet of the court.>>Jada Golden-Smith here.Tigers
lead by one.As you see her lacking try the net.One of those
seniors that will not be here for Cedar Falls high
school. Fourth straight trip, this state
championship match, for Cedar Falls.Blocked. And an easy point for west Des
Moines Valley.You talk about the trajectory ofthe hitting. It seems like Akacia Brown, her
attack, her swing is a little different.In talking with her
coach, yeah, it is maybe a little
nontraditional, a swing trajectory.He said that’s kind
of hard to handle the opponent with how theball comes off that
swing. Everyone has a little bit
different attack here.Tied at 11-11.That one gets through. And again, it’s number 15.Katie
REMMert, the freshman, whoplayed in 85 sets and had over 100 kills in her freshman
season.Leading by one.And serving. Is Cedar Falls. Down the line.It was open.And a
big celebration.>>Wedgbury does a nice job of
hitting that line. We’ve seen her hit a little bit
crosscourt, but I think she prefers the line.That line,
Scott, is hard to digbecause it’s coming at you fast.>>Two-point lead in Cedar
Falls.They lead 2-1.Let’s listen in.>>The first half of that set
was a grind.I think we started out, when it was 9-9, we had had eight
straight sideups.We’re doing a great job. Give us options, take smart
swings.If you need to, let another ballplay defense.Now the
second half of our game has to pick up.Turning defense into
offense.Our two-point cushion because wehave two serve balls. So, let’s get greedy now.
Understand that we’re about Good rotations and we can score a
bunch here.Let’s go!Hey, slice. She wants to hit angle.>>In
talking about the transition.The defense to offense.And making
sure that she win points after they get the ball.They need to
push for those points.That’s where you pull away from your
competition.>>Let’s get greedy.>>Yeah.>>I like that.Let’s
just shut the door. Let’s win this in four.West Des
Moines Valley needs to figure something out here.Trailing by a
couple.You can see that the approach, the attack, is not 100%, but it
doesn’t matter.Battling her injury is Anna Bernhard, the
junior, with the kill.>>And then when the black isn’tthere,
then it’s a lot easier for her. You’ve got to put a challenge up against her.That block was wide
open.It was a huge hole. And she had it wide open.>>Valley, to the back row.Good
vision men.That Tiger defense keeps creeping up, creeping up
and no one was home in that corner.>>Well, when you’re in
base position, the back three people are in like a “V.”So,
there’s two people that are short.And the deeper person is
usuallyin the middle of the court so ifyou can shoot the
ball to those corners on that second contact, a lot of times,
you can catch them off guard.>> Down the line again.Yeah, I
think she likes the lines.>> Yeah. Pretty successful for her.That
is her detenth kill on the evening — or the morning. I have no idea what time it is.
Better front.You had Matt Johnson say better front.That
means she can send it over on the second contact, jumping.>>Yates, great defense by Valley.Tipped.Green pushes it
over.Volley.It goes deep.And Cedar Falls gets the point,
leading 15-13 here.>>Valley wanted a touch on that, bought I
thought the ball was quite a bit higher than the block we’re seeing.>>Cedar Falls, a very positive
environment all season long. Trying to finish the job that
they couldn’t do last year.Cedar Falls undefeated all last year,
except for one game, one match, Barb, and it was a year ago
today losing in the championship match.They lead by three in west
Des Moines Valley. Need to figure something out
here quick, as they trail by three.>>Hey, this is where,
when they’re going to try to close it out, they’re going to want to do
some offspeed stuff or short. We’ve got stuff, all right?If
they’re going to run middle, we need to cheat over a little more
and take away the zone five, all right?Force them to come across
their bodies and swing back to zone one.Be ready to dig for
that, though, right? Let’s go, let’s go!>>To come
from the left side blocker on the middle attack to take away
the easy angle and force the middle to hit across
back to the right back portion of the corner where the a little
harder to hit.>>Outstanding coach. Closing in on 600 career wins.>>He also said to be aware of
off-speed shots. Which means roll shots, skipped. Kind of junk types of things
because not always is it a hard-driven ball that gets you
killed.>>A service error gives west
Des Moines what they need. Curry on the year has been so
balbalanced, but she also has 41 Acers.Don’t get an ace here.The
ball out of bounds as the ace was trying to go to that far sideline and look out as west
Des Moines Valley pulling within one. Curry, university of
Nebraska-Omaha signee, will be playing there next year. Out of bounds off the Tiger
block! .4 west Des Moines Valley.Look
at the student section.Trying to do whatever they can to get this
to a fifth set where, Barb, anything can happen.>>And the
students were excited.Actually, it was the west Des Moines
students that started to cheer when they won “no school
Friday.”So they love it, not only because they won but they
don’t have to go to school.>> This one started at 10:00 a.m.
today. Again, it’s the 5A and the 4A next followed by 3A and 2A
starting at 7:00 tonight. All coming you to you live on
Iowa Public Television. Good serving from aLivia Bronner
here for Cedar Falls.Just a sophomore.>>I was just going to
mention, I like that short serve.She’s putting it in the
middle of everybody for everybody that creates
confusion.It causes problems with the approaches and creates
confusionfor everybody.Because you’re in my way.Get out of my
way.It’s mine.So smart serving.>>Yates dials in another kill. The 6’6″ middle hitter senior.
Amazing balance offensively. Yates with 11.Wedgbury with 10.
19 kills for Akacia Brown.And Jada Golden-Smith as well with
four. Ball went long, and the Tigers’ first — all they’re saying is
touched.>>Oh, I didn’t see a touch on that, but, again, that’s not my
job to officiate.I’m also not sure which ref called it.>>They
don’t have the luxury of instant replay. I did not see it.Doesn’t mean it
didn’t happen.>>Yeah, there wasn’t one.But these refs are
the best refsin the state.They are ranked highly throughout the
season by the coaches so they know what they’re doing.The refs
get ranked.The line judges get ranked.here.And they bring the
best ones>>Yeah. I didn’t see it touch a finger.
>>And it’s for the refs — it’s cap.also a huge feather in their
>>Yeah.Comes at a critical time, 20-16.>>Do you know coach
Johnson is calling that to the ref, he’s
saying that poppycock.He doesn’t like that call at all.>>Here we
go, Akacia Brown.It’s going to be point Valley.He said this is
where we get mentally tough. 19-18, Valley has momentum.>>In
sports, you’re always going to get a bad call and how you react
to the bad call.Brush it off.>> Dealing with diversity here.A
little too much mustard on that one.It’s now 20-18 here in this
fourth set. It’s a must win scenario.For
west Des Moines Valley.Tigers need just five more points to
claim the 5A championship.>>Oh that was heart attack for just
about everybody in here.>>That one was open.Emerson Green.All
state in track, volleyball and women’s basketball.Great vision.
And she disguised it really well.>>She really did.>>Not the best pass.That’s
going to be another CedarFalls point.22-18, Cedar Falls on a
run here.>>West Des Moines Valley does have one time-out
left, if he wants to take it. Doesn’t look like he’s taking it
yet.>>Great serving by Lexie Godfrey, the senior.Big time
kill.Needed that one.Hinkle rises to the occasion.>>And on that — Cedar Falls is
not closing in on that block.So Hinkle has all day to hit
through that block.>>13 kills for Hinkle. Leading by three.But needing
just three is Cedar Falls. Beautiful up there by Curry.
Valley, in the back row of the Tiger defense.Brown had no
options there.Came in and just tried to push it off, as he flew
into the net.>>Well, and they’re calling fora touch but
the down official did call it a center line violation so it
would not have even mattered if there would have been a touch. Falls.>>Time-out called by
Cedar Cedar Falls will now have one more time-out left. Let’s listen to west Des Moines
Valley’s huddle.>>Continue to think about that slide once she goes back low.
Only going right side.They’ve only got one hitter, Akacia
Brown.Near the net, it’s going to be net.In the back row.Hey!>>
I love it.I love it.There’s no giving up in that huddle.He
knows where the ball’s going. They’re like, there’s only one hitter up there, it’s AKACIA, go
after her.And then he’s giving his playerssomething to do with
the ball when they go back.>>I thought it was loud here at10:00
a.m. Turn it up another 25 decibels.
State championship is on the line. Out of bounds.22-21.>>Well, and
that block was wellformed.There were four arms up there. That’s a really nice block.>>
West Des Moines Valley serving. In trouble. Need to hit it over on this
contact.They do. Cedar falls is now in system.
Setting near side.Brown off the block.Valley pushes it over.Hey,
you don’t have to hit it hard to get a point, do you!Wow.
>>That’s the whole point of the game, be crafty, do what you need to do, get the ball on the Holy buckets.22-22.Play to 25,
win by two. Valley won the first one, 25-14. Tigers won set 2, 25-64. And set three, 25-15.>>Blockers
couldn’t come down past enough and get it. What a beautiful touch.>>Cedar Falls gets the point. And that brings up match point. Cedar Falls one point away, as
number 21 gets her 21st kill of the match. One point away from winning the
2019 class 5A championship. And it’s the senior Emerson
Green to serve.Valley, back to attack. Popped up by the senior Graves. Brown gets it down.And the 2019
class 5A champions are the Cedar Falls Tigers.>>And here
Cummings the balloons.They have a balloon drop this year. That is new this year.>>The number one team all year
long. 44-0 against Iowa teams. state.They’re sixth straight
TRtrip to They’re the runner-ups last year.And the senior class
finishes 133 wins, just four losses. Four straight trips to the class
5A finals. And two state championships.2017
and 2019.West Des Moines ranked third in the state.Conference
champions.And they did it all after graduating seven seniors
off of last year’s team.>> Amazing.>>Let’s take you back
to the final point that sealed the deal for Cedar Falls. The celebration, the emotion. A lot of hard work went for this
point. Cedar Falls, 22 errors, 144
attempts.West Des Moines Valley hit 199. 50 kills, 22 errors, 144
attempts.For Valley, 14 kills for Hinkle and Kubik.Nine kills
for Spann. Five for Bernhard, four apiece
for Curry and Lombardi.23 kills for Akacia Brown.11 for Yates. Hit 455. Wedgbury had ten kills, hit 350. And the freshman with five.
Emerson Green six kills.>>The other big thing from the stat
sheet is Cedar Falls Valley. outdefended west Des Moines They had six blocks to west Des
Moines Valley’s three and they also outdefended them.>>Let’s send it over to the
public address announcer for the handing out of the hardware.>>
Announcer: — board of directors Greg Defoe. Shan Seib Bert enert Seibert.Ladies and
gentlemen, here is your 2019 class 5A all-tournament team. From Cedar Falls, Emerson Green. From west Des Moines Valley Jacey Spann. From Ankney fFiona Sshader. From Pleasant Valley, Cora ruff. From Cedar Falls, Alayna Yates. From west Devine Valley, Caton
Kubik.And your class 5A all-tournament team captain, from Cedar Falls, Akacia Brown.>>There you see the
all-tournament team for class 5A, I’d take that group up
against anybody.>>Me, too.We didn’t mention throughout this
broadcast, Akacia Brown broke a record on Tuesday in the
quarterfinal match of 37 kills. That’s the most kills in a 5A
match.>>How impressive is that. A lot of teams knew she was
going to get set and still get her points.>>That’s very impressive.That’s
an impressive group of young ladies with bright futures>>Congratulation.ahead of them.
Now we’ll hand out the team awards.>>Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, your Class 5A runner-up, west Des Moines high school head coach Jeremy
Mikesel. And now, your 2019 Class 5A
champions, today they redeem their ticket, coach Matt Johnson and the Tigers from Cedar Falls!>>Cedar falls, dominant this
year.They go undefeated against Iowa teams.Number one from the
beginning ofthe year, throughout.It’s not easy to be
number one all year and number one.>>Well, that’s why they
went tothat tournament outside of the state, because they lost
last year’s match here.So, Good job by them.>>You think that
was fun.We’re just getting started. Four more trophies.Set to hand
out here as we’re broadcasting live all day the Iowa high
school volleyball championships. Thanks for tuning in.Back with
more right after this. This is Iowa Public Television. ♪ ♪>>>Funding for the Iowa girls
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congratulate all the girls competing in this year’s girls
high school volleyball state championships.Fairway, proud to
work for the places we work and live.By MOSCO lighting
specialists, providing lighting systems for you, your project
and your community. ♪ ♪>>Tim: It is time for state championship volleyball.Iowa
public television is here in downtown cedar rapids at the
U.S. cellular center to bring you this class 4A state title
game between sergeant Bluff-Luton and western Dubuque.
Along with Sandy Stewart, this is BJ.What an interesting
matchup in class 4A as you’ve got the top ranked team against
a group of upstart youngsters.>>Exactly.
They look fantastic.Again, an upstart.They had some upstarts
along theway, western Dubuque, and they’re going to try and put
an upset again today.>>The bobcats, third trip to state. They upset three-time defending
champion Dubuque wallARD until the finals.Three freshmen lead
the bobcats in kills, digs and assists.>>Exactly.They have a
very young team, butthey play well under pressure.>>Now for sergeant Bluff-Luton,
this is their third straight trip to cedar rapids, returning
only four players with varsity experience.But they have a good
one in Kenzie Foley.>>Exactly. And she’s going on be playing
next year at state.They look to take it home today against western Dubuque.>>What
an atmosphere here at the U.S. cellular center.We’re getting
ready for the class 4A state championship games.But first,
the pageantry that ishere at the state volleyball tournament. Let’s turn it over to Jason s
linger.>>Regional manager of the Iowa farm bureau, proud
title sponsorof the Iowa girls high school athletic union.Now
let’s meet this year’s classof hall of famers. Our first inductee today is Carlie Tritz of Sioux City
bishop ELIN. She starred the from 2006 to
2009.She helped receive four state tournaments and was named
to the all-state tournament team three
times.She was named elite all-state her senior season when
she averaged three kills and three digs a match.Abdomen
outstanding all-around athlete, she was an all-state performer
in volleyball, basketball and soccer.She led bishop ELIN to
the statechampionship and was miss Iowa basketball in 2010.She
was inducted in the IGHSU basketball game in 2017.Carlie enjoyed an
outstanding basketball year at Crayton.She
married Nate Burger last summer. Welcome back to the U.S.
cellular center.The first individual to earn induction
into the IGHSU basketball and now the IGSAU volleyball hall of
fame.From Sioux City bishop ELAM, hall of famer Carlie Tritz.>>Our next inductee starred at trainer high school from 2003 to
2006.She was a four-year starter.She finished here career
with 934 digs and 128 blocks as
trainer reached the state tournament all four seasons that
she played. She was a two-time all
tournament team selection and was 2A player of the year in
2006.A talented four sport athlete, she was a state
medalist in state track and field, an all-state performer in
basketball and a school record holder in softball.She continued
her volleyball career at Wayne state and averaged over two
kills a set for her four-year career by
helping Wayne state win two times.Iowa lake’s community
college, upper Iowa and Wynonna state. She currently resides in Omaha.
That’s one of the finest players in the history of volleyball in
the IGHSU volleyball hall of fame.From trainer high school,
hall of famer Lee hardIbegan. Today’s final inductees starred from Sumner high school from
1992-1996. She was twice named to the elite
all-state squad.She averaged 4.5 kills a set andlead to aces
state tournaments in 1993, 1994 and 1995 in an era
where there was just three classes in Iowa volleyball.As a
junior in 1994, she had 23 kills, 7 digs and 11 blocks to
the state championship match and was named captain of the class
1A alternative team.The following year, she bounced back from a mid season injury to
lead Sumner to the finals.Her talents led her to the
University of Illinois where she went on to play four seasons for
the Illini. A shoulder injury sidelined her
for much of her career, but after 1999, she returned to Iowa
and has been teaching and coaching for the last 18 years.
She’s been coaching the last 13 seasons and has been an assistant at INKENETY teams. Welcome to the hall of fame from
Sumner, Annie STENCIL.>>What a class.>>It’s great.A lot of
great history here.>> Congratulations to the
volleyball hall of fame class of 2019 from Sioux City, bishop
ELIN, Carly Tritz, Lee hardIGAN and Annie STANSEL.
Congratulations.>>Three storied programs.It’s great to see the recgnition there for the past
heros of girls state volleyball tournament.>>For those of you
watching, you also witnessed a trivia question unfold before
your veryown eyes with Carly Tritz being named into not only
the basketball hall of fame, but now today, the volleyball hall of
fame. It’s time now to turn it over to
the announcer Tim Fitzpatrick with the announcement of the
class 4A matchup.>>Please welcome to the floor the western Dubuque bobcats.>>
So here is western Dubuque, a team that has been up start all
season.They struggled early on in the year, but then caught
fire midway through after a tournament and they beat
three-time defending state champion Dubuque wallARD in the
regionals to get to this spot.>>Now please welcome the sergeant
Bluff-Luton warriors.>>Here are the warriors on out of northwest Iowa, only four
players back from last year’s team, but loads of talent with
those four. Can they carry them today?>>Fans, it’s now time to
introduce the players and the coaches.First of all, the
visiting team, the western Dubuque bobcats. Number 2, Sara Horsfield. Number 3, Meg Besler. Number 5, Natalie ULRICHS. Number 6, Ella Schindler. Number 9, MACI Steffen. Number 13, Shelby OLBERDing. Number 14, Teresa PETSCHE. Number 19, ADELINE HUEHNERGARTH. Your assistant coaches, libby GANSen, Ashley board of trusteesFord, Hannah KOERPERICH
and Mariah Cline. Starters, Meredith Bahl, Clare Horsfield, senior Kaylee Elgin.
Sophomore number 10 Maddie Harris. Freshman number 11, libby
Lansing. Sophomore, number 18, Madison
Maahs. Your LIBERO, number 1, Ella
Meyer.Fre Head coach for the bobcats,
Megan Scherrman. Now for the home team, number 1,
Allyson Hertz.Number 4, Addie brown. Number 5, MAKAYLA GROTE.Number
9, Maddie Hinkel. Number so, Taylor spotten.Number
12, addy MOSIER. Number 14, ALIVAA Wolfe. Assistant coaches, Dan winkel, Janelle woodbury and noel
HERBST.Your starting lineup, sophomore, number 2 Madison Wilcoxon.Number
6, Isabelle Lenz. Senior number 7 Elle Sneller. A senior, number 8, Kenzie
Foley.A sophomore number 11, Emma Salker. A senior number 13, Regina
Rogers. Your LIBERO, a junior, number 3,
Mia Gamet. Head coach for the warriors, Renee winkel. Here are your officials for
today’s 4AIP championship. First referee, Jodi WIELENGA, KevinG vander PLOEG, Jennifer
WIECH and Jennifer Lewis.Who is ready for volleyball?>>So here
we go.Western Dubuque and sergeant bluff Luton.Sandy, you
had these keys drawn up for western Dubuque.What do they
need to do?>>They are very young and they have a sophomore
group. That pass game is going to be
critical.They have to get that pass and serve going.Also,
defense and support coverage. The two big outside hitters are
going to push the defense to the limits there.So defense and
court coverage are going to be critical for thebobcats today.>>
And on the other side for sergeant Bluff-Luton, what do
you have drawn up?>>They’ve been number one, so the target is on them.composure
and handle that Hopefully they can keep their pressure.Again,
the aggressive serving.Let’s keep western Dubuque on their
heels.for them.Aggressive serving will do that>>The
sergeant Bluff-Luton western Dubuque going for their school’s first ever volleyball
title.That is the table stakes here inclass 4A of the warriors
at 36-3, impressive wins against state qualifiers Joaquin, council bluff’s Abraham Lincoln,
unity Christian and western Christian.For western Dubuque,
13 losses, but they played a very tough Mississippi valley
conference.They beat Johnston and southeastPOLK.So the opening
serve, an ace forthe warriors.>>And there it is.One of the keys
of the game is that tough serving.That’s the way to start
for sergeant Bluff-Luton.>>The one that can do it is
Madison Wilcoxon who is at the trigger here.>>We mentioned
that sophomore center, but also an outstanding server.>>And this block is down, up
front by Emma Salker.>>Pretty good block out there. Tentative on the attack.Out to a
2-0 lead quickly for the warriors.>>Showing their prowess right
away.A big side out for western Dubuque.>>Nice mix up there
with the center, kind of catching the — off balance
there with that second hit over. A nice job to mix it up there Ooh.and get the side out.>>And
Gamet, up front.Look at the bobcats shine up in the middle.
Maddie Harris.>>She’s only a 5’10” sophomore,but one of the
key players there.The two big outside hitters have carried the western Dubuque this
year.>>Gamet feeds it to the front.Look at that shot down the
line.>>That’s where it started with that great pass, great set
there.And we talked about keys of the game for western, they have to
cover the court well.Didn’t quite get that one.>>And a service error.>>
Unusual.They do serve aggressively, but you have to
take the bad with the good when you’re serving aggressively out
there.>>Here is Kaylee Elgin. An opportunity here for western
Dubuque. They go to the outside and that
is blocked out and Maddie Harris.>>Great way.The ball was
a little tight, butshe was smart with two of the blocked keys, swung her arms and
go out of bounds.Nice kill there on the outside.>>First lead of
the game for Now Sneller.western Dubuque.A hitting error.>>A
little bit of out of transition there.Really didn’t get off the
net toget a good approach, wasn’t ready for the ball.All three
hitters have to be ready to go. She wasn’t quite ready to get up
there and take a swing.>>Out of the back by Foley.And
a push.>>A little sloppy here getting started.A little
nervous, I think. And Sneller says just feed me
that time.Right in SYNCH.>>One of the beautiful servers on the team, beautiful set.6’1″.
Usually plays on the outside, but can also do the inside.>>Wilcoxon now with 580 assists
on the season.>>Good coverage there.>>They find Foley.That’s
dangerous.>>So they’ve got Sneller and Foley, the big
outside six foot hitters.She gets up, a great set and swings down the line.>>And a free ball coming up here for western Dubuque.>>You have to go up strong.>>Out of the outside again.>>The passing here so far is
shaky.>>A little shaky.>>Now the kill put down by
Maddie Harris.>>Harris.Harris played well so far.Big outside
hitter.She’s their go-to player. A little bit weak getting up
there.>>We mentioned at the outset that this is both schools
going on foretheir first ever title. A lot of jitters here.>>Oh,
sure.I think they’re going to call over the net.Yet.So the
defensive team cannot interfere, reach over when the ball is
still in play. So — and when that setter is a
back row, she can’t bring it over, anyway.>>Foley.>>A little out of
SYNCH there for the warriors.We talked about that composure.>>
Largest lead here for western Dubuque.Here is Madison Maahs,
the 5’6″ sophomore. Out of the front, how about
that?The put down by Regina Rogers.>>Really nice play.She’s
one of the seniors on the team. Really nice approach, way to get
off the net and take a big swing.The cutback shot that
western Dubuque wasn’t quite ready for.>>We saw this in the
semifinalsyesterday with western Dubuque.Jumped down to a big
commanding lead and ran away with the firstset.They’ve been
dangerous with their opening set.Now a missed cue up front
makes this a one-point game.>> Western Dubuque, like I said,
they upset defending champion waller in the finals, came here,
upset Marion.Or Xavier in the first round, which is number two
seed and they’ve been a lot of upsets along the way.>>Going to sergeant Bluff-Luton
as it was wide.Hertz will rotate back.>>Tried to find that line
out there.Just a little too wide.>>Fourth tie of this
opening set. Now from the back row, the
attack and it’s blocked down by Regina Rogers.>>Nice job.One of
the seniors there for the warriors, and you’ll see a lot of back row attack from the
bobcats.Again, just a little unaggressive. And the cover has to be there.>>
A 4-0 run put together by sergeant Bluff-Luton.And Rogers
again, the south paw.>>A nice approach there on the
back foot.To her strong side. Beautiful approach and swing.
It’s a great combo and a great set by Wilcoxon.>>The 5’8″
senior coming to play today in western Dubuque having trouble
accounting for it.>>This is where they go here.>>
A good counter.Western Dubuque set that up nicely to find
Maddie Harris.>>She’s been attacking across the front. Now we have the ball up front.
See BHASwhat she can do in the back row there.>>Harris has had
quite a state tournament. 24 kills.Slide out here to
sergeant Bluff-Luton.>>A net violation there on
Meredith Bahl.Tried to get up there.A little too aggressive
and follow through at the net.>>Sergeant Bluff-Luton matching
their largest lead here.And an ace by Gamet.>>We talked about
aggressive serving and that’s what they’re doing.Keeping the
bobcats on their heels.That server, has to improve for the
bobcats to get back into their system, get into their offense.>>Both of these two schools
have had a long night.Play football at the dome a night ago, but they’re loud.
Bringing it home is Foley again. Block a little bit late, and Foley is just going to crush.>>
A four-point lead, their largest.And a time-out here by
western Dubuque.Let’s go inside the western Dubuque huddle and
hear from their head coach, Megan
Scherrman.>>Secondly, we’re letting theiroffense run all
over us.That’s not the team we are. We need our offense going.Keep
them out of system.They are in system way too much right now
and that’s the Okay?difference. Come on.Let’s go.Let’s go.>>Nice to talk about what their
goals are.Getting back to their offense, one of the keys to the
game is their servers, passing and getting in system as opposed
to what the warriors are doing now.They’ve been in system a
lot, the offense really hurting western Dubuque right now. We’ll see if that time-out will
reset things here for the bobcats.>>In that final victory
against Marion yesterday, 3-1, coach
Scherrman felt it wasn’t their best showing.In that game, they
had four players with double digit kills,so they can spread
it around.>>Exactly.Any young team.Three sophomores, including
the setter, which is your
quarterback.>>Foley.>>A lot of tipping. The hitters aren’t quite on the
timing.>>Sergeant Bluff-Luton with the
side out.>>And the ball handle hadding error, not really
getting into it.Good flow.And they’ve got a freshman up there
right now.So it’s a big time play environment here to be a
freshman.>>What a way to hit the tape and get another ace for
Gamet.>>That aggressive serving is coming into play.Bobcats have
to do a better job of communicating.Their server is
going to pick up here and get a good pass up to Maahs so she can run the
offense.That’s better.>>Foley kept that alive.>>Nice hustle.>>Some good rally going here.>>And that is going to be long.
>>A nice try.She wasn’t up quite enough to hit hard.So
tried to go for that deep corner. A good idea to tag along there.
>>Critical slide out there for western Dubuque.Now here is Ella
Meyer.Just a freshman, 5’3″.>> One of the two freshmen that play a key role for the bobcats.
>>And that could, could not control it.Foley with the kill.
>>She was there, be just couldn’t quite pick it up.She
does lead the team in digs. Hopefully she’ll get a better one the next game.>>The St.
Cloud state signee ready to serve it. Kaylee Elgin.>>Right back to
the middle,>>She’s the only senior for thebobcats, so they
have a great crew returning next year.I’m sure she will love to
finishher season with a big upset today.>>They had a
stretch midway through the season where they had eight in a row. Gave them confidence that they
could win.And what led to their stretch run here to get to the
state championship game, but right 2340U, they find themselves down by 6 at 17-11.>>The sets have
been a little tight or not quite on the mark.
Just a little shaky to start here in the finals.>>Wilcoxon
back in.Western Dubuque comes through with Meredith Bahl.We
haven’t called her name a lot this opening set.That’s 37 kills
here at the state tournament.>> I’ve been enjoying watching her
play.She has a big jump.When he gets into her timing and width IM on a kill, she has a
beautiful attack.>>The back row attack long.>>Nice aggressive try by Foley. I love to see that from the back
row.>>Bobcats trying to put together a run here. As this attack, again, will go
long.Salker, a little too much.>>A couple of hitting errors by
the warriors.Need to get their composure back and put the ball on the court.>>
How many times do we see the state tournament, the opening
set is so important.Elgin with the block.>>Put together a nice
run here.>>And, in fact, it is a 4-0 run
to make it a two-point game. Let’s go to the sergeant
Bluff-Luton huddle with their head coach, Renee winkel.>>I say push to Elle or Emma.
You know where to hit the ball. You have to get it in.>>We need
to be able to pass the ball first, right? I need this ball to go to Elle.
bit.Need to stay inside a little You know what to do with it.>>Get up there.On the net.Take
a breath.We’re still up by two. Let’s be up by three.Got it?>>
Yeah.Just to focus on fundamentals.Passing is where it
starts. So they’re taking a breath,
trying to slow down the momentum of western Dubuque. See if that time-out works.>>Coach winkel, 175-41. Went on to play collegiately at
brier Cliff.>>Great play on the outside there by Sneller.That’s what she
said in the time-out, let’s go to the outside to Elle Sneller.
Great set by Wilcoxon right between the block.A little late
getting there. Great attack.If.>>Dangerous.
Salker hit tape there.Wilcoxon finding Foley.>>Neither team
getting some good offensive flow yet.Great
cover.>>Put over by Bahl.Sometimes
you’ve just got to getit over.>>Just kind of the winner of who can do the best free ball.
Kind of a scrappy play there. Miscommunication on the warriors
side.>>It has been a festive week here in cedar rapids. Western Dubuque, one of the more
lively student sections we’ve seen.And a double hit called
against sergeant Bluff-Luton. It’s a one-point game.>>A little bit uncommon error
there, but good call by the official to catch that double
hit.Elgin.>>Tricky.A nice, aggressive down ball.>>Out to the outside and a shot
could not be blocked as Maddie Harris, too much power.>>Harris
is really carrying western Dubuque right now.Been really
strong on the outside.Using the block, hitting smart, getting off the net to get that
great approach.>>This is her fifth sigh of the
set.Sergeant Bluff-Luton a moment ago had a six-point lead.
And right now on an 8-1 run is western Dubuque.>>So they’re
not getting the ball to the setter who normally handles the
ball.And the other players aren’t as used to handling the
ball.So two ball handling errors there in a row.>>Elgin again,
but this one is long.An error. And we’re tied at 19.>>Seems
like neither team can sustain a rally or momentum.It’s
a game to six.>>If you’re just joining us here, shame on you. You missed a Dandy on of an
opener.Moines valley.Cedar falls against west Des This is our
second of five gamestoday.It’s western Dubuque and sergeant
Bluff-Luton.To the outside to Foley. That is blocked out.Point,
sergeant bluff Luton.>>Foley got caught in.She was smart to
hold, get a jump and get a good swing on it. The server in there now, wolf,
she was 5 aces.>>The back row attack.Bahl putting it down.>>
Block up early and tried to get a triple block up on her and she still got the ball across.
Passing a little bit off.They have to get that pass up tothe
net.>>Foley with the kill.>>Foley,
a lot of power.Like we said, she’s a returning all-stater
going to play volleyball at the next level at St. Cloud state.
Good to see those players going on and getting an education in
talents.college on their volleyball >>That’s her fifth kill of the
set. Now serving is Hertz.Out, an
attack error by the bobcats.>> She tried to cut it inside the block a little too much.You
can see here, she tried to cut it in.I think the crosscourt
shot was opened. She just missed a little too
wide there.>>And Foley, able to knock thatback and now dangerous
territoryfor the western bobcats and they’re going to take a
time-out. Foley with the block here.V>>And actually, the middle
blocker, Emma Salker, was up there and got that.She’s 5’11”.
>>Don’t worry about what they’re doing on our side.Doing
a good job of getting the pin to pin.We knew this would be their
strategy, okay?That is — set the ball.Just because we’ve got
a double block does not mean there’s not a way around that
ball, okay?Defensively, talk to your offense about what’s going
on, okay?Is number 8 in the front row right now?She does not
get a ball pass to you.Do you understand that?Let’s go.We have
to get some touches on her.We have to slow her down over here.
Stay relaxed on our side.One point at a time.We have to give
Maddie Maahs some time here. Good?Come on.All right.Let’s go.>>Unbelievable insight.Exactly
with Foley up there, they’re going to have to start
digging her. We talked about that with the defense and core coverage.Try
and dig a few balles from Foley. That will frustrate her.So far,
she’s been up there and be very effective.>>Allyson Hertz with
the ace.Now setpoint.>>When it gets to the net, that’s really hard to defend.The
western Dubuque has had their back to the wall as many times.
Let’s see if they can mount a rally here to finish strong in
the first set.>>And it’s an ace to end it.The
first set is in the books. Sergeant Bluff-Luton will take
the opening set, 25-20. They had a six-point lead
evaporated, only to come back to win it.>>And the aggressive
serving and lack of pass received for the bobcats is
hurting.You have to follow that ball.You have to follow that
bomb outand play it.Nice win for the warriors to getstarted here.
>>Second set on our way when we return here on Iowa public
television. sometimes of Iowa artist grant
wood.Tell a kidney transplant story that is more than skin
deep and follow one man’s dream to celebrate the spirit of
giving.>>Saturday afternoon at 5:30.>>
Join the conversation online with Iowa public television. Follow us on Twitter.Connect
with us on all our social networks.>>What an opening set.Sergeant
Bluff-Luton takes it 25-20.We are here at the class 4A state
championship game at the U.S. cellular center.Sandy, a great
set.We saw a lot of things there. Sergeant Bluff-Luton had a big
lead.Western Dubuque came back, but sergeant Bluff-Luton
prevailed.>>Just like they’ve done all season, they rolled
through that first set pretty easily.>>Let’s
take a look at the first set highlights here. You can see western Dubuque came
out aggressively.>>Strong offense.A great game, aggressive
and smart hitter on the outside
there, only a sophomore, one of their key players for western
Dubuque.So she was very effective. We need to see more of that from
them. Is Foley, fired up outside
hitter.set.Very effective, as well, in thatserving.We talked
about aggressive A lot of errors on both sides.A
little nerves there, some ball handling errors.That is the key
to the game there.There’s your set right there with six service
races.One of my keys was the aggressive serving and they’re coming through with that for the
warriors.So nice win to get out to a leadhere at the state
finals.>>So we’re set for the secretary set to begin here.Western Dubuque. 5-4 senior will put it across. And right away, the attack by
Elle Sneller.>>And one of the big two seniors for the
warriors, 6’1″, number two on the team in kills and number one
in blocks. left route position to get her
So they’re starting her in the up there to start.>>That is an attack error by
Wilson.>>The stride attack, nice try, but a little late
getting there. This is the miscommunication.>>Bobcats.>>Smart, smart play.Kind of saw
the defense for the bobcats was out of position.Nice smart
aggressive play therefor that deep corner kill.Again,
aggressive serving.>>Now from the back.Sneller
shot blocked.Now the celebration.>>Nice system of
play.A little slow developing.So the bobcats, big block there
with Elgin.Was able to get over there, beautiful, get up there,
get your hands over the net, put the ball back. Good defensive coverage there.
They’re digging that ball.>>And Neller with the attack.A nice
dig out of the ball by Bahl. However, a double hit.>>I don’t
know what’s happening, but both teams havingsome trouble with
some double hits there.The setter is really
trying to get out there and get their hands on the ball, having
a little trouble.>>Wolf, serving.>>Having to bump set,
that’s not the system you want to run.And western Dubuque with
a hard-fought point there.>>But give tight Maddie Harris
She’s doing something with there. whatever she’s getting to at
least get the ball over the net. Nice attack there.>>Her sixth kill of the match.
And, again.>>Another ball handling error. Nerves, not getting into
position.Fundamentals are key here in thestate finals.You have
to really execute.All players, not just the setter.>>And
Sneller with an attack error and we’re all tied up at
four.>>Both teams just in and out ofsystem, in and out of
flow.The coach is saying, what’s going on out there?Let’s go
here.Doesn’t look like the team we had in the first set there.>>
Now the attack.And it’s put down by Foley. When in doubt, go back to Foley.>>Nice cut
shot inside the block. Beautiful. Six foot’s, but she has a big
jump, too.She’s hard to stop. That’s really, really error.I’m
not sure what’s happening, if the ball is wet or they’re nervous on the release.Haven’t
really seen that out of Madison Maahs.>>They are rotating the ball
around. I think it’s more nerves than
anything. Another attack error against
Dubuque.>>Very tentative.Needs to get some leadership here.Very
young team.They have three sophomores playing critical
roles for western Dubuque.Show some
leadership on the floor here and get it turned around. Madison SMAS.Very crafty.>>What
a move in the middle by>>Very good.I although of that quick
unexpected back set dump in a beautiful spot, hard to reach
over there.Nice selection there since they couldn’t get the
offensive attack going. So nice way to mix it up.>>92 assists so far here at the
time state tournament, that time did it herself.>>Both teams
kind of using backrow attacks.>>Maahs.Libby Lansing.>>She plays a nice front right
there.It was an awkward angle to hit from.Nice job from the
defensive block up there.There’s a good pass.>>Gamet with a nice
feed.Will it kick start the team at that point?>>That’s what you
need.A nice, quick attack with a goodpass.That is going to be
hard to stop, as well.>>Now Gamet will serve, the
5’4″ junior.>>Lockdown in the middle by
Emma Emma Salker.>>Again, both teams have
to cover and expect that ball to come back.Both teams crambling
trying to get into the system.>>Foley’s
shot denied.That came back by us.Foley got three cracks at it.
The third went through.>>That was beautiful.Very smart play
there.She saw the overpass, took advantage of it.Oh, tight one.
Nice handle by Maahs.Those are tough to handle.>>Foley is
rolling now.>>Yeah.She was warming up.>>And a time-out taken here by
western Dubuque. What a run here by sergeant Bluff-Luton and their senior,
Kenzie Foley. 10 kills in the match.>>She
leads their team all player. year, she’s been their go-to Can run the middle.>>If
something isn’t working quite right, listen to your backrow
players call on what is available.Stay aggressive.Block
timing from there.Expect that second ball coming over the
necessary net.Let’s go.>>A couple things there.Their block
timing has been a little bit off.They have to have the
disciplineto wait and not jump with the hitter, but jump after the
hitter. Also, watch for that second ball
over.WWilcoxon is crafty with that.The middle back player has
to beready on defense for the second ball over.>>All season
large, sergeant Bluff-Luton has served aggressively.They lead
the state.This time, the bobcats are able to set up their offense
and>>Actually, I think they calledMaddie Harris gets the
kill. that out there, I believe.>>I
beg your pardon.>>I thought it was out.Again, getting the
offense goingfor western Dubuque, a little bit of a
struggle. Let’s try the back row.>>Bell
your pardon. This time they do get the kill
down.It’s official.>>I like to watch her SHP she had a great big jump, so smart
play by Maahs to try the back row attack.>>Harris trying to
spend some time.Back serving. That one went up near the
rafters.And the bobcats get the hard-fought point.Meg Besler.>>
Besler, she’s one of the juniors on the team, the only junior on
the team, 5’11”.Right side player.Nice kill. A nice slide attack that western
Dubuque covered the court pretty well there.>>They’re get
something offense.Besler.>>Very good on the right side
there.Started with some strapgy defense covering the court. We talked about that.A nice off
speed.A good place to keep the ball inplay and try to find that
open spot.>>Foley.That didn’t take long.>>When you need a
point to start out, you go to Foley.I
really liked her quick attack. She’s up early.Wilcoxon does a
nice job getting her the ball.See if the bobcats
can get a good Pat here and get some offense going.>>Go to the
outside. They find the attacker,
maMeredithset up nicely by Maahs.>>She was probably 15, 20
feet off the net when she started
that approach. Big swing and right down the
line she’s their leader with kills on the season.Scramble.the
ball in play.Sometimes you just have to keep Look at what they’re doing here.
She is almost at the end line.>>And this one is blocked out.
Beautiful, beautiful set.Really aggressive, big, big approach
and cranks on it.So nice set, nice big attack out there on the outside.>>Ella
Meyer.>>And good court coverage.>>A
lot of attacks from the back row.That time the swing was not
all the way through by Maddie Harris.>>Nice to be a little
bit higher for that back row attack.
At least a two-point run there for the bobcats to try and get
back in this second set.>>Bahl and Harris on the back row for
the bobcats.>>Now they got the KETer in the back Rrow and now they can run
attack for all three positions. They go to the middle.>>Maahs
just kept that alive.>>Pretty good court coverage.>>Foley with the change-up.>>
Really wasn’t much of a hit, but just an off speed hit.Caught the
bobcats on their heels.Expecting the powerball and thatlittle
shot dropped over. Nice hit there by Foley. All three hitters in the front
row.>>Sneller.>>Beautiful.When you get that pass, you’ve got a
lot of options with the offensive players they have.So
beautiful pass.Third position, three 2 foot high and tough to
defend.>>This is blocked back. The wall formed by Salker.>>
Beautiful block.The bobcats, have to be ready for that ball
on hitter coverage. So far, the warriors really
taking it to.>>An eight just blocked in.Now
western Dubuque wants, needsand gets a time-out here.The largest
heed of the second set at seven. Check this out.>>This is a
breakdown in communication, a breakdown in execution on
server.That was close.Like safety in your football, your
center fielder has to be back there following that ball ready to make a play.>>We’ve got errors all over the
place.We have to find a way around that line. You have to look for those
holes.Defense, talk to our offense.This does not work if we
don’t get our offense going right now,
okay?No let ups.Let’s go!>>Some of the things that she’sbeen
mentioning there is they’vebeen hitting into the block a lot.So
as an offensive player, you’re going to be listening to your
teammates behind you looking at where the block is telling you
the line is open, the middle is open, high hands. Talk to your offensive player. We’ll see if they can SPAULT
ball and Harris out there.>>Western Dubuque is now out of
time-outs for the second set.>>The block put together by
Meredith Bahl.This is a resilient team.>>They’ve had a
lot of long matches, a lot of upsets.Good block there, great
defense, bobcats.nice come back there for
the Nice time-out by coach Scherrman to turn the tide a little bit.>>
Serve error does not help.>>You want to serve down. When you’re down, 19-12, you
have to get the ball in.Now we have the setter in front,Maahs,
we’ll see if she does anything offensively.Ooh,
another one.Really having a big break down in their serve.Really
nice, deep serve.And they’ve got to either rearrange their server
pattern. Nice serving.Someone has to
follow that ball.Mix it up short, deep.>>Maahs, able to get with Bahl.
>>Again, give her the ball. She’s very impressive. Only a sophomore, 5’10”. A pretty good server.>>7 kills
so far here on the match.>>Good block.>>That one rolled right
along the tape and went down.A lot of smiles there.>>She leads the team in blocks.
5’11”. Only senior on the west Dubuque
team.So trying to carry this team to their first state
tournament.>>That time, Sneller with
another kill.>>6 ‘1″, really a big hitter upthere on the front.
One of the leaders.Second on kills on the team behind Foley. Both teams, when they’re
insistent, they have a nice attack.But it’s been few and far
between on the offensive blow and that ball was way out.Just
really out of synch for the western Dubuque offense now.Need
to get a good pass.>>LARNLGest lead of the match for sergeant
Bluff-Luton.>>There we go.>>Gamet coming to Foley.That
got in.>>Foley up in the front row, you have to get a block up on
her.An interesting sed selection when you have two big hitter and
you go to a back attack.Let’s see if they can get a front row attack here with –>>
Sneller.With the block.>>Kind of a slow developing play.The
blockers are able to just kind of camp out over there.Just like
coach said, they have to listen to their teammates.Where am I
going hit this ball?What is open?>>That is setpoint. Foley from the back.>>She is hard to stop.>>The
second set goes to sergeant Bluff-Luton. Kenzie Foley.Now 14 kills in the
match for The third set will be coming up.>>>Coming up on the next Iowa
outdoors.>>That’s the danger zone when you fly low.>>Welcome
to a very special adventure themed episode of Iowa
JOUD doors.>>See et Wednesday at 6:30 on Iowa public
television. ♪ It’s the most wonderful time
of the year.>>Hi. This is Marion Ross.Please join
me and Marion in a classic Christmas.>>Two sets to none lead for
sergeant Bluff-Luton over western Dubuque and the class 4A
title game.Sandy, the errors are starting to mount against
western Dubuque.>>Unfortunately they haven’t played their best
game so far, but sergeant Bluff-Luton, they come in as the
number one team and show why they’re the number one team. Foley picked up her game quite a
bit.Some serve receive errors play havoc with them getting
into their offense. But the warriors are looking
great.>>Let’s take a look at the highlights.They belong to
sergeant Bluff-Luton.>>Good court coverage, aggressive
serving, aggressive net play. Coming into their rhythm that
they’ve had throughout the whole season with only three losses the entire year. Ella Sneller, and Foley, their big hitter, she was pretty much
unstoppable.When they did stop her, she had good coverage to
keep the ball in play.Really impressive.>>So as we take a
look at the team statistics, the errors fromwestern Dubuque have
been mounting.15 errors. Receiving errors are sitting at
8.>>Yeah.They’ve had too many balls drop.The state tournament,
you have got to play every point like state tournament points.
It’s one of their mottos for the year was the bobcats, play every
point like a state tournament point.One of the funny things, I
read about them. They’re into their Kittles. Skittles will get them fired up
here.>>.>>Sergeant Bluff-Luton, they win their
first ever state championship if they win this
set.They’ve been down here under thedirection of Renee winkel.
Back to the state championship game a couple of years ago. And now this year they’re trying
to make it their own.And from such a far corner of the state, they have a great crowd support.>>And the
warriors will start with the opening point.>>A
little bit out of S synch on that one. Wilcoxon.>>Foley will feed it
to And the back row attack is brought down by Sneller.>>
Really good blocking technique there, really good patience to
wait because it’s a back row attack. Great timing and the reach and,
again, Sneller, one of those big seniors up there with the block.>>Can and Foley from the back
row.>>Picked up where they left offin the second sed. Nice offense, aggressive OVENTD.OnOffense.>>And the bobcats finally get a
point here. Side out as Maddie Harris
collects the kill.>>One of the few defensive errors there by the warriors. Nobody really covered that ball.
Have to scramble and cover the court.>>Sneller from the side.>>She is really good.Really big
jump. She kind of held her patience
out there.Nice, big swing block. A little bit late getting there. Got a short blocker now on the
right-hand side.Mad Maahs is only 5’6″.They’ll probably try
and take advantage of her on the attack.>>Bull down by Bahl.>>
That’s what I’m talking about. She is really an impressive
attacker.Especially, she is so mentally prepared for that.She
gets way, way back.Huge, big approach.She will be almost back
to the back end line to get ready to hit that ball.>>Meyer serves long.>>Wolf has been a strong
server. She had five aces in both the finals and semifinals.Again,
another sophomore.>>Right on target.Foley.>>You see where Maahs is
starting her approach.She’s on the bottom right-hand side if you watch her.>>
Tremendous dig, but a little too much there out of the back.>>
That was a good way to kind of follow the ball. A good call that the ball was
out.Let’s see if they go to a good pass on the outside.They’re
going to bring her into the middle.>>Gamet could not handle
the strike by Bahl.>>So she’s been their key play here the
last couple of sets of the state tournament. Very impressive.See if she can
get fired up herein the third set.>>Nine kills for Meredith ball here in the state championship.
>>A little out of system, but Foley is going to swing.>>And Foley is going to get a
point.>>She has a really heavy arm. She hits the ball very hard, even from all the net.There is a good pass.>>Back
to Bahl.>>Hammer down.>>And I love that approach.She’ll be in
the back row, see there.if they can go to her back
She will be ready to hit.She’s had 30 aces on the year, another good server for the bobcats.Oh, I Jjinxed her. Tried to do a short serve in
there.>>Here is Mia Gamet.>>Great defensive player.>>And
an ice by Gamet.>>Found that aggressive
serving. It’s playing havoc with the
bobcats. They really need better
communication, better court coverage. in.>>And that’s Way to mix things up by Madison
Maahs. Really nice, deep shot there.
Good court coverage for western Dubuque.>>Oh, the quick dump.>>Nice, smart play by Wilcoxon.
Saw the opening. It’s one of the things that
coach Scherrman stay in the time-out to watch out for. That was Hinkel.Thank you.Run a
couple different setters out there.>>It’s going to be on the
outside.It will be a side out to westernDubuque.>>A little bit outside of the antennas there.So western
Dubuque really needs to get a tough defense, big block up there, get some transition offense.>>The serve. Now the warriors come back with
Isabelle Lenz.A freshman?Oh, a so much more.One of the young
players.Again, the bobcats just have got to cover the court better. They’re kind of on their heels and not ready to move.A little
hesitation. A good transition.>>What a job, well done by
Gamet. And the warriors get the point.>>Good foot scramble, good court aware PS. Keep that ball in play. So Wilcoxon will go back there.
>>.>>Outside to Sneller.>>A little bit of off SPOED
there.Another good vision.>>And into the net goes the
bobcats — excuse me.>>I think she plied to play, itrolled up
her arms.When the ball rolls up, eye that’s multiple hits.
Time-out.>>A seven-point lead for the
warriors. 13-6, our school here in the
third set.Let’s go to the western Dubuque huddle.>>How
are you feeling?We’ve done this before.We’ve been in this
situation before.But we have to worry about our side of the
court.We’re letting them control us inevery aspect now and we’re settling for that.SVENSive will
I, we have to readwhat they’re doing.We can’t be sipping.That
is not going to stop them right now.>>Yeah. This is not the time to play
lazy.Be talking to your front row about where the pocket is.Come
on, let’s go right now.>>Okay. Everybody, go.>>She’s trying to
get her team kind of fired up there.They have
been a little lax on defense, back on their heels.So really be
disciplined to moveto your position.And as far as the
hitters, they have to hit smarter.They have to lisp to
where the block is and where the openings are. Easier said than done.>>Sneller
gets the kill. What a setup by Madison
Wilcoxon.>>.>>Big hitter goes against an outside blocker. Nice attack there by Sneller on
the outside.They’re going to the back row>>A little off timing.
attack. It has to be higher for the back
row attacker.>>It’s going to be long. An attack error.>>It’s under
kind of falling apart here a little bit on the western Dubuque side.There it
is.Almost worked.>>And Foley, oh, long on the
attack.>>But it did kind of mix up theflow. That was a smart choice there by
Maahs. Take the second ball over, nice
try. Almost caught that corner.>>SNELneller.>>You have both
the middle and the outside, a player going up
quick. About three feet apart.So it’s
hard to defend that. Nice offensive play.>>Service error.>>It’s one of
the few service errors, I think, that sergeant
Bluff-Luton has had this match. They’ve servel very well. It’s a good pass.>>Sneller with
the tip.And Bahl, attack.It is good.>>That’s good, they got
her back in the front right now. They probably need to keep going
to her.She’s been one of their most effective players here.Nice
sight by Madison to get herthe ball.>>If they’re going to make
a run, now is the time.>>Yep. Nice, quick back set.This one is
block down by Sneller.>>Are you listening, are your players
telling you where the block is, where to hit? to get out there.So a nice
middle block coverage Sneller, good technique.>>A big
championship game here,Sandy, for Sneller.>>She has really
played well.>>And Foley says I’ve got your
block.18-9, warriors.>>Madison Maahs has a hard timegoing up
against a six footer.That’s a tough place for Maahs.>>And an ace by wolf. And she’s continuing her tough
serving.>>Western Dubuque will take thefinal time-out here.
Let’s go to the sergeant Bluff-Luton warrior huddle.>>We’re done right now. You give them one, that’s it. One side out, clear game.Hey,
hey!You do not let them come back into this.All right? You push from here on out.They
get one point at a time.That is it. Push the run right here.Stay
aggressive. Watch tips, deep corners,
discipline.>>A 19-9 lead. And what an inside there.
Yesterday after the semifinal win, she talked about the team she’s brought down here from
sergeant Bluff-Luton, it’s DIRCHBTD this year.That was the
first time they had played here and not lost a
settle.Now today, in position to be able to do that against
western Dubuque.>>Very impressive run.>>Kind
of the key things coach said, don’t let western Dubuque back
into this math.They have some power.Keep pushing.Don’t let
them get a hope that they can get back into this
match.>>And the block.Elgin with
another block.>>Almost a strange hitting
error there.See if they can to Foley here onthe outside. She’s been their go-to player if
they get a good pass.Nice serve. And it’s Foley.>>She’s their go-to player.
Again, block a little.Late getting up there.Really like the
offense the warriors are running.Really nice
offensive patterns there for the warriors.>>18 kills here in
this championship match. And right back at sergeant
Bluff-Luton goes Meredith Bahl of western Dubuque.She’s BNL
probably the most effective hitter they’ve had.
Harris had a good first set. Let’s see if she can get back in
and going.Great hustle.>>Foley.>>She’s feeling it
now.Very aggressive net play. Staying up there, following the
ball.Great arm swing, great wrist snap. Hard to beat.>>Well, and you think about it,
too, for Foley, really, it’s a volleyball family. Foley’s mom, 30 years ago today,
Julie, Julie Foley won a state championship for western
Christian. And now her daughter with an
opportunity to do it now and what a performance put together by Kenzie.19 kills.here.>>
Western Christian will be We’ll see them later today in the 2A.Great set here.Credit to
western Dubuque, trying to handle in there.>>
Side out to western Dubuque.>>They’ve got Harris in the
front row now.Let’s see if they go to her on the outside for western Dubuque.>>Foley from the back row.>>
Good court coverage back there.>>This is long. Western Dubuque with the point.
And a nice try on the slide attack by Salker.Just a little
wide.A good mix-up of trying to mix up the offensive tack all across the court, all across the net
there.Good coverage by the libero there.>>And this one is
able to get down for sergeant Bluff-Luton.That’s Emma Salker.>>And the defensive coverage
just hasn’t been there.Block is late. Defense didn’t get over in time to get the ball.>>Harris, a
little tentative, not swinging hard.>>Foley from the back row,
a change-up.>>Look at those balls
in the back row.>>She can leap, you’re right.
Great coverage, though. On the block.>>That’s Madison Maahs.>>Nice
rally there.Nice off speed.Found that open spot in the middle of
the court.>>Opening set went to sergeant
Bluff-Luton, 25-20.Second set, 25-14. Here in the third, it’s 23-16,
sergeant Bluff-Luton.>>Mental bump set there.Sneller.>>The ball on the
outside.>>Hinkel will put it up. Now to Sneller.>>She’s a great
natural. warriors.One of the two seniors
for the THOOSH they’ve been very impressive.>>We are at championship point.
Bahl. And western Dubuque will play
for another point.>>Again, a lot of these players, very
young.Look to be back next year, bun it’s always tough to come
here when you’re down 17-24, it’s a tough, tough right to try
and come back. But way to keep fighting there.>>Now the freshman, Ella Meyer.
Into the middle, that’s blocked. Foley will put it across.>>Good
court coverage by the warriors.>>From the back row.>>Love the
fight.Western Dubuque, not giving up, still playing strong.That’s
great.>>Next point is it. So they’re playing for their
lives.>>Sneller.And that’s the championship point. Sergeant Bluff-Luton wins their
school’s first ever state title in volleyball here in the class
4A championship game.They do it in a sweep over western Dubuque, 25-20, 25-14
and 25-18.And the championship balloons are raining down here on the
U.S. cellular center.>>It’s really an amazing match,amazing
performance with sergeant Bluff-Luton coming here with the appreciate of being
number one.Western Dubuque bobcats, they had some great
wins here, great upsets to go to the finals, but this was not to be tonight. Sergeant Bluff-Luton warrorses,
congratulations.>>Foley led the way with 19 kills. Let’s take a look at the
championship point.>>Block a little bit late.Sneller had a
very effective match, as well. One of the two seniors that
carried them to the win here tonight. And the celebration is always on
the floor.>>SNELTer, the X factor, no
question.11 kills.And it’s time now for the championship trophy presentation.>>Deanne Cramer, Travis fleshNER, SHAN SYVERT and Greg EBEling.Ladies and gentlemen,
here is your 20189 class 4A all-TOURM
team. From sergeant Bluff-Luton, Elle Sneller.From western Dubuque,
Maddie Harris. From Marion, Delaney rice. From Waverly shellrock, jazz Westmoreland. From west Delaware, MACI CLEICHE. From western Dubuque, Meredith Bahl. And your 20194A all tournament captain, Kenzie Foley.>>What an all-tournament team
here captained by Kenzie Foley.>>A two-time all-stater, really
led the team.Serendipitous that her mother won a assist
championship here 30 years ago with western Christian.Some
great athletes there.>>Maddie Harris, western Dubuque, jazz Westmoreland, MACI
CLEICH and Kenzie Foley of sergeant Bluff-Luton.>>And
those two seniors have had a great career.The other ones, I
think, are under classmen. So we’ll SHOEFLly see them next
year.>>Head coach Megan Scherrman. And now, your 2019 class 4A champions, their ticket has been
redeemed, coach Renee winkel and the warriors of sergeant Bluff-Luton.>>A grit way to see the end of
a season there.This is the raising of the trophy, carrying
it up to the fans that came all the way across the state to
cheer on their team.A really nice finish to a phenomenal
season, the number one team.>>So the class 4A championship is in the books.Sergeant
Bluff-Luton beats western Dubuque to take home the4A
title.Say, folks, two titles are in the book.Sandy Stewart and I
will be backfor the 2A title game.Coming up NBnext, Mt.
Vernon takeson the Catholic knights.>>>Funding for the Iowa girls
athletic high school union girls state volleyball championship
sess provided by –>>The path to greatness starts early. The Iowa farm bureau believes in
Iowa’s youth and their pursuit of greatness. That’s why we’re proud to be
title sponsor of the girls high school athletic union.Even is
important and when one rises, we all rise to a better Iowa. >>Fairway along with Nabisco,
Frito lay and Sara Lee ask a proud sponsor of the Iowa girls
sports championships.We congratulate all the girls and
student athletes participating in this year’s girls high school
state volleyball championships. Fairway, proud to care for the places we work and live.By MUSCO
lighting, the sports lighting specialists, providing lighting
systems for you, your project and your community. .>>Announcer: Funding for the
Iowa girls athletic union, Iowa form bureau, girls state
volleyball championships is provided by. >>The path to greatness starts
early. Iowa Farm Bureau believes in girls’ youth and that’s why
they’re proud to be a sponsor of the athletic union. When one rises we all rise to a
better Iowa.>>Fairway, along with Nabisco, Frito lay and Sara
lee is a championships. proud sponsor of the Iowa sportsWe
congratulate all the schools and student athletes participating
in this year’s girls high school state volley bale championships.
Fairway, proud to care for the places we work and live.>>By
mussco lighting. The sports lighting specialists.Providing
lighting systems for you, your project, and your
community. ♪>>Cedar rapids, Iowa, is the
place to be here on championship Friday. Coming to you live from inside the U.S. cellular center in
downtown cedar Rapids. We’re handing out trophies as wehead
to the 3 A championship. You see it’s going to be Mount Vernon, the Mustangs, trying to dethrone last year’s champions,
the Kuemper Knights. Barb, it’s been a fun day so far. Do you think we’re going to have
fun on this broadcast here?>> Who knows what’s going to
happen. Mount Vernon, nobody expected tobe here. Kuemper,
everyone connected themto be here. Mount Vernon, it has taken
them five set matches twice to be here today. >>It’s not easy to get to this
match, but Mount Vernon has done what they needed to. >>She turned the program over
continued it on. to Maggie Willems and she’s>>Didn’t miss
a beat.>>Here’s the Kuemper Knights fifth straight trip,
tenth overall. Last year they won it all and they plan on
doing it again.They have a recruit that is amazing. Kara
Peter, among one of the top hitters in 3A leading this
offense. Let’s send it over to public address announcer for our
starting lineups.>>Welcome to today’s 2019 girl’s state
volleyball championship presented by Iowa Farm Bureau.
Now let’s meet the teams. Fans, please welcome to the floor, the Mount Vernon Mustangs![ Cheers and Applause ]>>The Mustangs rolled —
rallied past new Hampton in the regional final just to earn a
trip to state, and then taking care of business yesterday in one that went right down to the
wire. >>Kuemper Knights!>>Head coach Keith Stickrod.
And the Baddings, there’s three of them on the roster, Mallory, one of the best in the back row.>>Now we have time to
introduce the players and the coaches in
today’s championship matchup. First, from Mount Vernon, number
5, Rachel Axtell. Number 7, Lauren Ryan. Number 8, Anna Hoffman. Number
11, Dani Pitts. Number 12, Madeleine Miller. Number 13,
Parker Whitham. Number 15, Lauren Schrock.
Number 29, Lily Meester. The assistant coaches are Robin brand, Emma Cochrane, Dolfi Kalm, Shannon Miller and diamond
Boyd. Now for your starters, Madi
Cranston, number 3 Sara Rhomberg, number six Summer
Brand. Number 9, Caitlin Babcock.
Number 10, Camryn Ellyson. Number 17, Natalie Welch. Number
1, Jorie Randall. Willems. The head coach is
Maggie Now let’s meet the Kuemper Catholic Knights, the
nonstarters. Number 2, Ashlyn Badding. Number
3, Kamryn Venner. Number 4, Anna Niehaus. Number 5, Avarie Pedelty. Number 7, Daisy Haukap. Number
8, Bethany Schleisman. Number 12, Halle Simons. The isn’t coaches are Laurie Bueltel, Nicole Martin and
Morgan Molak. Number for the starters. Kenya Prescott, number
6, Madison Leonard. Number 9, Kara Peter. Number 7 Sophie
Badding. Number 16, Mariah Naberhaus. Number 17, Kenzie Schon. The libero is number 19. Your first referee is
Megan Timmins. R2 is Jay Grassley. Line judges are grant
Detrick and Keith Hargrave. Let’s play volleyball![ Cheers
and Applause ]>>The stage is set, Barb, let’stake a look at
the keys to the match here. >>Yeah, so for Carroll Kuemper, they need to play as a family.
Most teams play better when they play together, but these girls
have proven that they can win by being a unit. Then the other
interesting one is outlast the marathon
Mustangs. Mount Vernon was not picked to be in this match, but
they did it by coming from behind and times twice this
week. winning in five sets, three >>Those are the keys for Kemp ar Kuemper. What are the
keys for Mount>>Did I mention that they Vernon?weren’t picked
to be in the match today?>> Yeah. >>Well, they are because of two
great wins in Cedar Rapids. And then they need to keep grinding.
To win tough matches, a team needs to put everything on the
line. That’s what Mount Vernon does. You can’t count them out
just because of any reason.They just keep playing. >>Those are the keys to the
match. Thank you, Barbie. Look at the road to the finals.
Mount Vernon been no five yesterday, Kuemper Catholic, the traditional strong unity Christian, they defeated red oak
yesterday. Both these teams fought hard to get to this spot,
but only one of them gets to go home with that championship
trophy. Who’s it going to be? Last year’s 3A champion Kuemper
Catholic Knights or the Mount Vernon Mustangs?And right away
Kuemper Catholic flexes their muscles and they go to their offensive leader, Kara
Peter having 4.7 kills per ZBLET she’s going to get a lot of sets
today. In some of their matches this week when things were tight, t
they went to Peter.>>And the best defensive player back to serve libero, already
some conversation with the down officials, Jay Grassley, the son
of Senator chuck Charles Grassley, big volleyball fan.
prestigious honors as well this year.>>Nice three set there.
We like that quick three because it’s about ten feet away from
the center. But the key is it’s between the two blockers so it
makes both blockers move and usually can’t get there in time
to block the ball. >>1-1 in the first. Rachel Axtell serving. Good
serve. Going to roll shot over the net.Near side swing blocked,
but it’s out of bounds last touched by the Knights. And a
2-0 run put together by the Mustangs here. >>Well, and I’m going to tell
you that Cranston, Madi Cranston, is one of the Mount
Vernon greats here this week. She has done a tremendous job in
their matches getting kill after kill after kill. I’ve been
really impressed with her.>> 5’8″ junior outside hitter, 139
kills in the regular season. Right down the line, it’s open.
Well, the Knights need to figure something out quick because Cranston has two kills and it’s a 3-0 run now. Good pass.
Set to the outside. And it’s just a Tad long. Everything was clicking there.
But Kara Peter just too deep as we take a look at the replay.>>
You can see they’re giving her a little bit of line. She takes
it, but she was also hitting over the blockers.>>
4-1. And a service ace!Oh, my. Mount Vernon came to play today!
A 5-0 run and they go on top here in the early going. A lot
of volleyball left to be played, but they’re looking strong
against the defending champs. Let’s go into Kuemper’s huddle.
>>Let’s go. Let’s go. >>One, two, three, Knights.>>
Not much being said there, let’s check the other huddle.>>We
play to win the whole timeright here. Let’s go. Let’s go!>>One, two, three.>>You know,
sometimes coaches call time-out just to stop the momentum.>>
That’s right.It’s not always because they have something
tremendous that they need to tell their team. Sometimes it’s like, okay, just
relax, pick yourself up and get back out there.>>I understand
maybe a little early jitters. The lights are bright, the stage
is as big as it can be. You work all year long to get tothis
point.>>Well, and the last thing a coach wants is for his
team to come out and look flummoxed.
what it takes.He’s been here before, they know They need to just kind of get
the jitters out. >>6-1. And a solo stop! Get that outta here!Camryn
Ellyson did it all herself.>> Wow. And you can — we talked about
this in the 5A match a lot. But Ellyson’s arms were pressed over the net, sealing the net.
Mount Vernon actually warms up a lot with their arms and hands in
blocking positions and different things with their arms and
hands. You can see that it has good technique behind it.>>Practice
and those carries over to the match. Kenzie Schon,
the 5’10” outside hitter, 78 kills heading into this with a
much needed one there. Down but not out is Kuemper Catholic here
in the early going. 7-2 lead for Mount Vernon. Ball popped up.
Now they send it over. Quick set, middle. Off the block. Near side tip.
Good hustle by Kuemper to stay patient and get the point!
Defense leading to offense for the Kuemper Catholic Knights.
Watch the placement.>>Right back to those golden corners. It
doesn’t really matter when things are happening, if you’re
in trouble, send the ball back to the corner.>>Prescott for
Kuemper, doing agood job in the back row defensively. That one
gets through the block and it’s going to go for a point. Kara Peter was there, but a powerful swing by Ellyson, and
Ellyson the second best on the team with 250 kills. Looks good
so far here in this first set. And mount Vern northeron leading 8-3. Just a hair out.>>So
occasionally you look at aline judge and they’ll say in and one
will say out. Each line judge is in charge of his two or her two
lines. So if it looks good one way, it may not be good the
other way. >>And a service ace. The
Mustangs race out of the gates and are first to double digits. The Knights use their second and Mount Vernon up seven on the
final time-out. defending champs. Let’s go back inside that
Kuemper huddle.>>Expect balls, balls are coming our way, so, yes, move,
move, move. Do your job, we’re fine. Just work. Let’s go right
now. Talk, talk, talk. >>First ball kill. First ball
kill. >>And a 10-3 lead for the
Mustangs. You can tell just a little bit
shocked, playing a little bit nervous asking them to rise to
the occasion.>>Well, and that’s exactly right. Even
though they’ve been here before, it is a nerve racking
environment. There’s all this craziness goingon. It’s an
awesome environment. It still creates some nerves. They’ll
settle down.>>And communication’s so important.
That one’s going to go down. That’s going to be another ace.
>>So the server right now, we should talk about her. Her name
is Lauren Ryan.>>I know that last name.>>You know that last
name because coach Shirley Ryan coached at Mount Vernon for
years. I’m going to say even decades.>>Yeah.>>She coached
when I was in high school and she handed over
the helm maybe 10-ish years ago, maybe seven, eight years ago,
something like that. But she has a load of grandkids.And Lauren
is one of the youngerones.>>I tell you something, it was nine
years ago, that’s how quickly the time flies, I remember
announcing when she washere with her granddaughters competing for that state title.
Mag Maggie Willems has been there nine years at Mount
Vernon. By wait, in those nine years she’s led Mount Vernon to
state seven times, including this yearwhen many people
doubted that Mount Vernon had what it took toget here. A six-point lead. Make it seven.
12-5.>>We haven’t really seen her get to unload yet, but that
killwas by Lauren Schrock. Schrock will be playing at the
University of Iowa. She’s a junior this year so in two years
she’ll be a freshman at Iowa. >>Averaging four kills per set. Good swing on the outside there
by Niehaus. Net’s moving and it’s going to be a point for
Kuemper.>>Here’s the thing, Barb, you can’t get six points
all in one play, can you?>>You can’t, there’s no six point line
or three shot line oranything like that. That’s part of the
fun of volleyball, you have to keep fighting each point. I make
all kinds of analogies. How do you eat an elephant?One bite at
a time. The Nemo, just keep swimming. All that stuff you
just have to keep knocking the pieces away atit. >>Trying to keep them at bay as
Lauren Schrock, she’s a special player, getting her second kill,
the University of Iowa commit. The line was there but it wasn’t
quite far enough to take it away.>>She DW a nice job of
getting it out to the antenna so she could hit that area between
the antenna and the blocker. >>We’ve seen at least four
service aces dialed up by Mount Vernon. And serving is so
important in the game of volleyball.>>It really is. And it shows you how upset, and I don’t mean like as a loss or
emotionally, but just how much it upsets someone’s offense.>>
Behind the service line is Summer Brand, a 5’7″ senior
setter.>>And she’s the daughter of one of the assistant coaches for
Mount Vernon.>>Pretty cool family connectionthere from
Mount Vernon. That ball kept off the court. That ball not. Beautiful dig by Kuemper, but a brick wall on that far sideline.
>>Mount Vernon’s blocking really is some of the best that
we’ve seen in this tournament. >>Trying to keep this run
going. Brand, little out of sorts but able to get it over. Mount Vern
northern down the line. And the lift called, two
contacts. Building on a double-digit lead as you see the
student section all decked out in their tropicalgear. Might
need to — hopefully they brought a winter coat or
something to get to the parking garage.>>Although it’s
supposed to be 50 today, so I think it’s tropical out there
right now. >>For mid-November Iowa
standard. Kuemper Catholic on the left
trying to figure out ways to get points. Boy, they’ve sure been
hard to come by against this stout Mount Vernon Mustangs defense. And an attack air makes it 18-6
here in the opening set.>>This is a six-point run for the
Mustangs. >>Give credit to number 6,
Summer Brand, going to Cornell college next year. She averages
9.9 assists and I think one of the biggest
differences in this lopsided set>>It absolutely has been. has
been the serving. And because you have tough serving, the other team has poor
passpassing. When you have poor passing, it’s difficult to get anything going
offensively.>>They get the ball over to Mount Vernon’s side and it hits
the corner. And everybody’s getting
involved. Sara Rhomberg with her first kill and trying to mix
things up with the rotation, a substitution as freshman Avarie
Pedelty, the DS to the back row now. I am very surprised with
what we’ve seen so far here in this opening set of the 3A finals. Kuemper Catholic last year’s 3A
champion. Mount Vernon 35-10 on the year. That ball hits in and, boy, they
needed that. 20-7 now. Let’s watch the perfect placement to
the back row.>>Right between those two defensive players,
that’s also a good place to hit because you’re
never really sure if you should take it or if someone else is
going to take it. If you can put it between two players, you can have success. >>Play to 25, win by two.
Another point. Lauren Schrock here in this match now has three kills. So
offensively not a lot of kills coming from Mount Vernon,
but you add that with the service aces.>>Most of them
are from serves.Kuemper.>>And some attack errors by>>They’re
not going to have a lot of digs either because most of it is the
strong serving thatthey’re doing. And the strategic
serving. It’s short, it’s deep, it’s kindof the yo-yo thing.
It’s making people wonder what’s coming at them next and it’s
very smart. >>Really mixing it up. That one’s going to fall for a
point. Well, it’s going to be near impossible to come back to
win this first set, but needing to
get any type of momentum at all. And more than anything, a belief
that they can come back and win in second, third, fourth sets.
>>Well, I’m going to tell you they have the belief, because
that’s kind of — everybody in volleyball has had a comeback
win. And they know it’s possible in
the sport and they know they’ve done it before. So the belief
will be there, it’s just will Mount Vernon let opening?up at all and give them
an>>Anna Niehaus with a nice one-arm save, but the attack
sails out of bounds. It’s 22-8 as Randall to serve. She could
serve out.>>The set you mean?>>Yeah.>>Not out of bounds.
Well, she could do that two.>> Those are both her options.
She’s trying to get just three more points to pull ahead in the
series. There’s one. Ball was touched. So the point to Kuemper
Catholic. Well, Mallory Badding, many
would consider is the MVP for Kuemper. What she does defensively, she
finished second place in the state track long jump in 2017.
Top five last year as well. The Mustangs stopped that run right
away. >>Well, and the Baddings, it’s
interesting, there are three Baddings on the Kuemper team.
Mallory and Sophie are sisters and Ashlyn is a cousin of
theirs. Another cousin is Anna Niehaus, just a different last
name. >>Sisters, cousins, teammates,
friends, trying to do anything they can to get the momentum
back on their side as they’re playing for a state championship
near class 3A. A 13-point lead and a couple
more substitutions to the front row, Bethany Schleisman, she’s a
5’9″ senior hitter, played in 102 sets. And Ashlyn Badding,
she’s a freshman. She’s also played in 102 sets.>>That’s a little
bit of miscommunication on that.>>That brings up set point for Mount Vernon, the Mustangs
played a real tough schedule. Battle tested all season long. And Lauren Ryan to serve.>>Double contact on that
one. >>So the point goes to Kuemper
Catholic. And it makes it 24-11. In between the set we’ll have a
special interview as well as statistics and highlights from the opening set. Kara Peter will play
division 1 volleyball.>>At Drake.>>And the ever tough
Missouri valley conference. Joust at the net. The Knights tip it over.
Mustangs power it through the block and a lopsided set one victory goes to the Mustangs of Mount Vernon, 25-11 as four
kills coming from Lauren Schrock. We’ll be back with more from cedar rapids in the class 3A
Public Television. championships right here on Iowa>>>Find your favorite programs
on IPTV. Submerge yourself in period dramas. Experience world
renownd musical performances. Conquer a DIY project, and visit some of Iowa’s historical
architecture. Programs made possible in large part by the support of viewers like you. Join Iowa Public Television for festifall. >>I’m joined with John
Sandbothe of Iowa Farm Bureau. High is it important to sponsor
an event like this?>>Being part of a state tournament, one of
the best onesin the nation, a great way for us to give back to
tomorrow’s leaders or today’s youth and also kind of be able
to be one of seven states in the nation
that offer free professional insurance to all players. So
great partnership between our farmers and the youth that we
have here today.>>And each student athlete gets a nice keepsake that the farm
bureau provides.>>One of the highlights for ourfarmers is to
go into the schools and present each one of
these players a commemorative volleyball to see what they can
accomplish with hard work, attention to details, things
shared by our farmers.>> Speaking of highlights, let’s
look at them as we go to the highlights from the opening set.
Mount Vernon had a lot of highlights and they got it in multiple ways from multiple
people. And, Barb, your thoughts on what-we saw there?A very
determined Mount Vernon team. >>And a lot of the statistics are pretty equal except for
service aces. MO Mount Vernon has a ton more
service aces.They have five. Mount Vernon is hitting 214 and
Kuemper right now is at nug 121.>>Here are those team
statistics. Mustangs only three more kills. You would have
thought it was a little closer. But then you had seven more
points with the errors that the Knights had.>>And five more
points with theservice aces, right.>>Three plus seven plus
five and that’s how you get a double-digit victory right
there. Okay. Let’s go inside the huddle for Kuemper.They know
they can win.>>Yeah.>>What do they have to do, though, to
maybe cut down on errors and to take some of the things that
have been thrown at them and turn it around and throw it
right back at Mount Vernon?>> You mentioned in set one about
the serving and how everything starts with the serving. Well,
when you’re receiving thatserve, everything starts with a good
pass. You can’t run your offense very well if the pass is not
there. So they really need to make surethey’re moving their
feet and get a good pass to the setter. >>We are ready now for the second set as this is a lot
riding on the line here as Mount Vernon would feel really good if they could go up two sets to
none. Congratulations to the 5A
school.champion cedar falls high They defeated Des Moines valley. Also congrats to the 4A champion over western Dubuque. Let’s take a look at that replay
from our awesome net camera. You can see why she is going to beplaying volleyball after
gradation. It’s Niehaus serving it up. Tied at one apiece. Nice look at Natalie Welch. And
Welch is 6 foot outside hitter, just a junior. 230 kills, third best on the
team. Set to the outside. Over the block and it sails out of
bounds trying to go sideline to sideline. Good idea, but not
the best execution as Rachel Axtell, the junior, in to serve. She has 34 aces on the year. Little mishandled. But now Mount
Vernon works at their attack. Into the net. And it’s tied at
two apiece. >>Well, Cranston had the right
idea that time, going down the line it was available for her. Just kind of in the net and that
— you’re going to have that.>>Now, Barbie, you’ve been hereall
week. You actually live in Cedar
Rapids. Just explain to people who are flipping through the
channels and are watching our champion matches, what is it like earlier
in the week to get to this point?>>Well, first of all it’s
awesome.They have two courts going the opposite way of this. So the way we see the court now
is one full court turned the other way and a net goes along
the middle beforehand, and then it starts with eighteens and
five classes. So you’re just bringing people from all these
different towns all over the state of Iowa into the
community, into the hotels, into the restaurants, into the
facility here and it’s — creates a remarkable atmosphere
for these players to play in front of their fans and have a
lot of fun and get a great memory from it.>>That’s
actually even louder in here yesterday because there were two
semifinal matches goingat the same time.>>Yes. >>Twice as many fans, all vying
for a spot at this championship match here today. 4-3. SeeCedar
Rapids has been a great host for many, many years. I know they
spread it around with softball and girls basketball in Des
Moines and soccer and track and field and all these championship
sites hosting rolling out the red carpet or the pink carpet or
>>The pink — whatever to welcome –>>The girls in and
these student athletes. Meanwhile, the
Mustangs looking good here. 5-3 and a chance to serve is
Ellyson. They defeated west liberty in
five in the quarterfinals, Union in five in the semifinals. They
had to rally just to get tostate defeating new Hampton in five in their regional. No one
was at home there on that sideline. Little
miscommunication by the Knights.>>Yeah, miscommunication on the
defensive side of it, but Schrock is mixing things up
well. She just went off the outside blocker’s hand for a
kill and that time she took it sharp across court. sure she’s showing them She’s
doing a nice job of making different things. >>The serving continues to be a
factor in this match. Another service ace and a four-point lead. Ellyson, 35
aces heading into the state tournament. Nice
defense. And the Knights get the point and the side out as Kara
Peter was there. Team best 81 blocks, an
all-stater, averaging 4.7 kills per set. Now she goes behind the service
line. Good swing. Ball over the net. And another
point for the Mustangs. I think it’s a real important time here,
Barb. You don’t want to the lead to
build to six or seven because that’s really hard to come back
from.>>It is. You mentioned in the 5A game that three points
was like a tie. Well four points you’re still close enough that
it’s not goingto be a big deal. But once you get to six or seven
points, it starts playing with your mind a little bit. You know
you can do it and you just need a run to kind of get it going.
But right now runs are hard to come by for Carroll Kuemper.>>
And I think they realized that, so you get two time-outs and Kemp’s uemper’s going to use
theirfirst one here. Let’s listen inside the HUD.>>
They’re on a breaking point, aren’t they?Keep your focus.
We’ve got to keep them there. Lauren, locating the pin is
great, but because nine is in the back row, you can come in
and swing at that cap too. You can come in for that. Remember,
where is their setter?Back row, right?That’s our control and our
location to take the ball. We’re going to step up our focus one more notch and finish this
set, okay.>>She — it’s kind of an interesting thing. She
asks every player where the Well — setter is.>>It’s like a pop
quiz.>>It is, but it’s good because it keeps them — but
with this team that they’re playing, the setter’s always in
the back row. They run a 6-2 offense. So it’s
a little bit also of a trick question, because if anybody
says front Rowe row you know they aren’t paying attention to the scouting
report.>>Barb Randall played on our U.S. national team joining me,
long time assistant coach at the division one level. So, Barb, your job is to teach
our audience what in the world you’re talking about with the
6-2 offense.>>I can do that. So a 6-2 offense is when you
have six hitters and two setters and you’re wondering, well,
there are only six players on the court, how can you do that?
But normally how it’s run is when the setter is in the back
row, she sets.>>Okay.>>When she rotates around to the front row, they bring a
hitter in for her and then though three rotations, the
hitter stays and hits. And then when they rotate back to the
back row, the certify comes in. So you always have three hitters
across the front row and you always have your setter coming from the back row.>>Knights
need a side out to make it 9-5 coming out of the time-out. Now,
riddle me this.>>I like riddles.>>Why is a 5-1
potentially >>So a 5-1 offense is where
better than a 6-2 offense?your setter goes all the way around
in all six rotations and you have five hitters. So there’s
always a setter position that’s going across that front row. And some coaches like having
three offensive threats all the time and some coaches like the
consistency you get from having the same setters set your
hitters every time. When you have a 6-2 offense, youhave
hitters that are hitting off two different setters and sometimes that causes a little
chemistry issue.>>10-5. We’ve had two long volleys here to get the last two points. You
say about 50/50 between high school teams between the 6-2 and
the 5-1 or is it trending more toward one offense over the
other?>>Well, I would say that it used to be about 95% 5-1 and 5%
6-2. But, a few years ago, and I’m dating myself here, it’s
more than a few, it’s more like 15 to
20, the national championship was won by I think it was USC at
the time that ran a 6-2 offense. And anytime something like that
happens, then you have the trickle down theory. So now high schools are starting to use more — more 6-2 offenses
PND a wand I would say it still may be 10%, maybe 20%. It’s not
a huge amount, but you see it. >>It’s a nice option to have,
especially if you have the team that it fits.>>Yeah, if you
have two great setters and you’re not sure thatone is
standing out above the other and if you have two great hitters
that you can put in for.I’ve also seen teams here at thestate
tournament run a 6-2 offense where the same person stays in
but when she’s front row she hits and when she’s backrow she
sets.>>Change the role?>>Yep.>>Good coaches change systems
to fit their personnel. Well, the Knights are on a run. Look
out. We knew they weren’t going anywhere. Just a two-point game.
Let’s listen inside their huddle.>>Do things right. You
have to be aggressive. Hit harder. We’re not hitting near
hard enough. Swing away. Start playing our game right now.
Right now. Here we go.>>One, two, three.>>One, two, three
Knights.>>Well, he’s right about one thing.They are not
playing their game.This is not the Kuemper team that we’ve seen
all week. It’s not the Kuemper team that the fans have seen all
season. So they’re starting maybe to make a little bit of a
push. You heard coach Willems for the
Mount Vernon Mustangs say they’re getting close to their
breaking point. That breaking point has moved a little further
away now.>>Do you think he thought aboutwhat shirt I was
going to put ontoday?>>Yes, I think it’s intentional, yes.>>
Just do it.>>I think what — I think many coaches are
superstitious and they are concerned about what they’re
going to wear for these big matches and make sure that, you
know, it falls in line where whatever their — whatever their
superstitions are for that season.>>Just do it. That’s
what his shirt says and that’s what he wants his team do, just do it and become
back-to-back state champs here in class 3A. 10-9. The Knights
on a run here. The momentum on their side. Get some good
attacks, they really cleaned up some things
defensively. But stopping the run is Mount
Vernon as you see a kill there by Natalie Welch. The libero wrangled the serve,
one of the best in digs. Ball popped up. Blocked, tipped back.
>>Net violation. >>And now a net violation
against Mount Vernon.>>You want to play as close as you can
to the net. Here’s our net cam, it’s shaking, isn’t it?>>It’s on that second –>>
Yeah.>>– when she reaches for the ball. It’s interesting,
because generally when you have two players in a position like
that,you want the player who’s on their strong side to go up
for that ball. So the player who is — unless it’s a righty and
lefty. But the player who’s right handed should be taking
that ball. It’s hard because you want to beaggressive and do
something withit.>>Exactly. >>So this looks like Rachel Axtell serving for the Mount
Vernon Knights.>>Serve to the back row. And it’s going to go down as a
service ace. We’ve seen a plethora of them here today. So far as a college coach, what
in the world would you tell young girls or boys who want to
be good at volleyball to do if they have a volleyball inand a
netand a gym to practice serving?all sorts of things you
can do.>>To practice serving there areAnd if you can’t find a
net or maybe there’s a racket ball court that you can practice
in. But a lot of it is about the contact that your hand makes
with the ball. And so work on, you know, nice solid contacts,
whether that be bouncing the ball against a wall, whether it
be bouncing theball on the floor. But the serving is your
own and you get to do, you know, make upyour own routine and you
get to mange your own process for goingthrough that. And you
want to make it the sameevery time so that when you yet into a
match like this, it doesn’t scare you, you know yourroutine,
you take your breath, you go, and you serve aces just like
what the Mustangs are doing.>> It’s like shooting free throws.
>>It is.>>Go back there, take a deep breath and do your thing.
Little intimidating there when Good job there with the block.
you’re going up to make contact and you see that big brick wall
in front of you. >>It’s very intimidating. And
depending on how far away the set is, sometimes if the set’s
real close we call that a trap set, you’re going to have to
tool the block. You want to keep the set three to four feet off
the net so you have that angle to hit around
the blockers’ arms.>>Ball was hit out of bounds and the
Kuemper Catholic Knightsreally wanted a touch call as it went from sideline to sideline.
Not going to get it here. And it’s the Mustangs who won the
first set 25-11. They’re jumping up and down and celebrating as
they get another service ace. The fourth, mind you, from
number 7, Lauren Ryan, the junior.>>Well, and that
service was the top of the net. tough because it barely skims
The lower the ball is, the harder it is to pass, the
trajectory is just that much more difficult.>>Kuemper
Catholic on the rightof your screen, Mount Vernon on the
left. Good vision to realize that
sideline was open, drops it right on in as you look at the
replay here. >>Well, and, to me, it looks
like for most of the week Mount Vernon has been playing a
perimeter or playing back defense which puts the player in
the middle part of the court so it leaves that line corner wide
opn. >>Kuemper Catholic 37-4,
returned three starters off last year’s championship team. All stater Kara Peter, Mallory
Badding, and coach Stickrod just doing a good job here getting
them back to the spot. But not as sharp as we’ve seen them here in Cedar Rapids in the
quarterfinals or semifinals. >>They’re just skimming the
tape.>>You like the rule where it can hit the tape and go over?>>I’m not sure about that rule.
Like, I — if I were playing I’d stop because that was a, you
know, an illegal serve. But the players –>>Part of the game
now.>>That’s right, and they’ve gotten used to it.>>Five-point
lead for the Mustangs. Let’s go inside the Mount Vernonhuddle.
>>We’re on a system, we have a big transition on the pins
especially. Remember we can take that ball to the setter and are
locating the one is great, locating the six is great too. different set
selections. Summer, great job of using We want to keep that up
and keepthem on their toes. And, remember, you can be offensive. Where’s their best blocker right
now?Middle.>>I love how she asks them questions and they
need to know the answer. And it’s great. She — she –>>Got
to be on your toes.>>She wasn’t sure she liked that
answer, but that’s the way — that’s the way the players are
going to learn.They aren’t going to learn it asmuch if I say,
okay, their best blocker is in this position all the time. Ask
them and get their — so that they’re paying attention toit
all the time even when you’renot asking.>>I’m going to be
honest, and Ihope none of my high school coaches are
listening, there were times I went to the huddle just to get a
drink of water andI kind of spaced out a bit. If they
started pop quizzing andthrowing stuff out, I would justgive them
a blank stare. One way to keep — are you goingto agree,
though?Were you always as sharp as a tack in a time-out huddle?
>>Probably — probably. I was a rule follower, so if someone was
talking to me, I waslistening to them. I didn’t always
necessarily — Barb’s calling me not a rule follower, apparently.
>>I didn’t always necessarily look at them, but I was always
listening to what they said.>> You’re locked in. Seven-point
lead. Serving continues to be strong for the Mount Vernon
Mustangs. Nice roll shot from the middle.
Tip is open.>>Beautiful.>> From high in the air and tipped
it right over the block that was standing in front of her. Here’s a look at a replay and
future Iowa hawkeye.>>She’s so high she doesn’t have to tip it
up first, it justgoes straight and then down. 21-13.>>On a run here. Play to
25, win by two. The Mustangs won the first set
25-11. Needed that one as Kara Peter gets her fifth kill for the
Knights. And I think great vDrake
volleyball is going to be real happy when KaraPeter is added to
their lineup. Maybe she red shirts next year, maybe she’s
ready to go.>>It’s been interesting becausethroughout
this week I’ve seen three or four recruits that I’veliked
that are going to Drake. I think that that’s going to be really
good for the Drake program. I think they’ve got some great
kids coming in who know how to win and they know how to work
hard.>>Mustangs another point. athletic and smart. Yeah, it’s
one thing to be But being that competitor and knowing how to
win is what you want, right?>> Right. points.>>Mustangs need
three more Behind the service line is Summer Brand. Good placement but it’s
returned. Back set just a little off the mark on the set. Kuemper’s able to knock it over.
Nice rally. of bounds. Down the line and it
sails out I’ll say the same thing I said at the end of the
first set, even though the Knights might not be able to
come back all theway and climb the mountain to win this, they
really would likesome momentum heading into what would then be
a must-win third set.>>Yeah, the momentum is huge. If you can
get it to swing back your way and then jump out earlyin that
third set, that can be — make a difference. >>Second kill there for Natalie
Welch. Here’s Babcock to serve for the Mustangs. Good pass. Good set.
Nice swing, it’s that easy, right, when you get the pass and
the set, you got options offensively.>>Yes. When you
get — when you get a pass to your setter and she can do
something with the ball, then that makes all the difference in
the world. We call a good pass to the center a three pass
because that means she has three offensive
options.>>Like to have as many options as possible for your setter. Flying in and tipping it over.
The Knights, when they at this time, they can hit it hard. Back row attack. Hammer time.
Kara Peter, she’s starting to heat up a bit here. She now has
six kills and there’s the dancing banana. There’s one in
every crowd. theme?The student section, what’s the Okay, I’ll
bring my banana costume.>> Right. Nobody else is even
dressed up.>>Six-point lead closing in on 25. It goes out of pouBAUNDS. Bounds. TheThe
run continues for Kuemper Catholic here. It’s the replay.
Pretty close.>>That’s why they get people tostand on those
lines, because itis close and so they are right there and can
make the call.>>That brings up set point. Even if Kuemper
Catholic loses this, I think mission accomplished in getting
a littlemore confidence and momentum going.>>The momentum,
they’ve startedto swing it. They just need to keep swinging
it.>>And the final point goes to the Mustangs.They win set one
25-11.They win 20 two 25-18. Many thought they wouldn’t even
make the state tournament. They had to rally past New
Hampton in a regional just to get here. Now they’re just one
set away from being the 3A champion. Can they do it? Back with more from Cedar Rapids on Iowa television.>>>It’s you
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own. Let’s build one on the wood Smith shop.>>Tune in to Iowa
Public Television Tuesday at 6:30.>>Mount Vernon putting on
a clinic here. 25-11, 25-18.
Welcome back inside the U.S. cellular arena. It’s a full day
of volleyball here on Iowa Public Television. We’ve handed
out two trophies and on the brink of handing out a think
unless Kuemper Catholic can figure something out. A very disciplined determined
team out of Mount Vernon here. >>It should be interesting to
see if they keep coming with that strong serving attack I’m
going to call it because they’re so aggressive with it.>>Here
are some of the highlights from the second set. Much improved effort by Kuemper
Catholic.They improved their attack percentage and their
defense made the attack percentage drop
for Mount Vernon. But, not enough improvement as 8
kills, 7 attack errors on 39 attempts for Kuemper in the
second set for .026 percentage. And in the second set 13 kills, 7 attack errors on 40 attempts.
Quick look at stats, and it’s been pretty lopsided here. 22
kills to 14. 7 more errors for Kuemper. 20
more digs for Kuemper. And a total of service aces has
been the strength. Nine is so many service aces through two
sets.>>It really is. And not only is nine a big number, but
the other — the they’re disrupting. other thing they’re
doing is So even when they don’t get a service ace, they get out of
system from Kuemper. So they’ve got to throw the second ball up
somewhere and tryto take a swing at it. So they’re using great strategy to disrupt the Kuemper offense.
>>Knights score first here in a must-win third set. And they get another one. 2-0.
And this is a little gut check time for last year’s champions.
And I know they graduated some great talent off that team.They
do return three starters. Ball was touched, they said. And
the Kuemper Catholic fans don’t like it. Let’s take a look and see. I
never can tell.>>I can’t either.>>I never can tell.>>
I’d be the worst replay official ever because I’m like, I don’t know, it could have been
touched. >>Such a bang, bang sport with
the tiniest of details makes a huge difference between a point or not a point. Nice play by the
back row defense for Kuemper.>>Very smart.>>A little campfire
defense. Setter knew, nobody was at home and just dumped it over.>>Well, and nobody was near her so she just had everything. Wide
open. I mean, that was really smart.
>>On the right side of your screen is Mount Vernon. Left side of your screen in the
white, red, and yellow is Kuemper Catholic. They get back on top here, 3-2. At the net is Madison Leonard played in 102 sets, 127 kills,
and a 269 kill efficiency. Ashlyn gAshlyn Badding to serve,
just a freshman. Slide through the block. How in the world did
she get that through the block there? together, you know.>>Well, not
all four hands wereSo if the middle blocker’s handsare a
little bit at a different angle than the outside blocker’shands,
it creates some gaps. And if your arms are moving, that
creates gaps too. So it’s not as easy as it looks.>>Free ball over the net. Mount
Vernon does the exact same play and gets the exact same
result. Seven kills now for Ellyson.>>
And you can see she’s going right between those blockers.
Peter’s trying to reach to the outside blocker, but there’s still a little bit of a hole
there.>>That’s sheer power, isn’t it?>>That’s beautiful.>>
The wind up and the kill.>> Well, and that’s a little bitof
Kara Peter and her maybe frustration coming out. She hits
the ball well and she hits it hard and she took a nicehard
swing at that set.>>An injured Mustang.>>That ball came from
kind of aweird angle and so it might have — she might have
twisted that.Looks like it’s Lauren Ryan. And so it looks
like it might have twisted her kind of funny. >>Yeah. There’s
no real pressure being put on this as she walks off
with the hakelp of her coach. You hate to see any type of injury happening at any point in
the season. I’d be surprised if we see her
again here as she gets helped off the court.>>We had when I
played we were in the state championship match and I think
it was the semifinalmatch, I can’t remember right now. But we
had a player who went for a ball, she dove and she hit
like her chin and there was blood all over the floor and she
had to get her chin all stitched up and stuff.>>She got back?
final.>>I think she came back for theThat’s why I think it was
a semifinal match. But you’re just going all out for everything and trying to
make sure your team wins.>> There’s all different kinds of
injuries that could happen as well. It’s not a real physical
sport, as we look to clean up some sweat on the court here.
But, at the same time –>>I think that’s not quite the right
way to say it. I’d say it’s not a real physically contacted —
there’s not a lot of contact.>>But there’s a lot of bodies in a
small square.>>Yeah.>>Jay Grassley helps clean up the
sweat and we’re ready to go. And it’s going to be a service
ace!Yeah, Kuemper Catholic they can serve nails over the net
too.>>Well, and if you’re going to serve somewhere, serve
where theplayer who just got hurt was supposed to be because
you know that player’s new. >>Yeah. Kara Peter. Good
defense again by the Knights as they string some
points together here. A 3-0 run to pull ahead 6-4. The
coach, the bench looking on.Need to figure out a way how can we win this third set?Mustangs
get another point and it’s another one for Lauren Schrock. She averages four kills per set.
She now has double digits as she’s the only player to get ten or more kills so far here. She recently moved to the Mount Vernon school district, so
that’s a big boost to their volleyball program having her
welcomed into the community. >>Yeah, very welcomed. >>Ball ricochets out of bounds
and a big smile, Anna Niehaus. >>You always hoped that someone
would move into your — on to your team that was some great
athlete.>>And it happened for Mount Vernon in Lauren Schrock. 7-5, the Knights have the lead.
Can they add to it? Working the middles. Let’s go inside the
Mount Vernonhuddle off that Sophie Badding kill.>>You’ve
got move confident, get behind the ball and hold the
They’re going to come to you platform. every time. You can do
this. And you got it.>>We have to execute, though.They are
getting too many good swings over there, right? We have got to get ourselves in
the right position Defense defensively and blocking. This
has got to be your best effort right here.>>You might as well
call out the elephant in the room. Hey, you’re new, they’re
coming at you, be ready. We’ve got all the confidence in the
world in you, you can did DOH this. And that’s what needs to be
done. We can’t worry about what the injury right now, we’ve got
to take care of business at hand. >>Love her composure. And she
just looked straigt at her. You can do this.>>And she’s calm.
She doesn’t get, like, super excited, it’s calm, cool, and
collected. And she’s very well respected inthe coaching world. >>Lauren Schrock dials up her
11th kill. 8-6 here for the Knights. Early stages of this
third set. If you’re just joining us, the class 5A —
another service ace and that’s been a big factor in this 3A final. Set scores 14-25, 26-24, 25-15, 25-22,
cedar falls you’re 5A champion. And class 4 A it was a 3-0 sweep over Dubuque. 25-20, 25-14, and
25-18. A time-out called by Mount Vernon. And look how the
team responded,Barb. >>The team responds very well.
Dani Pitts has to feel so supported right now and kind of
getting the feel of the game under her feel the couldn’t have been a better response by their
team. >>Solid block on the outside. Let’s take a look at that play
by Natalie Welch. Full extension as Welch, a six
foot junior outside hitter. One of the leaders on the team in
blocks this year. Mustangs have rallied to take
the lead. Knights need a side out. Little
missed contact on the swing there and Sophie Badding, the
freshman, says my bad.>>And that easily the pendulum of momentum swings back to Mount
Vernon.>>Another chance to serve. Leading by two. And it’s a service ace!Holy
buckets!>>They’re on a run of — well,
this is interesting. Number 6 is serving on a run of six. In an
earlier set she also was 6. serving on a run of six, number
>>And they also have double-digit service aces in
this match. Knights might want to think about a time-out soon
here as the run continues. The Mustangs out of Mount
Vernon.>>Oh, she might have been over on that one. Nope.
Back row attack.>>I could have seen it.>>Either way, right. So what happens on that is if the setter, we know for Kuemper
is always back row because they run a 6-2. If she goes up to get
the ball and it’s broken the blocker’s
hands, it’s considered a back attack because she’s above the
ten foot line.>>Ball popped up, still in play. Have to at
this time over and they do successfully. Trying to stop the
run. But another point is added to
it. Look out, the Mustangs can smell
victory.They won the first set by doubledigits.They won the
second 25-18. Here’s the replay of that last point and this is
the separationthey’re trying to get here in the third. >>Well, and they’re on a
nine-point run. >>Great serving. Quick set. Schrock is
there but not in enough time and the run
continues.>>Coach Stickrod needs to make something happen,
either call a time-out, put a sub in, help your team out a
little bit. >>And it’s another service ace. I’m very surprised they haven’t
called a time-out as it’s now doubling up Kuemper. 16-8. 12
kills coming from Lauren Schrock out of Mount Vernon. And for the night, 8 kills from
Kara Peter. There’s a good pass. There’s a good set. The timing
was a bit off as she went to the approach, kind of stutter
stepped and then the attack goes deep. >>12-point run. >>The defending class 3A
chamions on the ropes. I think if you’re Mount Vernon you’re
fine with that service error saying, hey, you got us tothis
point.>>Right. And Mount Vernon has done a really nice
job of I’m going to say picking away the layers of the serve receive of Carroll
exfoliation. Kuemper, almost like They’re just scrubbing away
layer after layer after layer and having success.>>That’s
what you need to do, peel it apart, take the try to
find it. weaknesses of your opponent and And one weakness in
the first set might not be their weakness in the second set.>>
Correct, because they may make some adjustments. >>18-9. Closing in on 25. I
think I need to remind you again, there was a distinct
possibility Mount Vernon was not even going to be make it to
state. They had to rally past New
Hampton in five sets in the regional final just to get here.
Then, in the quarterfinals they had to beat West Liberty in 5.
Then yesterday in the semifinals they had to beat Union of
Laporte city in five. It almost seems like their
easiest match is this championship match.>>Well, but
it also shows you that they definitely deserve to be here.
>>Yep. It’s like a locomotive picking up steam with every five-set
thrilling victory. That confidence grows and the
momentum continues to build. Down but not out are the
Knights, but their backs squarely pressed against the
wall, needs to figure something out here as they try to put
together an eight or nine-point run like Mount Vernon has done.
The outside tip, over. And a much-needed celebration and point and chipping away
here. Kara Peter, nine kills. Anna
Niehaus has had a nice performance here for Kuemper. Attack error, so that’s a 3-0
run. But they dug themselves a pretty deep hole here. And Niehaus to
serve again. She has five kills and gets set
to thlet this one fly. >>Nice hustle. Good pass, good
set. >>Kept it alive. The attack goes out of bounds
and the Mustangs hit the 20 point mark with Randall back to
serve and high fives coming off the court for number three, Sara
Rhomberg. The sophomore middle hitter. Middle attack. To the
outside, and that’s going to drop. 21-12, Mount Vernon. Nine losses this year were to
state-qualifying teams. That battle tested heading into the
state tournament.>>It just goes to show you thatyou can
never give up. You have to keep fighting no matter what, even if
you’re down0-2, you keep fighting. You come back and you
win to go to state. And then you win the quarterfinal and then
you win the semifinal, all in five sets.It’s very exciting. >>Can’t get a better serve than
that. That one’s not too bad either.
Wow!>>Their serving has been absolutely incredible. It’s
almost been a serving clinic. As strategic as they’ve been, they
aren’t serving the same exact place every time or I would say
move area team to that. But they aren’t doing that.>>Spraying
it all around.>>It’s short, it’s deep, it’s corners. 3A championship.>>Knocking on
the door for the That brings up match point off the Camryn Ellyson kill. 35-10 on the brink of being 36-10 and the 3A state
champions. Trying to dethrone last year’s
3A champs. Set middle. And it’s in. Another point and
another opportunity as one of their best
players goes back to serve. Boy, they need Mallory Badding
here. Still, match point for Mount Vernon. Locked back. And it’s going to be another
point as Badding another chance to serve. Mallory Badding afveraging 5.6
digs, best among the 3A state qualifiers. Mount Vernon,
though, needs just one more point. The Knights free
ball over the net. Options, tip. Good
discipline, return. Options again, to the outside. Off the
block. Knights won’t let it hit the
court. Great hustle. Now an over pass. Free ball. Hit
out of bounds and Mount Vernon has done it in three! Kuemper Catholic Knights last
year’s 3A champions, Mount Vernon Mustangs 2019 state champions here in class 3A.>>
And the balloons are falling along with some Kleenex it looks
like. Something new that Union is doing this year with the
balloons, batthe balloon drop. It would be fun to be up there
dropping them.>>They’re trying to make it as special and memorable moment as possible for these girls who
have fought hard all year long to get to this point. Kuemper
Catholic, do not hang your heads. An incredible season. And
for those seniors, an amazing career with the 3A
champions in last and this year the runner up finish. But today is Mount Vernon’s day
and about as convincing of a victory as you can get, Barb.>>
Absolutely. You know, we’ve seen some performances like this
where theteam comes out first set and then they kind of fall
away. Mount Vernon kept that aggressive pace up the entire
time.They never let up.>>Their student body loves it. And you
see the raw emotion on the faces of all these student athletes
here. Final score 25-11, 25-18, and 25-14. Let’s
replay the last point thatsealed the deal. It was a long volley and a miscue by the Kuemper Catholic
Knights. Look at final statistics. Hitting percentage
of 229 for Mount Vernon, 35 kills, and hitting percentage of .010 with 23 kills for Kuemper Catholic.
For Kuemper, 9 kills for Kara Peter, 5 kills for kneehouse
haus had the let’s now go to center court for the all
tournament team.>>Members of the Iowa girls high school
athletic union boardof directors. Greg defoe, Travis beamer, and
Travis fleshner. Presenting awards to the 2019 class 3A all tournament team is John Sandbothe, regional manager
for Iowa Farm Bureau. Ladies and Gentlemen, your 2019 class 3A all tournament team from Mount Vernon, Jorie
Randall. [ Cheers and Applause ]>>From Kuemper Catholic, Anna Niehaus. [ Cheers and Applause ] [ Cheers and Applause ]>>From
Red Oak, Chloe Johnson. >>From Union, Jasmine Busch. [
Cheers and Applause ]>>From Mount Vernon, Summer
Brand. [ Cheers and Applause ]>>From Mount Vernon, Lauren [
Cheers and Applause ]Schrock.>>The captain of the 2019 class3A
all tournament team from Kuemper Catholic, Kara Peter. [
Cheers and Applause ]student athletes.>>Congratulations to
all those captain of the all tournament I’d like to — she
was named theteam. It’s a sad day but individual success as
well.>>Well, it’s tough to be the captain when you’re not on
the winning team. She had a great tournament and it wasn’t
just in the front row, she had service aces, she had
digs, she really has an all-around game.>>We wish her
the best of luck as she will be a great bulldog
next year in the Missouri valley conference. That’s a look at your 3A all
tournament team representing multiple schools. Aload of
talent there. Two more trophies to hand out. The runner up and
you championship trophy.>> Ladies and Gentlemen, your class
3A runner up, the Kuemper Catholic Knights and coach Keith Stickrod. [ Cheers and Applause
]>>And now your 2019 class 3A champions, coach Maggie Willems and the Mount Vernon Mustangs![
Cheers and Applause ]>>Coach Willems, 19th year Vernon. coaching, ninth year at
Mount Strong tradition at Mount Vernon. She’s been the coach
nine years at Mount Vernon, seven of those This year they get to bring home
that trophy. years they’ve been to state.>>Yeah, it’s really
special forthem and it’s really nice because she’s so well
respected.She treats her players right andwants what’s best for
the players. >>That was a fun 3A matchup and we will be back with the 2A and
1A championships. Stay tuned to Iowa Public Television all day
long as we bring you the sites and sounds
from Cedar Rapids. Back with more right after this.You are
watching Iowa Public Television.>>Announcer: Funding for the
Iowa girl’s athletic union, girl’s state volleyball
championships is provided by.>>The path to greatness starts
early. The Iowa Farm Bureau believes inIowa’s youth and
they’re pursuitof greatness. That’s why we’re proud to be the
title sponsor of the Iowa girl’s high school athletic union.
important and when one rises we Each school’s effort is all rise to a better Iowa.>>
Fairway, along with Nabisco, Frito lay and Sara Lee say proud
sponsor of the Iowa girl’s sports championships. We
congratulate all the schools and student athletes participating
in this year’s girl’s high school state volleyball
championships. Fairway, proud to care for the places we work and live.>>But
mussco lighting, the sports lighting specialists. Providing
lighting systems for you, your project, and your community. >>>Funding provided by the path
to greatness starts early. The Iowa farm bury believes in
the youth and their pursuit of greatness.We’re the sponsor of
Iowa girls high school union. When one rises with he all rise
to a better Iowa.>>Fairway, along with Nabisco, fret OE lay and Sara Lee is a
proud sponsor. We congregatulate all of the
students participating this year. Fairway, proud to care for the
places we work and live. By mussco lighting. ♪>>>It is time for state
championship volleyball here from downtown cedar rapids at
the U.S. cellular center, it’s the class two-way state championship game as it will not top ranked western Christian taking on Beckman trailblazers.
With sandy Stewart, this has gone all the way here to the
final game.What a matchup.>> Exactly.Two great fan bases
here.Someone has got to fall tonight.We’ll see who it is.>>
Let’s take a look at Beckman Catholic, of course a terrific
season, third straight trip to the tournament.Posted regular
season wins over 16 that qualified for state. Look out for jade jada Wills.>>
A great defensive maybeu player that leads the trail
blazers tonight. >>Their opponent Western Chri
Christian, 37th trip to state. They’ve got four starters coming back including Postma and Van’t
Hul.>>Amazing program. The legacy is just unrivaled.And
with five seniors starting I would give them a nod.It should
be a good match.>>It’s time now to go to the public address announcer, Gina
Rogers.>>Gina: Welcome to the 2019 state champion presented by
Iowafarm BOOU OE.Please welcome to the floor the Beckman
Catholic trailblazers.>>They’re going for their first
ever state championship in school history.Can they do it
against the perennial powers? What a crowd.[ Cheers and
applause ]>>Great venue here in cedar rapid at the U.S. cellular ce
center. >>Gina: New please welcome the
Western Christian Wolfpack. >>How about this, they’ve
reached the match, 18 of the last 19 years including ten
straight. Going for their school’s 12th
state title.>>Just amazing. Just amazing.Quite a dynasty.>>
Gina: And it’s now time to introduce the players and coaches in the matchup.First,
the nonstarters and assistant coaches for the Beckman Catholic trail blazers.Number 2, Olivia
Granstra, northbound 5, Makayla Koelker, number 7, Jadyn Welling, number 11, Leah Wessels, number 14, Lauren Osterhaus, number 16, Keeley Schmitt, the assistant coaches, Mackenzie Atwater and
Jenifer ZBLIETelman. Now the starters for the trailblazers, number 3, Tori Wynja, number 6, Hanna Kollis, number 8, Courtney Kollis — number 13, Kylie REEBer, number 15 Olivia Hogan,>>>number 14
stella winter field, the assistant coaches are Mindy deAIGer and Kayly Bartman. Now the starters for the Wolfpack, number 2, Olivia
Granstra, number 3, Tori Wynja, number 4, Ally Postma, number 7, Madison Vis, number 10, Macay Van’t Hul, number 12, Sienna
Moss, number 1, Makenna Kooima, head coach for the Wolfpack is
Tammi Veerbeek. The officials for the match are first referee Chris Armstrong.
Second referee Beth Sibernaller-Woodal. Line judges are Greg Vraspier and Ted month sur.>>
Great crowd for this state title game.Let’s take a look at the
keys tothe game. What does Dyersville Beckman
need to do?>>A couple things I think are going to be critical,
their defensive transition. Really get into their offensive quickly to try and beat the big
block, the big power block.Also aggressive serving.With the
offense, serving TAUF with keep them out of sync.>>And then on
the other side of the net, WRRCH Christian. five seniors starting.>>They’re
a very balanced team,That balanced attack is going tobe
critical tonight.And also their dominate height advantage in
blocking.They are tough to block, hit around the big block.
That will be critical in bringing their A-game as well.
>>Let’s see how these two teams made their way here. Western WLITSian knocked off
others.Both sweeping their way to this championship game.>>
Kind of falling true to form,if you don’t see that often, but
they held their position all the here. way through the state
tournament>>This is going to be fun. Catholic.Western Christian and
Beckman Beckman Catholic wearing their green and gold for the blazers, and Western Christian in maroon
trimmed in white with black uniforms.We’ll get things
started here with Mak Kenna Kooima.Here for
the Wolfpack. >>One of those seven seniors on
the team.>>They’ve been here before.They have 15 state titles
setting in their trophy case up in hull.>>And great strategy, starting
her in the service position. She’s their number one server.
Plays a great position in the back row.>>And right away
Beckman Catholic attacked the middle and
they pound one home here.>> Right off the bat they show that
key to the game that I mentioned, the defensive
transition to offense to a quick attack, they did it there, they Christian. were able to beat the
western >>Page McDermott, the loan starter, and Western Christian
with a side out.>>Great set she really dist ribU.S. the ball
there. Great outside kill there.>>On
the serve.>>See the lefty there.And how
about the punch down by jada Wills, another change-up.
>>Another shot there, wasn’t in the best position to swing hard and saw the open in the middle
of the court. Nice. Comes in off the bench and does
some setting as well.>>And the putback, up front with Mackay Van’t Hul.>>They’ve
got seven players that are 5’11” or better.Beckman Catholic is
going to have to cover well and run a quick offense to beat that
blocktonight. Really nice pass.>>Terrific dig, but it was just
enough as Courtney KOLis was unable to handle it there for
western Christian and Kierstin Schmitt the sophomore gets it.
>>Nice back set to the right side of the court there for the kill. You see that slide attack. >>Pays off as Mackay with the
kill. >>Tallest player on the team there, 61 HF’1″, she really dist
U.S. it well.>>Abby Postma on the serve.The front line of
Beckman Catholic getting it done.They’re going toe to toe
here.>>Smart play.They know big blocks up there.They’re going to
have to do chips up there, use the block and not just swing
away.That was a good one.>> Here’s Olivia Hogan. >>Really beautiful pass. Wills.>>Right up out of the
back by And it will be a side out to
Western Christian.>>Hit her a little bit early.You’ve got to
be patient on thatand didn’t quite clear the net.Of course
that block is intimidating there.That probably had
something to do with it as well.>>And miscommunication on the
pass there.>>All right nice attempt on thequick set. Went up a little bit hesitant.
Misconnection there on that quick set out to the three position but nice try, good idea
to keep that spread out. >>Granstra on the serve.>>Free ball, see where she
goes.>>Big opportunity, goes swinging with Wynja.But the
height across the board,Emma Westphal, 5’11”.>>Only a
sophomore, great block.She’s going to have to cover those
hitters.No coverage was there. Especially on a tight set you’ve
got to read that and pull in to cover.Nice hustle by the setter.
>>Was able to be put down here by Beckman Catholic, that’s
Schmitt with the kill.>>See that again here.Yeah.Nice
little back set, really nice swing on the right side, got her
shoulders turned.Beautiful kill attack on the rightside.I
believe that was Schmitt again, only a sophomore. Uh-oh.>>A little bit of a
scramble.Nice serving.Talked about that’s a key for Beckman, to serve tough, keep
Western Chrisman out of there. >>Sophomore will put it in play
again. And that is blocked out, strong
swing there by Wynja. >>Nice try by McDermott. Good block but got to turn those
hand into the court and not out of the court. Nice kill there for Tori Wynja.
There’s that coverage.Good job, Beckman.>>Scramble pays off and here we
go.>>Looking some great defensive
plays. >>And it was hit there by Chloe
Ungs.>>Yeah they’re not really probably ready to use their
overhead pass.All should have good ball handling skills but
sometimes itcatches you off guard. >>Western Christian largest
HACHLer down. lead here, McDermott mutts the>>Quick
come NAIGTS there.That kick attack is going to be critical
to beat that block. Nice quick set there from I
believe that was Koelker that made the set there.>>Engelken
serve, long.>>Close. Good call there by the line
person.>>McKenna Kooima, she had an ace to open up this match.>>Boy
she really swings, that jada Wills, big arm swing.She goes
again.>>Time took something off but it was a bailout.>>Boy, both teams kind of
scrambling to get the ball over the court there. >>Offense, see who can settle
down first.>>It went to the longtime rallyso far tonight.>>
Tremendous work coverage by both.Free ball here for Western
Christian.>>There we go with this one.>>And it’s blocked
but back in.>>Oh, my gosh, this is great.>>What a point.And
finally earned by McDermott at the net.>>Wow, some great coverage,
great court coverage on both sides, way to stay with it.
Thought it was down.But wait, the ball is out, keep playing.
>>One of the best points we’ve seen here at the state
tournament. >>McDermott leads the team in
kills and shows why they are a very aggressive front player.
Miscommunication.>>Back to a three-point lead for western.>>
I got it, you got it, no, you take it.Center has got to go in
there for that second ball and own it.>>What a great bailout again
there by Wynja.>>Yeah, they’re covering that tip.>>And they
get the point, largest lead of the set here for
Western Christian.>>Great court coverage. Wynja back there one of the top
servers as well, 55 aces on the season.>>And a service error.>>I
jinxed her.>>They’re serving aggressive. As you look at Todd Troutman,
been at Beckman Catholic for a long time, serves as the school’s athletic director.>>
Semifinalist last year, this year to the finals. Setter is doing a nice job.>>
Beck mab Catholic gets the point out of Kyrsten Schmitt. >>She’s been impressive, plays a nice right sided tack, leads the team in blocks and will set
on occasion.Very well-rounded player out there.>>We’re going
to see a lift, ordouble hit. Excuse me.>>Olivia didn’t
quite get her hands under the ball, feet underthe ball.Good
call there by the official.>> 3-0 run put together by Beckman
Catholic.>>There’s a good pass.>>And this time Western strong enough as Madison Vis the junior
able to get it. >>Varied attack, a lot of
different players they can go to. Nice kill there by Vis.>>Van’t
Hul covers a lot of pace in the middle. >>She does, 6’1″, great
technique, tough to hit around that. Nice try on the quick attack but
Van’t Hul right on the money.>>Back to a three-point lead.>>
Good coverage. >>The bailout there by Hogan.
And the point earned by Schmitt.>>Schmitt has been money so
far.Not used to blocking that left side there for Western lit
YARN,a little bit late getting there, nice job, big elevation, big arm
swing.tonight. Kyrsten Schmitt coming to play>>Doing a lot
for Beckman.Second on the team in assists.>>She’s very all
AURCHD player. I think she can move into a
setting role.>>Van’t Hul said give me the slide.They called it
and dialed it in there. >>321 kills on the year, leads
the team with kills.Coach Veerbeek going for a record championship tonight.Both
teams really passing pretty well.Little tight ball there.
Nothing really she could do with that.>>It’s going to be hit long,
hitting error. And back to a two-point game, 15-13, as this one works its way
through the opening set.>> Kristen Schmitt again another
nice hit but a nice dig on the Western Christian side.Nice try
to go on the quick, on the quick transition.>>And a service error by Hogan.>>Little nevers there.It’s too
bad. She’s a sophomore.>>Now
Granstra.>>We’ll have her in the back row as a setter, so she’ll have
three hitters to go to.>>And the kill put down by Schmitt. She’s having a great day today.
Kyrsten Schmitt.We mentioned second on the team in kills and
now with five here in the opening set.>>63 blocks on the
year. Very impressive.>>Beckman has never
had the lead here in this opening set.>>
Nice role shot off of that deep set.>>Just set up for page
McDermott.>>Got a little bit into the netwith her shoulder.
Those are really tough. They call them a net violation
on Beckman, I believe.Yep.That was a nice try there.>>So how about this, Jada Wills
doesn’t have a kill yet, although she leads the team in
kills. At the state tournament she has
38, she averages about 19 per game, and has been held out of
check. Is Western doing this or is this by design by Dyersville
Beckman?>>I think they’ve got her But it’s nice to see they’re
number.moving the ball around.I think she’ll maybe get her some
back row attacks, middle attacks, mix her around,
different plays on the court where she can get in there and
swing.>>When you cannot get that over and it’s a one-point set.>>Let’s see where Granstra goes
now.She’s got, called the 32 position, kind of a tentative
attack there.>>And there is the first kill.>>A little nice roll shot.Her
timing isn’t just quite there but she’s keeping ball in play. >>Beckman Catholic has rallied back from 4 back to tied up here.Just like that, Western Christian gets the side out,
masison Vis. the front court.>>And Ally
Postma out there on They’ve got some of their height out there, 5’11”, 5’10”, and Wynja is 5’10”.Not good timing
so far on that one with the setter.>>And it costs Beckman Catholic
a point.Western Christian cashing in here, 19-17.>>And
Granstra really smart, saw that Beckman was a little out of
sync.Smart play.>>Kooima serve is going to be
long.>>A little too aggressive that time, going for that back line.>>Now serving is pagee
McDermott.>>Good defense, good court
coverage.I love those high free balls. They’re a little bit different
to pass.Some good scramble.>>The back set to Wynja with
the pass.>>Great coverage.>> Wills shot handle.Van’t Hul with
the tip.>>Had some long rallies in thismatch already. Oh, that’s a good spot there.
That’s a tough one to get when you’re backing off the net.>>
And the point will go a double hit called against Western
Christian and we’re tiedup at 19.>>Really good comeback by
Beckman, playing great defense back there. I believe that was Engelken back
there making great defensive plays for Beckman.>>And the
tip over.>>Little miscommunication, not quite up
quick enough for that quick set.>>Western Christian with the
point.>>Beckman tried to run the quick, but hitter didn’t go quite quick enough and so had to
tip it over.>>Wolfpack very balanced in this opening set.When you serve.
Wills. >>Wills is just — they’re not in SEEsync there with the setter
asfar as the height of the setter.>>Opportunity here with
the free ball, back to Wills.>>There we go. >>Now she got it.>>There it
is.We knew it had to be coming pretty soon.>>Look at the
crowd.>>Think that was the first timeshe really got up and
gave a swing here.And again the block was held.The block was
late. She had that one-on-one. Great job there by Jada Wills.>>Tied up for the sixth time in
this opening set.Beckman Catholic has never had the lead
until now. >>Doing a nice job there on
defense.Great defensive block and WONCH.Wills is coming alive
here. >>Time out taken by Western
21-20, Beckman Catholic has Christian.their first lead of
the opening set.>>Keep getting the ball to the center good position.Middle,
keep running. Every time we’re running.Hogan,
you’re up whenever they run that.Keep the pressure on them. Keep having fun playing
volleyball.Here we go.Let’s go. You just keep — good job.>>
Some great things there.We saw that in the last play with the kill by Jada Wills when
she was one on win.The middle blocker is holding that for
Western Christian. He said that middle has got to
keep running, pushing, go to the middle to a dekoi or attack. Hogan are going to — keep this
run going here.Nice deep serve.>>And how about the block at
the net?By Beckman Catholic. Kylie REEBer.>>Looks great.
Schmitt up there as well. She continues to impress.Good
job.By double block Rueber and Schmitt up there all over it.
There’s some trouble running down the ball. Great block but great coverage.
>>Wills.>>Smart.Smart play. Look at this.>>How about this
run?>>This is great.Again, block is there, but beautiful
tip.And that defensive player has got to be ready for that.>>
Let’s go to the Western Christian huddle.>>We need you to get that ball.
We don’t want to all of a sudden the line.you guys go up and them
go down You go get those balls. If you see they almost hold it
and try to go over our block. But get that and just — we go
after this.Okay?Come on.Fight.Be gritty.Play to win.>>I think
what we were just tagabout on that last play where the
defensive player was there but not ready to pick up that
tip.You know with Wills, she got blocked a few times.She’s going
to be doing different shots and not just swinging away.They’ve
got to be ready for any shot that comes over the net.
Western Christian playing kind of a quick run of some smart
play at the net by Beckman, got them three points up.ball.Little
trouble handling the And there’s that Hogan covering the tip,
just like coach said.>>She’s been everywhere.And so has
Beckman Catholic. And in particular Kierstin
Schmitt.The block is late.The defense didn’t switch.>>Set
point. Here we go.>>Great deep serve. Van’t Hul shot blocked back.>>Let’s see where they go with
it here.>>And Schmitt got it in.>>Beautiful. McKay law great setter, smart offensive plays by Beckman.
Beautiful win.>>And 8-0 run to end the opening set for Beckman
Catholic.What’s in store for the second step?We’ll find out when
we return here on Iowa public television. 8-0 run by Beckman Catholic. Hi, again, everyone, this is BJ, and very impressive but Beckman
got help from unlikely characters here.>>Christian
Schmitt sophomore had a great match.But it was even until
about 20 points and Beckman just went on
a run.Let’s see if Western Christian can come back.>>
Let’s take a look at highlights here in the first set. It started with an opening ace
by Western Christian.>>Very strong serving team, aggressive
serving and blocking team.They had the lead for the most part
of the first set and Beckman went on a nice run to regain
momentum. Had nice offensive plays.Quick
sets work well.And the passing really got it going there. And Wills got hot late in the
set.She finished with five kills I believe on the set.But the
good right side strengththere with Kierstin Schmitt.Look at
the kills by — that tells the story right there.Very strong,
aggressive kills with the blazers.From Beckman.And even
the defense.They’re really covering the digs.ball, covering the court
with 19>>This is something that hasn’thappened in awhile,
Western Christian losing a set here at the state tournament.The
trailblazers blazing a trailif you will.>>Exactly. No backing down, one versus two,
very well competitive and played on both sides.Beckman got hot at
the end. >>Ashley Engelken will get us
started in the second set.And the dig out again by Hogan who
has been nothing short of spectacular so far in this one.
But Western says we got the opening point, and they do.
Sienna Moss.>>Coverage was there. The block was so good, it was
almost straight down, really hard to get. And kind of a bang bang playup
The middle blocker got there there. late but she got there.>>Played up to the front row.
>>They were ready for that second ball.>>And a lift.>>
Little mishandle there.I think there was some miscommunication
or I guess hesitation on what they were going to do there.Just
got to make a decision and go with it.>>Sandy, these two
teams are similar.They play right at the net. >>Yep. kill.>>McKay Van’t Hul with
the >>Big 6’1″ player, hard to
block. She cut it right inside, nice
attack. Nice passing on both sides.>>
And the kill.>>Was that Wills?>>Jes.Jada.>>Beautiful.When
she gets a good set out there she can do something with it.The
middle blocker is going to hold the block. The block is late and she hit right between the block.What
couch Troutman said, keep the middle blocker going.How
about that?The change of direction in impressive. midair by alley
Postma, pretty>>Nice hit there. And again good set selection by Olivia Granstra, mixing things
Olup.Nice set for Postma. Again, good passing. Nice court coverage there.>>Schmitt, oh, hey, she’ll take
them where she can get them. That’s her eight kill.>>Smart
play. She was able to keep the ball in
play. Starting where we ended-off,
pretty competitive when we played the set here so far.
Beautiful pass.>>And then the kill by Western
Christian, Van’t Hul.>>I think that’s probably her best attack
is that.She’s pretty hard to stop on that rightside attack, 6’1″ big
reach, that’s a hard one to stop.>>Postma serve, handled by
Beckman.>>Nice hustle.Look at that.Sticking hand out, maybe it
willgo over.>>And Schmitt. >>Nice defensive coverage
there. Western Christian.>>And a side
out here for>>I think we’re going to call a double hit there.>>Beg your
parton, Postma will continue to serve.>>I believe that was
Moss on Oh. the block up there.>>And
Postma is rolling here.>>Again we talked about aggressive
serving and good passreceive really start it, so Beckman has
had a couple poor passes here, unlikely.Not likely that they’d
do it toomuch.They’ve been passing fairly well.>>At the net just a misfire by
Beckman Catholic.A 4-0 run here by Western Christian and a
time-out going to be taken by Todd Troutman.>>
Passing isn’t quite there.>>Let’s go to the Beckman
Catholic huddle and hear what coach Troutman is saying.>>
Keep swinging. Keep swinging. You guys, stay aggressive, we got to pass better, though, run
all around.Keep reading what they’re doing,stay up, keep
talking, keep playing.You got to have fun.Can’t let yourself
start singinginto it.Keep working hard.>>We’re up a set.
We’re not down.We’re up a set. >>They had a lead the whole first game.Team, team.>>They
had some good points that Western Christian didn’t have
the lead most of the time.They haven’t passed well in the last
few points.Get refocused and get into that serve and receive and
running offense here.And have fun. It’s a state tournament.>>
Soctate championship. Abby Postma the 5’11”.>>Running down that ball there.
>>The slide.And this is going to be deflected out. >>Off the block.5-0 run here by
Western Christian.>>Sienna Moss I believe on the slide. Nice kill there.Having a hard
time getting that pass up there.attack. I think
it’s our first backcourt>>And it is handled by Beckman
Catholic.>>Good coverage there by Beckman.>>Oh.>>Yeah, Hogan again.Love
that left-handed setter. She can take it over. Little mishandle there by
Koelker.Sometimes that ball comes in a little high.A little
hot and spinning, it’s hard to handle sometimes.They’ve
given up to Granstra taken over that ball, nice left-handed
attack.>>And Schmitt mis-hits.>>
Yeah, miss communication there on where the set was going.I
think she thought it was goingto be inside.It was outside.She
wasn’t in the best position.Nice answer by Western Christian. Tough serve.>>And again, Beckman Catholic
is unRAFG here.>>Just ball handling errors, a little out of
sorts.Need to get a good pass, run an offense.Need to go to
Schmitt on the right side.She’s been effective.Got to get a
pass.>>8-0 run.>>Back court attempt. Like to see the aggressive back
row attacks.There’s Schmitt.>>Had the big opening set,
seven kills.But since this was tied up at 3-3 it’s been all
Western Christian. Granstra.>> Really smart play there by She
knew that Beckman was pulledup, and so she can take that second
ball over.But right great defense on the back row there.
And again, Beckman off the cover and didn’t get back to base
position in time to get deep in the court for that court
coverage. >>Wills with the dig.>>Little
scramble here.Let’s see what they do with that.>>Oh.>>And
now mishandled.>>I think a little indecision. She was going to hit it, and
then she wasn’t, and so didn’t get the hand quite ready for a
clean contact there.>>Abby getting a well deserved rest. She was at the service line for
quite awhile.Olivia Hogan. >>Great defensive player there
for the trailblazers.>>Schmitt, able to get another kill. How about that?Her ninth.>>
She’s doing great over there. Western Christian nice block up
there. They just got to really push
over, hang a little bit longer in, really keep those hands over
the net to get that ball on the other side.Beautiful pass.>>And
blocked back.How about that?The trailblazers, getting the point,
and this sophomore is carrying this team right now.>>That was
a beautiful block. Look at that big swing, her
really nice hands over the net. Great technique.Again, not
really swinging at the ball but just putting your hand up there
solid.>>The slide has been effective here for Western
Christian. >>Nice back set there by
Granstra. there?Yep.Is that Moss with the
kill One of the juniors.>>Stems the tide a little bit pour
Western Christian. They had a nine-point lead a
minute ago. >>Center coming out of the back
row.Was that Wynja?Yeah.Three or four left-handed players, gives
them a ZRGT on the rightside the court.Nice
on-side hittirs with those lefties over there.Beautiful
pass.>>And the quick tap, put back
by sienna Moss.>>Good block there.Kind of see there that
those blockers were camping out so shedidn’t have much room to I
thinkball.really any place to go with the So nice big block there
by Western Christian.>>I like that we’re running slides here.
We got Tori up now.Make that middle move, hands high on the block, feet moving.
Quicker, we’re in BIRT better shape, we’re going to wear them
down.Make a statement.Let’s go. Keep rolling, one, two, three,
team.>>Tammi ver beak been able to turn the SHOIP around. >>A great player in her own
right back in the day.Now 24 years in coaching I believe. And doing a great job, talking
about staying focused, staying aggressive.They’ve got the big
block up there.It’s like really using the middle blocker.>>They’re here
in cedar rapids so much they stay at the same hotel, try to keep everything
the same year over year.And think about those rewards points
they’re building up at the hotels.>>Exactly.>>And
Beckman Catholic with a much needed side out.>>It’s a good
response there byMcDermott.One of the seniors on the Beckman team. It was a good time-out there by
coach Troutman to kind of break the momentum. >>Wessels will now be in to serve. Good coverage there.>>And a little — Kylee
Schmitt.>>Now Wessels is on the back row.She’s an alternate
they use on occasion, a strong back row player as well.Let’s see what we
do with this free ball here.>>And the net.
>>That was kind of a lost PUNT opportunity I think for Western
Christian.The center took the first ball and so they had the
alternate person had to try and bump set.Got to get that ball up
a littlehigher so the hitter can do something with it there. See the coaches there. to serve.>>Madison Vis will
now come in>>You saw the hand signals for position five.
They’ve serving that deep corner. A lot of times you’ll pick on a
corner serve to them, make them work harder around the court.
Both teams will look at the bench like, where’s the target
for the serve. >>Able to get the kill.Wynja —
beg your pardon.>>A little reverse of fortunes here in the
second set that Western Christian not going to go down
without a fight. They’re playing much better.Good
quick reactions on both sides there.>>This is going to be blocked
out.>>Is that Ungs over there, I believe.Yeah, nice swing there
by Ungs, nice bump set and block.Just didn’t steal over the
net.You got to get your hands over the net. She kind of knew that when she came down, really got to press
and steal that. >>And it will be Engelken able to get it down.17-11, Dyersville
Beckman not going away without a fight.>>Engelken really strong server, beautiful pass there
though.>>Wow, Wynja.>>Wynja nice big strong player out
there, big lefty, goes up and really cranks.When you’re used
to blocking right-handed players it is a little different when
you’re blocking a left-handed player.Beckman has got to adjust
and bring their block in a little bit.>>And in the middle
Western Christian’s height is a factor.Alley Postma at 5’11”.>>
Back row center can’t do anything.You have to stand
there.Christian.Nice overpass kill for Western There’s a better pass.Great dig. Nice save by the back row setter there.Little tentative.Got to go
up hard.Another long rally.We’ve had a lot of long rallies in
this match.>>Great action here. But you hit the antenna on
Western’s live shot.>>The attack was a little outside and didn’t bring it
inside the antenna.Yep, the swing hit the antenna. A little bit too much of a
crosscourt or a cross-body swing on that.Good block.Good
coverage.Good fundamentals really, both teams.>>Beckman Catholic
starting to make this thing interesting, down by as many as
9, now it’s down to 6. >>A couple of hitting errors
for Western Christian.See what Granstra does, maybe take it
over on the second hit here. backside.Nope, going to go to
the Great defense.>>Wynja blocked back, and
that’s in.How about that?Jada Wills.>>That’s so fun when you
get one of those big blocks hitter.especially against a
really goodThat was great. Beautiful blocking, even a one-hand block up, very strong,
nice job by Wills.She’s just a really good all AURCHD player fun to watches tht
that.That’s tough. >>Western Christian gets a much
needed side out.>>Tough ones when they’re over the net like
that. You’ve got to be up and ready to
hit those or back off and set it to run your offense.But nice
hustle by Western Christian.>>And the service error makes it a five-point set. Opening set won by Beckman Catholic, 25-20, the trail blazers had a battle by as many
–>>Koelker comes in and she’s the setter. Great blocks over there by Jada
Wills. With help from Kylie Rueber.
Beautiful.Western Christian has got to cover that.>>McKayla Koelker served long.Trailblazers just chipping
away here.Here’s Ally Postma who had a good service run early on
in theset. >>Tough pass, good scramble.>>And Van’t Hul called upon
again.>>Beautiful, beautiful quick Olivia Granstra, really good
attack there by Van’t Hul, connection with her, but it
started with the perfect pass. Didn’t do that, but kudos to the
back row for passing that ball. pass. There’s another really
good>>Handled the scramble. And it will be a double hit.>>Little mishandle.>>Now Jada Wills on the serve, one of the best here for Beckman
Catholic.>>She’s great back row player, over 250 gigs on the year.>>And
Western with enough umph there out of Emma Westphal. >>One of the younger players, but 5’11”, swings high off the
hand, smart, smart shot.Again talking about that balanceattack
from Western Christian, they’ve got to keep moving the ball
around, a lot of hitters who can do damage out there.>>Western solid up front.That
was Ungs.>>She comes in off the bench to play the front row and does a nice job up there. Nice serve but really nice pass
again.>>We’re at set point.One thing is for sure.Beckman
Catholic had a chance toreally fold early on in the set.They
were down by nine.They got it down to four.>>Came back there
strong. But again offensive attack by
Western Christian got going this set, passing went well.>>That
point.>>There’s the jump.Good coverage by Beckman.>>And we are tied at one set
apiece, Western Christian coming back here in the second set to win at 25-18.We’ve got the third
set when we return as you’re watching the class 2 A state volleyball
championship.>>>What a match we’ve seen so
far.It’s tied up after two sets. Beckman Catholic took the opener
25-20 and it was Western Christian take the second set.
Has been quite impressive.>> It’s a typical finals match, one
versus two. Neither team wants to give up
and Western Christian came back and tied it.>>It’s been a lot
of fun.Let’s take a look at the second set highlights here.>>Granstra the setter for
Western Christian got things turned around here in this
second set and the block got going for Western Christian.But
we’re seeing highlights for the trailblazers.The slide attack
you can see with Van’t Hul, the big block up
there was hard to get around.And the quick attacks out of the
middle, Western Christian did a nice job with a variety of offense to take that tied up.>>
Take a look at the numbers upon the board.Evenly matched between
the two.Blazers have committed 13 errors but they have been a defensive
juggernaut against Western Christian.>>A tale of two sets
there. >>On to the third set, opening, service error by McKenna Kooima.
>>You don’t like to see that. Maybe coming out of the big one
and got to get back in there and focus. She is one of their tough
servers.>>And then the ace put together by page — Paige McDermott.They got it
at the right time. The lead opens up with a 2-nil
advantage.>>Both teams really hustling to cover the court.Ran out of court
on that one, though.>>Yeah, Paige McDermott going
right into the advertising.>> Good effort but just ran out of
court.>>That’s not solid.>> Good effort there.>>2-1 where our score, this one
starting to build more drama than the whole series finally
which aired here on Sunday night.This is one.>>Looking at
Paige, hopefully didn’t get hurt running into that, maybe just a
little tweak there. >>Oh, off the NOGGIN, ouch. >>The facial from Wills.>>
Those yellow shoes getting upin the air.Beautiful.Yeah.She is
really hitting much smarter, bringing the ball inside the
block.See if Western Christian adjusts that block more to the middle.>>
Van’t Hul. >>Pretty much money.Net cam, I
love it.Kind of see there, she just wentoutside the block.Those
are really hard, her timing, block up a little early.Nice
kill for Van’t Hul.>>The way these two teams are playing.
Everything is at the net.That net cam is very accurate.>>
That’s great. See where they go with it here.>>And how about that for –>>
Western clips yan, the sophomore, beautiful swing and Westphal another tall one, 5’11”
carrying on that big tradition of big hitters for Western
Christian.That was nice.>>Good defense by Postma.And they’re
going to say that this was actually on the outsideof the
antenna.>>Outside.>>Let’s see here.Just a little too much.Yep.
Just looked like it went outside of the antenna on the attack.
Nice quick attack there though by Beckman Catholic to force
that.>>And a wide hit by Van’t Hul.
>>Yeah.The set wasn’t quite tight enough and she went in a
little early.Little miscommunication there with the
setter. Don’t see that too often.>>Jada
Wills.>>Good all-around player.>>And an ace.>>She leads the
team in kills.Leads the team in digs.One of the top defensive
players, great server. Really nice all-around player.>>
Another ace. How about that?>>I think
they’re picking on that server position there.
Western Christian tends to go kind of in a deep semicircle.
They’re not covering the short. Coach is telling them to move
up. Let’s see if she serves deep
now. Good ball handle there.>>And in
the middle for BeckmanCatholic, Kylie Rueber.>>We talked about defensive
transition for the trailblazers. They did it right there, quick
pass, quick approach, and Western Christian caught
off-guard, unable to get back to defensive position.Nice run by
Beckman. >>Time out taken by Western.
Let’s go to the Beckman huddle. >>Back row swing, okay?Let’s
keep blocking it in, plantthat left foot, and we’re only going
so far.Okay?Big hands up there. Keep the pressure on.All right?
Read everything you see.See it, you see the tip, you come up
fighting, otherwise keepyour hands up.Team, one, two, three.
>>Read everything you see.As a defensive player you are reading
the hitter, watching there are approach, their arm SWINK, their
hand, react to their chip and off speed, reallybeing ready
especially they’ll be trying an off speed or something
different. Read that offensive player.>>
Jada Wills still at serve.>> Might even watch for a second
ball over here to see if they can catch Beckman sleeping on
defense.Yep, there it is.>>The sniper. >>I should still be coaching.
>>Granstra.>>Looks like, there we go.Called it, second
ball over.Good play there.Again, Beckman, got to be ready tore
that.You don’t not only have to read the hitters, watch that
setter, see what they’re going to do with the ball. >>You are the Tony Romo of volleyball right now..>>Good
transition there for Beckman, great set by I believe
that was kelKoelker.Really nice watching Schmitt.Nice attacker
over. >>Kierstin submit now in double
dij OITS for kills.Beckman KCatholic back to a five-point
lead matching their largest of the entire match.And Western
with the answer.>>Westphal has done nice.Really hard for the
block to getthere. Really good connection with Granstra attack. and on that outside Good
pass.>>And Beckman Catholic right back to work with Paige
McDermott.>>Nice pass. The three position is a little
bit farther away. Really confuses the blockers. Nice attack by Beckman.>>Leah
Wesles will serve for the trail blazers. Hit some tape.Oh, what effort by
Hogan.Almost ran into the support.>>Little sophomore out
there.She’s been covering the court well.But nice kill by
Wynja, big left-handed hitter out there. Another good pass.Good coverage
though, big block by Western Christian.There’s that second
attack over.>>What a scramble.>>Great
defense.>>Great ball here for Western.Go to the outside,
Postma with the tap.>>Really smart play.Really smart play. You think she’s going to be
swinging hard, but a beautiful nice big approach and then just
quick tap.Again, I love that way that bothhitters are
approaching. Nice offensive set there.>>What
a strike by McDermott.>> Beautiful. One of the seniors on the Beckman team.>>Western will set it up to the
outside to Postma.>>A little joust at the net.>>McDermott
thought she had it. She gets it the first time.>>If
at first you don’t succeed, try again.Yeah, that brings a smile
to your face there, like, well, try it once, up again and let’s try
again.>>What a battle.>>Good try there by Western Christian
to keep that ball up.Heads-up play at the net by McDermott. >>And right back at them goes
Tori Wynja.>>Beautiful.Love having that left-handed player
up there on the right hand, you can fake the set or just take it
over and really effective play up there.>>Jada Wills and Wynja, almost
thought she had the point there.>>Good coverage, good scrappy
play.>>Hogan will play it alive — or play it up. Now Western gets the point.>>
Van’t Hul again, really hard to stop up there, nice scramble by Beckman. Kind of CLAUG their way back in
here, Western Christian is.>> You cannot celebrate early onany
point in this match.>>Exactly.Wills, big swing. Nice dig over there by Granstra,
the center.Little miscommunication there, hitter
wasn’t up.>>That is blocked out, Western
Christian with the point, and here they come.They were down by
as.As five.Now it’s a two-point set.>>Nice swing by Wynja,
block didn’t get that ball turned in.>>Serve, long.>>Aggressive
server. then.You have those every now
and>>Kylee Rueber will come back in on the rotation.>>And
McDermott is the only returning starter so a lot of new faces
out there for coach Troutman this year doing well toget to
the finals.>>Side out Western Christian. >>Postma. Postma has had 214 kills on the year, Wynja 226, Van’t Hul 321,
they’ve got such a well-rounded attack.>>Western with
back-to-back service errors.>>That hurt.>>You can tell it bothers them.
>>One of those things you hae control of, especially just a
net serve.Oh, my goodness.>> And a gift right back from
Beckman Catholic.>>A little tired here, out of focus here,
halfway through the match. >>We’ve seen some long
growuelingpoints here.>>Got to get back and FOEKTS, focus on
your target.>>Wills, what a dig by Postma.
>>Yeah.Good coverage there. Again, good coverage.Hogan was
up there.>>Now Wills.>>Both teams really playing some great
defense, great transition.>> What a back set, Schmitt can’t
get it down, it’s blocked back.>>One of the few times I think Christian — KEERS TEN Schmitt
wasn’t ready.Postma playing nice defense.Good digs in that rally.>>And at the net Western
Christian with a gimme, Olivia Granstra.>>A little over pass,
up there and ready for it. >>We are tied at 14.Western
Christian has battled back from five down to tie it.>>Nice extension.Playing some good
defense here too for Western Christian.>>Hogan with the –>>Yeah.
Good court coverage on both sides.>>And Van’t Hul says,
just giveit to me.>>The big 6’1″ middle blocker,
middle hitter, she’s working the ball, beautiful.And Beckman a
little bit on their heels.Nice rally.>>Time out for Beckman
Catholic.Let’s go to the Wolfpack huddle.>>Okay.They’ve
got that ride side over there.If there’s a hole in the block,
just collapse it in.We want Emma to take a step over. here.You got to work your butt
off Keep swinging.We made a great comeback. Go take this game interest them.
Go take it.Relentless defense starts in theblack.Team.>>
Talking about blocking position and van HULT she’s got to get
there.Emma west FAULT is doing a good job and she’s go the to
encourage her middle blocker to join her so they can close that
block.One of the keys we talked about was their dominant
blocking performance.So far throughout the yearing with really outstanding BOKing
team.>>Alley Postma, the 5’11” senior will continue to serve. Wolfpack.Free ball here for the
>>There it is.>>Van’t Hul will deposit it.>>And she’s
working hard to keep that quick attack going there in the
middle, getting rewarded by Granstra by getting the ball. >>Ten kills from ma Kay Van’t
Hul.>>Good match.>>Schmitt.>>Found a
good connection on that one for sure.>>Jada Wills will come
back to serve. >>Granstra in the front row.>>Schmitt with another kill.
That’s her 12th.>>Really nice set, middle blocker for Beckman
was driving to hold the block. It’s Kylee Rueber so she’s doing
a good job of playing her part to get a one-on-one situation
with that block. >>Tied once again. Still put down by Westphal. Or make it ma Kay Van’t Hul.>>
She kind of again nice job with the offensive design.Tey’re
pulling the position outto three, kind of between the
middle and outside, hard to bring those two blockers Nice pass.together to be
effective.>>Right in the middle they go to Kylee Rueber.>>
She’s been effective when shewas up there. Nice drive. We got McDermott back in the front row for Beckman as well.>>
We’ve had one lead change here in the set.It was a big one,
Western Christian down by as many as
five.The slide effective again.>>Yep, yep.>>Sienna Moss.>>
Nice, nice combination play there.Beautiful takeoff, right
inside the block, nice deep corner shotby Moss. Talk about that multibalanced or
balanced attack, many hitters that Granstra can go to.>>That
deflected.Yeah, they’re going to say it Tammi was.Tammi Veerbeek not
happy with the call.But the linesman on the far side and now Western is going to try
to challenge it.>>Well, there are two lines people.Either one
can call it.Sometimes you’re blocked.But the other lines
person couldprobably see it.He called it out.The opposite lines
person did sigh the touch.I did believe there was a touch.>>Even though we have great
footage and coverage here on Iowa public television, the
officials cannot go to the monitors to check.>>Unlike
college, in college you can have a couple challenges
and watch a replay but don’t have that at the high school
level.>>Let’s not institute it either.>>Yeah.You know it’s a
game of human error sometimes, and –>>And
they’re going to say that’s long. >>Long and no touch on that Yep.one.See some of the fans in
the crowd there.>>Two-point run here for Western Christian.>>
Really good pass by Wills.>> McDermott.>>McDERMot is great,
started with that great pass from Wills really tough position.and she
had to kind of get in a She had to really get down therelow to
get that beautiful pass.So credit to Wills for starting
that transition. And for McDermott for Dfinishing
it off.Great block coverage there.>>And we’re going to see
mis-hit.>>They’re following pretty tight on the double hits.Centers
have got to have clean hands, get those hand up there,
no indecision. >>Back to a two-point lead. And set number three of the class 2a champion match.>>Blocked back by McDermott.
Back to a one-point set.>>You can see the net cam here,you can
kind of see hands up there.Not sure if the ball even cleared
the net.Let the ball drop a little too late.You got to reach
the ball at the height. Really nice pass. Big block. Oh, my gosh.Good hustle.>>And
Beckman Catholic will tie it up with 21.>>Wow.>>Our fifth tie of the set
we’ve had one lead change.>> Really good match.sides.Really
like the passing on both Both teams passing well.>>And
Western Christian will hold the advantage.>>Couldn’t
tell if that was Postma out there.I think that was Postma.
Yep. Nice outside kill there.>>Now Wynja.Wills with the big
shot but>>Great defense. handled by Western.>>Here she
goes again, and thistime the starter, the one-timer.>>I love it.Boy.And didn’t get
me the first time, I’ll do it a second time.Block has got to get
up over thenext.What coach was talking about, steal the block.
Nice attack there by Wills on the quick outside set.>>And Van’t Hul off of the
slide again.The go-to. >>Great set by Granstra, good
selection, nice choice there. Beautiful back set.Almost had
the set or the block there, was Wills I believe.>>Now Postma.>>Nice hustle.>>Wynja will put
it up.>>They missed a back row attackthere.>>It’s going to be blocked out.
Westphal again with another kill, the sophomore coming up in
big moments.That’s her third kill.And we’re at set point.In a
time-out by Beckman Catholic.>>Yeah, and set three is so
critical because it gives you such a psychological advantage knowing you’re up 2-1. >>Everybody covers.Team, one,
two, three.>>Just big fundamentals, let’s get that
pass, we’ve got the offense to do it.Probably talking to his
setter there, Koelker about what her
options could be here.Got to start with that pass.Credit to
Western Christian for fighting back.They were down early in
this set, come in strong.Big
blocking, really good serving, both teams playing great defense.>>Ally Postma serving at set
point here for Western Christian.>>Schmitt in the
front row for Beckman, let’s see if they go toGoing out to Wills.
her.>>Wills, the change-up.>>Yeah, nice shot, smart shot.
Big block and she’s really hitting smart right over the
top, easy roll shot.>>Still on set point, Jada WILZwill serve
and a time-out taken by Western Christian.Tammi Veerbeek, let’s
see what she has to say here.>>First ball kill we’re going to
go pin to pin. Emma out here, don’t leave it
short.hi If you have to tip we tip deep down the line and we’re
coveringlike crazy. We need the first pass, first
ball kill, we do this all the time, first ball kill we win.>>
Like that philosophy, just get a good pass and first ball kill. So high outside to Westphal
who’s in there now, big 5’11” hitter.Those are the two options
but First ball kill.it’s going to
start with a pass.See if the team can follow coach’s orders
there. >>Jada Wills will serve. Van’t Hul with the quick tip,
Hogan with the dig.Schmitt blocked back.>>Good coverage.Oh.>>And how
about that? The decisiveness of Chloe Ungs.
>>Caught them kind of sleeping there in nomans land.Ought to be
at the net or off the net.When you don’t get off it, there’s a
really open spot there.Smart play there by Wills.
It wasn’t Wills.It was McDermott, I believe. >>Tied at extra points. The block back.Schmitt.How about
that? Our first make it our second lead change of this set.>>Wow. >>Beckman Catholic, showing
some fortitude here to come back.>>Talking about guts,
playing under pressure.They were down, they this three set points
potentially and now they’re serving for the set.>>Set point
for Beckman Catholic. Westphal with the shot.>>Oh. >>Tied at 25.>>Deuce.First
team to win two in a row now, we’re in overtime.>>What a set.
>>See how far we go here.>> What a match.>>Yeah. Abby Postma will serve. Good deep serve.Error.>>A little indecision there.>>
Tammi Veerbeek is fired up.Set point now for Western Christian.
>>Granstra in the front row.Oh, boy.The net serve.Jeez.I
shouldn’t laugh. It’s like the coaches are like,
having heart attacks right now.>>You’ve been there.I mean,
mentally we’re only in the third set.>>I know, but the third set is
so critical. You’re up 2-1, psychologically
you’ve just got one more to win and you’re done.Slide attack.
Beckman has been playing pretty good defense back there.>>Out
of the middle.>>Good court coverage.>>Schmitt with the tap over. Now Westphal.>>Then westeWestern Christian. Christian.>>Set point again
for Western>>Good effort there by Hogan.>>Tammi Veerbeek
telling her team, one more point.>>Good pass by Wills,
beautiful pass.>>Now Schmitt, oh, what a dig.
Kooima.>>Both teams playing some greatdefense.Look at that,
great dig, and Good coverage. Hogan right there.>>Schmitt with the blast.
Westphal.Oh handled by Hogan at the net, and Western Christian
gets the point.And the set.>>Wow.Wow.How many lead changes
we have inthat one? Really good set.>>28-26, Western Christian takes a two sets to one lead.We
will go to the fourth set when we return.When activity here on
Iowa public television.>>>You catch your breath at
home, get something to drink?Why not.We have played three sets
here.Beckman Catholic took the opening set 25-20, Western
Christian came back to take the next two including 28-26.A lot
of action out there. >>Catching my breath after that
one, 28-26, a lot of lead changes, fun volleyball, great
court coverage, two good teams. Hate to see one lose.See if
Beckman can come back.>>Here’s the highlights out of that third
set.Beck plan Catholic started out on quite the role.Western
Christian was starting to see this is slipping away.But then
the Wolfpack rallied back here. They tied it up and then were able to take the lead late.Each
team had an opportunity at set point but could not put the
other one away until Western Christian did winning it 28-26.
Here’s your statistics.>>You can see fairly evenly balanced
teams, a little bit more on the kills for the Western Christian but errors and
blocks pretty equal.Two good teams, fun to watch. >>Beckman Catholic, serve here
to start it fourth set. This is a young team.after that
third set?Psychologically are they damaged>>That was a tough
loss.You think you’re in it there andthen lose it. The Wolfpack gets the opening>>
That’s going to be in.point to begin the fourth set.>>Nice
back set there by Granstra to Wynja.They’ve had a lot of good combinations there for the kill.
>>Kooima’s serve is going to be long.A service error.>>It was a
close one.Some of the Wolfpack didn’t like that call, but I think it was out. Wynja.Granstra has got three
attackersnow.Let’s see where she goes.Wynja again with the blast.
Trailblazers trying to rally back.>>Nice hustle. >>Schmitt able to get it over.
>>Good court coverage here, another free ball. See if they run a 32.>>And
along point, Wills will keep it up, Schmitt over, Western
Christian with another hack at it here.>>Nice
defensive play back there by I think that was McDermott.And Engelken, good
court coverage on both sides.>>Postma shot handled. And an error, a double hit. Just could not get the
fingertips around.>>Not used to handle the ball.Everyone if
you’re a young player, you’ve got to work on
your ball handling skills. You’ve got to have good ball
handling skills even if you’re a hitter. Nice up there by Wills.I tell
you, both teams really well fundamentals, excellent
fundamentals, good court coverage, block coverage.>>Now
the block. We’re tied at 2.>>Kind of a
slow developing play there in the middle and theblock wads
really ready for it.Beautiful, beautiful technique there by Wills.>>And an ace.>>Tough serve. Beautiful. Koelker. One of our centers there,
junior.>>And that will get in.>>Nice shot right down the line, beautiful up and turned.
She does a nice job of coming up for a crosscourt and turning her
body and pulling an arm straight down the line. Good block, good coverage.I love
this camera angle.Thanks, guys, you can really seehow the
defense moves on the court.Watch that middle attack there, beautiful.>>4-3, Western Christian. >>Nice quick attack by Van’t
Hul, got to keep driving, got to be up there.>>Schmitt kept it
up.>>Tough save there for a back row center when you’ve got
a tight pass.>>The Wolfpack starting to findsome holes here.
>>And Westphal has been effective there, the sophomore
there on the outside, getting a lot of support from her upper classman teammates.Trouble.Nice
aggressive swing out of that back row bump set.>>And Westphal able to get it
in.Another kill for the sophomore.>>Kind of slow
developing offensive plays on that set, kind of think that
defense went to sleep there a little bit pourBeckman.Got to
stay on their toes, stay deep in the court.>>Seven kills for
Emma Westphal.>>Balanced attack there.>>She’s going to be blocked
out. >>Really smart play by I think
that was Schmitt out there. Used the block, wiped off the
block.>>Now Jada Wills. Really been limited offensively, just seven kills but has been
effective at serves. >>Good all around player, nice
defensidefensive player, there she is in the back row playing
some great middle back defense.Both
teams having a hard time getting the ball down. Oh, good recovery there, Hogan.
>>Yeah, thought about it and then pulled it back here at the last second. What a long point again.>>Yeah.
And Western Christian will get the point. >>A little miscommunication.
Kylee Rueber got caught in no-man’s land. Changed her mind.Tough one
there, almost picked up there by Koelker. >>14 kills for Van’t Hul.
Schmitt.>>This is going to be a side out for the trailblazers, tied, or make it 6-5, Western Christian. >>Kierstin Schmitt on the left
side. Only a sophomore playing on her
first state tournament.>> That’s just in.>>Was that
Westphal again?Yeah, she’s been doing well.I think what’s
helping, we’ve got Van’t Hul driving in the middle holding
that block, so it’s not just the outside attacker.The middle has
got to lep to hold the blocker to get out there. Oh.>>Wynja.>>Yeah. Christian.>>Blocked out and
boy, Western>>She is really effective out there, Wynja, I
like her arm swing.She gets ready for the big attack or big
approach and gets up there and really swings.>>I think we’re
pretty close toa time-out here. >>I think so.Troutman over
there is pacing the sideline, he’s thinking about it.>>
That’s going to be long. Side out, Beckman Catholic. So keele Schmitt will come in and also coming in for Beckman
Catholic is Leah Wessels.>> She’ll do setting.She’s a
sophomore, one of the younger players on the team.Good court coverage there
on the tip.Nice pass.>>Wynja with the blast again.
And she’s got nine kills.>> Doing great out there.I give
credit to Granstra, the setter for Western Christian, mixing up
the offense, quick middle, back sets, really keeping Beckman’s
blockers a little off-balance there. >>Madison Vis with an ace.>>Beautiful.That was a
beautiful serve.You’d think it was going to go out and it
dropped.You’re going to follow that ballout.But with a float
serve it can dive just like that. >>Give eth and then take eth
away.>>Tried to skim the net there alittle too close.>>Beckman Catholic.Rotate back
in Ashley Engelken.>>Defensive specialist.Good server had a lot
of digs this year for the team. Schmitt did a better job that
time handling the ball, nice outside set.>>Wynja feeling it
from the outside.Here’s Wills.>>Nice cover on the second ball over. Nice to see Schmitt in there
setting, it’s great.They’re trying to do some different
offensive sets there with Beckman.>>Wills with the
blast. >>Somebody else needs to set. Another long rally.>>And
Western Christian wins out back to a four-point lead at
11-7.>>Long, long rally. Sometimes you get tired, a nice little shot by Wynja, she caught
the spot open there. >>Now Kooima serving.>>Oh,
good reaction there by Van’t Hul.>>Dyersville Beckman
will take a time-out here.Todd Troutman. >>A little bit out of sorts.Not
playing this game right now.>> Calling for that time-out right now.>>If we’re going to send the
free ball over, we’ve got to send it deep, okay?If we get
something on the outside and they’re camped on us, we GT to try and go deep
line.We got to get them out of of there.They’re doing a great
job. We got to stay in.Locking in our
passing, lock in our focus. Forget score.Play point to
paint.communicate.Block what they’re doing and Let’s go.Let’s
go.>>Words from coach Troutman, 12-7 his team is down in the
fourth set. This is the class 2a class
champion game and hour crew has been here all day since 10:00
this morning they’ve been trapped in a truck.And out on
the cameras trying to make sure — there they are.
Doing a terrific job pushing all those buttons, making everything
come alive at home.We hope you’ve enjoyed our coverage here
on Iowa public television today, as Western Christian will take the point. Today got started with Cedar
Falls besting valley. And then of course in the class 4 A championship games, then in 3 a it was Mt. Vernon defeeting
Kuemper.Western Christian and Beckman battling it out. After this one it will be the class 1 A.>>Western Christian
coach will the the all-time most winningest
coach in the history.It will be a big moment for coach Veerbeek
if they win tonight, she’ll have the record.A little joust at the
net.Nice strong push there by Van’t Hul.>>And the kill coming from the
outside from Western Christian’s Ally Postma. >>Postma. Again they’ve got such a diverse
attack with Postma, with w Westphal, balanced attack there and Granstra setting a nice
offense. >>Wolfpack wearing them down.
Throughout this one the third set of course went into TRAU
KPOINTS.Western Christian winning it.Now we’re starting to
see the effects mentally of that third
set when it’s 15-9.>>It puts you over the hump.Beckman
Catholic like the time-out he said we got to pass the ball, play hard, forget the
score, just get back into system, back into passing.It’s a
good block but good coverage by Western Christian –>>And post MAU again with the
shot.>>Keeley Schmitt must be a sister to Kierstin on the right
side frying to block there. Nice big swing by Postma for the
kill.>>Tammi Veerbeek her team leading now.And Wills able to
get the side out for Beckman Catholic, 16-10
where our score, but look at the Beckman Catholic fan base that came here and a lot of energy
they’ve provided here over the week.They like seeing themselves
on TV.>>It’s great.All the teams bring a nice support group
from hometown.Makes a fun event to come down and cheer their team on. Bring up by Koelker.Beautiful
bump set.>>Postma will get the kill.>>
Smart, smart shot.Wasn’t in position to swing. This is what coach Troutman swaz
talking about, reading the hitter.You’ve got to move in and
be ready. >>Westphal will come back in.Al Ally Postma back to serve. 15 state titles for Western
Christian, Beckman Catholic trying to get their first.
They’ve got a rally here.>> Nice bump set, beautiful top spin attack there by Jada Wills. Again, Beckman was a
semifinalist last year so making a good showing here in the find for the first time. See where Granstra goes with
this. Attack, too hot to handle for
Koelker but nice try.Really see that Western Christian fans that
came way across the state. >>Tammi Veerbeek 48-8 all-time
at the state tournament.>>That is amazing.Talk about a dynasty. I think that beats the Steelers
and the Patriots.You think about the all-time dynasties in sports
and she’s Christian right up there. right up there, Western >>As you mentioned going for
her 12th state title as this is going to be long and it’s going to make it 19-11.Western
Christian in a time-out taken here by Beckman Catholic.
Let’s hear in coach Tammi Veerbeek.>>I know you can feel
it.I can feel it too.Take a moment to soak it in.Okay?We’re
up 19-11, okay?Soak it in.I love you guys. Let’s go be state champions. It’s ours for the taking.One,
two, three, team.>>She’s got some great assistants that have
been a part of this program assistant coach they’ve been a
part of this program for a long time and.>>
I think in the program, 37 years they’ve been at the state tournament, 19 in a row.Quite
the dynasty.Their only losses were really tothree teams out of
Omaha when they went to play a tournament in Nebraska and a
couple losses here to wasky and the champions in 4A.
>>Beckman Catholic looking for a rally here. Paige McDermott coming in maybe
they can pick it up.Couple players have got to take it on their shoulders, show some
leadership, get excited about a play.Get that momentum back.
There’s that Wills back there digging again.>>Can’t fault either team
they’ve been playing some great defense. Nice job covering that. over.Again Granstra on the
second hitThey were ready for it. But second hit over, nice
attack.>>Beckman Catholic was wanting to get a net violation
there.And they kind of slowed up their play thinking the call would be
made.>>I think so. Westphal.>>And a kill.>>Coming
to play, what’s that make for her there?>>Nine kills
for Westphal.>>She’s played well.But again with Western
Christianyou’ve got so many offensive weapons, really hard to defend.
>>From the back row, Jada Wills. >>Love the aggressive swing by
Wills.Nice block up there by McDermott.They’re playing a lot
of defense.Got to get on to the offensive role here. Schmitt shot handled.And it
rolled along the tape andwent the trailblazers’ way.>>
Sometimes you’ve got to be lucky be, be in the right spot. She put her hands out there. play. Good way to keep that ball
in serve.>>Wessels will come in to >>Got the returning senior up
in the front row. >>And an ace for Wessels.>>
Wessels only a sophomore, nice serve there.Western Christian.Still a
comfortable lead for>>And a little long.Service error.>>The
energy a little bit low now on Beckman’s side.They’re going to
have to get some leadership there, like Chloe YUNGZ trying
to pick up the team there, getting some energy.In
volleyball anything can happen. We’ve seen teams go on big runs.
See if they can put one together.>>Western Christian
now two points away from the class 2A
state championship.>>They’re feeling it now. Yep. How about this senior class and
their run here in cedar rapids championship point.now just a
point away, we’re at >>Yep, nice SMACH there. Really good fourth set here for
Western Christian.>>The balloons are ready. Will they fall, 24-14
championship point.Not yet.>>McDermott I think on the kill there. Got to keep fighting. Really good serve.See what they
do with this free ball here.>>Wills.>>Good court
coverage there.>>Wynja.Long.>>Celebration delayed.Kind of
holding their breath on that one.>>Still a championship point.>>
Really nice pass. Wynja has got it. [ Cheers and applause ]>>Western Christian your class 2A state champions, they loose the opening set, they win the
next three, and the champion balloons are falling.>>
Congratulations Western Christian had a great team, so
well coached, such a history there, great kudos to Beckman
Catholic as well.Really competitive match.They have a
lot of young players and they hope to get back here
next year. >>Tammi veer beak now has the
record in the state of Iowa, 12 titles and she knows it.>>That’s great.All right. Nice thing, union is doing all
the championship teams get championship T-shirts to put on.
Wynja in one of their biggest line.attackers and right down
the championship.Beautiful kill for the state Love the
celebration. And even though she’s been here
19 years, every one is special, I’m sure.you’re bringing through
this Always a new round of kids program.>>And each championship memorable for Western Christian. And here in 2019 no doubt
memorable as well. It is time now for the naming of the all-tournament team.Here’s
Gina Rogers.>>Gina: Jim beemer and Thomas Lester, presenting
awards to the 2019 class 2A all tournament team is John Sam PAthy, wreathal
manager for Iowa farm bureau. Your 2019 class 2A all
tournament team with from Western Christian, ma Kay Van’t
Hul.From western Christian, Olivia Granstra. From Beckman Catholic, Kierstin Schmitt. From Clairion gold felled downs,
Morgan Middleton. From owe SAIJ, Paige kisseling. From Western Christian, Tori Wynja. And your class 2A all tournament
team captain from Beckman Catholic, Jada Wills.>>How about that?Your all
tournament team and captain, Jada Wills out of Beckman
Catholic, she’s joined by McKay van HULT, Olivia van
STRAU, Clairion gold field downs, pay I just kissly, Tori Wynja, and Jada Wills, again the
all tournament team captain.>> And very well spoken for her.
She’s not on the winning team but she had such a great
tournament, all-around player really helped the team get to
the finals.>>Gina: Todd Troutman, the Trailblazers. And now your 20192A champions, coach Tammi Veerbeek and the Wolfpack from Western Christian.>>What a run by Western
Christian.Their 17th championship, they get it done
here this afternoon as they best Beckman Catholic
3-1.>>The pressure is on them everyyear to come back and
perform and they do it every year.Coach congregatelations on
the regard and an overall state
championship for the teams.>> Again Western Christian your
winnerer, three sets to one over Beckman Catholic.I’m BJ saying
so long for now.Again Western Christian your winner in the
class 2A title game. Stay tuned, the 1A will close
out the day. That’s your 1A title game.Coming
up next.You’ve been watching here on Iowa public television.>>Funding for the Iowa girls high school athletic UJion girls
state volleyball champions is provided by –>>The path to
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we’re proud to be thetitle sponsor.Each student’s effort is
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Fairway, along with Nabisco, Frito-Lay and Sara Lee is a
proud sponsor of the Iowa girls sports championships.We
congratulate all the schools and student athletes participating
in this year’s girls high school state volleyball championships.
Fairway, proud to care for the places we work and live.By Musco
lighting, the sports lighting specialist.Providing lighting
systems for you, your project, and your community. ♪>>>Welcome back to the U.S.
Cellular Center in downtown to the final championship.Cedar
Rapids where we are down They might be the smallest schools.
They might be the smaller towns, but, boy, do they know how to
play some volleyball, and it’s the same thing on the line — a
championship trophy for these two schools.Welcome back inside
the arena. Eric Brayly and barb Randall.
It’s been a long day.It’s been a fun day.I know you’ve been more
excited about this one than maybe some of the others we’ve
seen.>>That’s exactly right. That’s exactly what I was going
to say.It’s been a long day. We’ve been here for hours.I feel
a little bit like a ragamuffin. However, this match I’m looking
forward to.This might be the best match of the day, the
matchup that we have is going to be awesome.>>Don’t go
anywhere.Let’s set the stage. First Wapsie Valley as they come
in here, and they’ve got some weapons, and both young and old. A good mix of freshmen and
seniors.Sixth trip to state.They won titles back-to-back in 2006
and 2007. I talk about that blend of youth
and experience, and keep an eye Imbrogno.on the sophomore, Lydia She leads the team in kills,
averages nearly four per set.And the other senior, McKenna
Miller, leading the team in digs.For Sidney, the number one
team row.in the state five years in a They’ve been here, and they
moved from 2A last year to 1A this year.Senior class were
undefeated at home.49-0 in conference play. And Kelsey Hobbie leads the 1A
tournament in blocks.And Olivia Larsen leads the 1A field in
assists.address announcer for a very Let’s send it over to the
public special award.>>Iowa Girls High
School Athletic Union’s golden plaque of distinction award is
given annually to an Iowa coach who has demonstrated a
successful career while making notable
contributions towards school, community, and the coaching
profession.Presenting this year’s golden plaque award is IGHSA executive
director gene Berger and volleyball administrator Lisa
brinkMeyer. The recipient of the 2019 goldenplaque award is
Alyssa.She has taken 18 teams to the state tournament.
championships with four state She’s won two state runner-up
finishes. at west point Marquette high She
won her first crown in 1996 school and one the 2014 class 1A
championship at holy trinity Catholic.Melissa has one over
900 matchesin her career. She’s been named the Iowa girls
coaches association’s coach of the year twice and the 2017 NHFS
Iowa volleyball coach of the year.She has been named regional
coach of the year 11 time and times.conference coach of the
year 16 Melissa also serves as the girlsgolf coach at holy
trinity Catholic and teaches physical
education, outdoor education, and health.Melissa has three
daughters, Jessica, Jenna, and Jordan, along with two
grandchildren.Congratulations to the 2019 golden plaque of
distinction award in volleyball, from holy trinity Catholic, Melissa FREESMEYER.>>They don’t hand those plaques
out to just anybody.A great career, and what she hasdone not
only in the sport of volleyball but talking about herother
responsibilities with other sports and teaching.And it’s
been fun to see as a lot of her former athletes are
here and current team to make this moment even more special. >>Yeah.She’s done a great job
at Holy Trinity.Her program, you know you’re going to be in for a
battle anytime you come on the court against them.>>We’re
ready for now the starting lineups.Back to public address
announcer.>>Presented by Iowa Farm
Bureau.Now, let’s meet our teams.Fans, please welcome to
the floor the Wapsie Valley
Warriors!>>They’ve won 12 out of their last 14 matches, and in those two losses against 1A
competition, but they are playing their best volleyball
this time of the year.>>And now, please welcome the Sidney Cowgirls!>>Last year in class 2A, this
year class 1A. competition.Undefeated this year
versus 1A They’re only overrule losses squads.coming against
state qualifying They have experience with five returning
starters.>>It’s now time to introduce the players and
coaches in tonight’s championship matchup.First, the
non-starters and assistant coaches for the WapsieValley
Warriors. Number 1, Emma Jones.Number 3,
Sydney Matthias. Number 5, Grace Imbrogno. Number 8, Brylee Bellis.Number
9, Paige Burgart.Number 10. Brooklyn Etringer.Number 17,
Kaylee Heinze. The assistant coaches are Austin
Shepherd and Brittany Lenth. Now, the starters for the
Warriors. Number 6, Kalvyn Rosengarten.
Number 7, Kaci Beesecker.Number 11, Hannah Knight. Number 12, Lydia Imbrogno. Number 14, Becca Platte.Number
16, Katie Sauerbrei.The libero is number 2, McKenna Miller.Head
coach for the Warriors is Heather Robinson.Now let’s meet
the non-starters and assistant coaches for the
Sidney Cowgirls.Number 1, Makenna Laumann.Number 7, Emily
Hutt. Number 15, Alyson Barker. Number 18, Kaden Payne. Number 23, Faith Brumbaugh.
Number 27, Madison Kingery. Larson and Megan Perkins.The
assistant coaches are Kent Now, the starters for the Cowgirls. Number 2, Olivia Larsen. Number 3, Maddy Duncan.Number 5,
Harley Spurlock. Number 6, Kelsey Hobbie. Number 14, Presley Brumbaugh.
Number 28, Paige Smith. The libero is number 12, Lily
Johnson. Head coach for the Cowgirls is
Amy McClintock. The officials for the match are first referee, Jennifer Lewis.
Second referee, Jennifer Wick. The line judges are Joe Dee
WALINGA.And Keith VANDERPFLUG. Let’s play championship
volleyball!>>Let’s look at Barb’s keys to
the march.First four, Wapsie Valley.>>They need to remain
fearless.They have taken out four time champ Janesville, and
holy trinity.inch.They haven’t backed down an Then they need to
start quickly.Come out strong and never let Sidney have any
ideas about winning or comebacks.Jump out from early on
and neverlet up.>>How about the keys for numberone, Sidney,
the Cowgirls?>>So Sidney needs to keep theirlaser-like focus.On
Tuesday, it looked like Sidney was on a mission.They were
focused and zeroed in on winning a championship.In the semis,
they lost a littleof that focus. You could see a little fracture.
They lost that set.So they need to put the focus back where it
needs to be and pull out the win.Then they also
need to enjoy thematch, which sounds like it’s different from
being focused.But you can do both and both kind of play into
each other.>>Here’s how these teams got here from cedar Cedar Rapids. This is the fifth and final
championship.We’ve been on the air since Television can’t say enough
10:00 a.m. as Iowa Public about the amazing work that their crew
has done here bringing you the sights, the sounds, the emotion
from the 2019 Iowa high school volleyballchampionships.There’s
the serve, and this one’s officially under way. Cowgirls on the left of your
screen of Sidney.Wapsie Valley Warriors on the right side, wearing the light tops.Patient. Good defense. And then an attack there sails
out of bounds, and the first points go to Wapsie Valley.I
tell you what, if every point is going to be that long and that
hard fought, we might be here till midnight. Wow.1-0 Warriors. And a chance to serve.Beesecker.
Flying in, tapped into the back row.And a lift call.I didn’t see
if it was a lift orin the net. Regardless, it’s 2-0.A loud and
rowdy student sectionfor both schools. And in the net, first service
error and the first points for Sidney.>>2-1.Wapsie Valley
leads as Brumbaughgoes back to serve.>>Serving behind the line is
Presley Brumbaugh, will play volleyball at southeast
community college in Nebraska next year.Hit off the hands and
down for the point. The kill to Imbrogno.>>I think
sandy Stewart, who was doing the morning ACHs, that’s her
hometown.>>Say it one more time.>>Beatrice.>>I could be
wrong about that.That’s what I always thought shecalled it.>>
Regardless, they’re getting a good player out of number 14,
Presley Brumbaugh.4-1, and the Warriors jumping out to that
early start, trying to get that separation here.>>It’s
important to get that separation, but then what’s even
more important is to keep that separation throughout the set.>>Good set military.DKelsey
Hobbie has over 1,200 career kills, and it’s now 4-2.
The Warriors of Wapsie Valley with the lead over Sidney.Sidney
serving.Nice serve.Fighting to return it. Can’t do it on that one.Service
ace.That makes it 4-3. >>That was great hustle by
Wapsie Valley setter Beesecker. Just couldn’t get enough to it to keep it on the court.>>Paige
Smith.Wapsie returns it.Joust at the net.Backwards hit.Are you
kidding me? A no-look, behind-the-back tap over the net for the point to
tie this up at four.>>And you’ll see her get all kinds of
kills.She does — she does everything,and she swings from
the back row, and she hits down balls.I mean she’s all over the
place.>>I knew she had good vision, but not in the back of
her head.>>Well, they always say that parents have that.Maybe
she’s got it early.>>Oh, that one just sails deep,but they’re
going to say –>>I thought it was a touch.>>A touch call. So the Cowgirls now move ahead
5-4.Sidney with the lead. And here’s Paige Smith.Nice
pass.The set, a good swing. And look at that effort.No quit
in Sidney.About as scrappy a team as you’ll find. And we play on. Off the hands for the point.The
hustle paid off.>>The hustle paid off.The defense is awesome.
They’re running all over the court and it makes Wapsie Valley
wonder what’s coming at us.>> Great look at the replay there.
So many times these teams that get to the state championship
match have just rolled over competition during the regular
season.And a lot of times their swings usually go down for a
point.They don’t expect them to be returned like they are here
tonight.>>That’s right.A look at Hobbie there making sure that
she’s got every angle blocked off and getting the block.>>
Well, the Warriors of Wapsie Valley jumped out to the early
lead.But a run being put together here by Sidney.And shutting the
door on that run is another kill for Katie
Sauerbrei.Sauerbrei now with one kill. It’s now 7-5.As you look at the
sideline, as Heather Robinson, 11 years
coaching, third year at Wapsie Valley. Athletic director Marty McCown. His son Brooks McCown played at
UNI and has been the head coach at upper Iowa university for a
long time.His daughter was a standout player at Wapsie Valley
when they last won the state championship.Another point, and
it’s now 7-6.Sidney with the lead.Wapsie Valley with the run.
>>Well, good job by Wapsie Valley to make sure that they
stayed with the play, and they were paying attention to the
setter being the front row.>> Deep serve.Wisely letting that
sail long.Another service error makes it 8-6, and now to the
rotation. It will be Kelsey Hobbie to
serve.AAll-tournament team at last year’s tournament. But remember Sidney was 2A this
year.>>I would be shocked if she wasn’t this year.>>And a service ace to go along with all of her kills and
blocks. 9-6.>>She’s also had quite a few
aces this tournament. She is at four before this match
started.>>Able to find that far sideline.Let’s look at the
replay here. >>Well, Larsen is 5’5″ going up
against 6’3″ Rosengarten. She says, no problem.Your hands
may be way up there, but I’ll just go right under your hand,
past your wrist. off.>>The timing just a little bit Trying to hang in the air and
make contact was Rosengarten, and now the largest lead of this
first set.The Cowgirls lead by five.Let’s see what they’re
talking about.okay?>>You’re on this
side over, Hey, keep working on defense. Keep talking. Stay positive.>>Well, Sidney wearing the
yellow shoelaces.I was talking with one of their coaches. They said they had a — someone
who graduated from their school last year, a gentleman whose
recently been diagnosed with cancer, and they thought, hey,
in tribute, in honor of him and the battle that he’s facing,
they’re going to do a sign and bright yellow shoelaces.>>Well, and they each also have
a yellow ribbon on the bow in their hair. reason.So that probably is for
the sameGood luck to him in his battle. >>Absolutely. Here’s the run by Sidney.Wapsie
Valley just wants a sideout.Tip. Ball popped up.Need to hit it
over on this contact.Some confusion, and the communication
just off a little bit.>>Well, and it looks like
that’s atypical of Wapsie Valley.They’re not used to be
down by six points, and so you kind of get a little confused.
You kind of get a little unsure, and they just kind of need to
calm down and play their game. net.>>Hobbie serves it into the
That’s atypical as well. She had 52 aces in the regular
season.Not many service errors. Very aggressive behind the line. Wapsie Valley, back row attack. Off the block.That will drop.
Wapsie Valley was going to get hands on it, but able to get it
through for the point. >>And Duncan does a nice job of
not only using the block but making sure it stays in.So
either way she’s going to getthe point.>>13-7. Sidney with the lead.
Nice-looking play there. Setting Kalvyn Rosengarten. She’s a 6’3″ freshman.223 kills,
second best on the team, averaging 2.19 kills per set,
trailing only her teammate, Lydia Imbrogno.13-8, Wapsie
Valley jumped out to the early lead.Sidney made a run.And now
Wapsie Valley needs to put some points together to get back into this here.Halfway
through this first set.Play to 25.Win by two.Off the hands.>>So Brumbaugh has had that
same shot twice, and one of the reasons that she’s hitting it so far out of bounds is her body is
too open, I’m going to say.But it’s open to the far side ofthe
court. She needs to kind of face more
towards middle back to keep within the range of the court,
so to speak.>>Naddy Duncan found a seam there, and now a chance to
serve.Duncan at 5’5″, senior outside hitter. You know, 5’5″, she’s still able
to get her kills, isn’t she?>> She is.Nice swing there by
Rosengarten.She’s up early.She’s way over the block, and she’s
able to pick wherever she wants to go.She actually went through
the hole in the block on that one, and able to kind of just
pick and choose her spots.>>It will be fun to fast-forward a
couple of years and see what these freshmen willlook like
after three, four moreyears of experience under their belt.>>
And strength and just confidence.Confidence is a huge
piece of it, and I think that because of all the club
experience, these young players have way more confidence than
like when I was in high school, a freshman.Never would have had
this kind of confidence.>>More reps, as you see anotherkill
from the middle.>>Well, but she was in the net.So it was a
pretty kill, but you’ll watch here when she finishes her
follow-through, she’s in the net.She’s just hoping they don’t
call it. >>Snapped that wrist and on the
follow-through, like Barbara Randall mentioned, that’s time it’s blocked, out of bounds.No.
It Ggrabbed the sideline.>>She held her hands up.The power of
it ricocheted back immediately. Let’s see if it grabs line.
That’s an in.Well, a three-point difference between Sidney and
Wapsie Valley in the class 1A championship
match. Off the hands. Kept alive, and that’s that real
tough territory where it’s so close to the net.You’re trying
to get an attack the net. on it, but you can’t get into>>In the
midst of all that, you’re turning around.So you turn
around to watch yourteammate dig it.Then you have to turn back
around and try and find it, and it’s over your shoulder and
where’s the net.It’s a difficult play.>>An unfortunate service
error by Wapsie Valley, and now the
could yCowgirls here in a good spot, leading by three, and a
chance for Brumbaugh to serve. Attack. That one might drop.No, they
kept it alive.Over on three. In system.Another long rally
between Sidney and Wapsie Valley here, looking for a hard-earned point.
And they’re tripping all over each other, and four contacts
the call.If you’re new to volleyball, you can only hit it three times
before you’ve got to send it over the other side of the net. >>It was tough to tell if the Wapsie Valley –>>
16-14.We play to 25. You got to win by two.That one’s
in again.Back to a three-point lead.Now, Sidney built that
three-point lead and really has not been giving it up, trying to race to that finish line and
jump out to a 1-0 lead in the series. The team that wins three sets your class 1A championship.wins
the match, and they are An attack error.>>We talked a
little bit earlier in a different match
about the trajectory you want to use as a hitter.That’s a good
trajectory.She needs to bring it down a little to keep it in the
court.But you don’t have to put every ball down at the 10 foot or the
12 foot line.Usually when you do that, you’rehitting right into
the blocker’shands.So if you use a little bit less of a
trajectory — I think it would be less — but the slope g
goes deeper in the court, then you have better success hitting
around and over the block.>> Well, I don’t care what
trajectory you use on that, there’s no hitting it around
that block.>>No.That was a good block.>>Here’s the replay.
You come up and you see two sets of hands and a brick wall in
front of you. Let’s listen to Wapsie Valley as
they trail by five. >>When you are against number
6, she runs at three.She loves that three.Our right side
blocker, you needto cheat in on that.You see 6, you cheat in,
okay? It’s an easy hop step to that
outside to block.Everyone else, passers, let’s keep our arms
out.We’re getting really tight to our body.Spacing, all right?
We’re sinking in and it’s looking better.We just have to
clean up our passing and we’re back in this.
Handlers, you got to swing big. Let’s go!>>We got to believe right now.>>Straight off the scouting
report 6 likes to hit that three.The right side blocker
needs to take a step in so she lines up right on that
three-spot.Then if she set it outside, it’sstill easy for the
right side blocker to get outside and blockher.>>You got
to believe.Even though you’re down five, you got to believe
you can stillwin it.Sidney with the serve and the lead. Miscommunication again.And it’s
now 20-14 in favor of the number one Sidney Cowgirls.
Paige Smith, when she’s back there serving, that’s when they make their hay. Setter dump, Sidney was there to cover it up defensively.Blocked
back.A defensive play that gets points. Let’s go to our net cam to watch
this one.>>And you can see when she tries to hit straight down
like that, it goes right into those blockers’ hands.If she
were hitting that — you know, she’s the one who hit the
trajectory earlier and it went out about six feet.She knows to
go somewhere in between those two, and she’ll have good
success.>>Nice placement there on the swing by Katie Sauerbrei.Her
second kill. Good balance from both these
teams and spreading around the offense. Briley Bellis to serve. A freshman DS, has played in 73 Blocked.sets, has 18 aces on the
season.Trying the other sideline. That one gets through. Off the hands of Lily Johnson — excuse me — of Imbrogno.And,
BarbARBARA, this is a big lead points. for Sidney just needing
three>>Big lead.Not insurmountable for Wapsie
Valley, but a comfortable lead for Sidney as long as they keep doing what they’ve been doing.>>Off the tip.Wapsie Valley on
the right of your screen sends it over. Sidney, back row attack again.
Both teams so good with that back-row defense.Blocked and
some front-row defense.>>Well, and that’s a really tough ball
to play because the blocker doesn’t know if she should turn
and play it or if someone’s behind her.It’s very difficult,
so she’s not really sure.If she would have let it go, Larsen
probably would have had it, but it’s a really tough ball.>>Off the hands.That one
will go down for another point.23-16, Sidney so
close to closing out this first set.>>Well, Spurlock did a
really nice job of going high off the hands and still having
the ball land in the middle of the court where everybody’s
confused.Nobody oh sure who’s going to gofor the ball in the
middle of the court.>>Into the net, and that bringsup set
point. Sidney 24, Wapsie Valley 16.Just
because you win the first one doesn’t mean you get crownedthe
champion. You got to win three. Wapsie Valley gets the kill.>>
Again, when Rosengarten goes up, she’s up early, does a nice
job hitting those golden corners and getting points for her team.>>Rosengarten now with three
kills.Hannah Knight behind the service line facing set point for Sidney. That one down, and the first set
goes to the Sidney Cowgirls.Kind of a sluggish start, but they put a nice run together victory, 25-17.midway through as
they get a bigBack with more from Cedar Rapids. schoolgirls volleyball You are
tuned into Iowa high championship here on Iowa Public
Television. . >>>A convincing win.25-17 by
Sidney over Wapsie Valley.What do we make from that opening set
victory?>>Well, it’s a one-set lead for
Sidney, but I don’t think you can make too much from it yet.
You know, at times I think that the coaches for Wapsie Valley,
coach Robinson thought maybe she was herding cats, trying to get
people talking to each other and playing defense around each
other.But towards the end of the set, they kind of picked things
up and got back towards their game a little bit.Look for more
of that to happen in the second set.>>Let’s take a look at some
of those highlights just moments ago from that opening set.Wapsie
Valley jumped out to thatearly lead, but Sidney dug deep and put a nice run together,
winning 25-17.12 kills for Sidney.Just 7 for Wapsie Valley.
4 kills for Duncan. 4 kills for Hobbie. 2 kills for Imbrogno.And
Sauerbrei has 2 kills as well. Individual stats look like that.
Here’s what the team statistics look like.More kills, a couple
more aces.And just making the most of their opportunities.Good
balance offensively and defensively for Sidney. But we have seen Wapsie Valley
play.We know that wasn’t their best stuff here in this
championship match.>>Well, and they were not fearless that set. So look for them to maybe come
out a little bit less nervous and just put the pedal to the
metal like they have every other match this week.>>Wapsie
Valley came in the number six seed.They beat number three seed
and four-time defending champion
Janesville in the quarterfinals. They beat Holy Trinity Catholic
in the semifinals to get here. >>The matchups are the same.The
coaches like what they’re seeing apparently, so they go with the
same lineups, same rotation.>> Switch sides so Wapsie Valley
will be on the left of your screen and Sidney on the right.
Sidney was class 2A last year, drops down to class 1A this
year. And they have just made a home
Fifth consecutive trip to state. here in Cedar Rapids.>>Well,
and the cool thing about it is that it has all beenunder coach
Amy McClintock.>>Yep.>>She has built the program there at
Sidney.The first class that came to state, I don’t know if you
remember this, five years ago when they were juniors, the big
story was when they had been in eighth grade, they didn’t win a
match.>>Not a single one all year long. >>So it was really neat to
watch their progression from eighth graders to making it to state when they were in high
school.So that’s all under coach McClintock.>>McClintock has
been coaching six years.All of them at Sidney, and five of
those six years she’s led her team to state, on the brink of a
state title.Let’s not get ahead of ourselveshere.>>Right.>>
You got to win three, and Wapsie Valley is not rolling here.over
to hand anything to Sidney A lot of work needs to be done.There’s
a look at the replay.Barb, that is the fifth kill that we’ve
seen by Hobbie.>>Well, and if you give Hobbie no block up against you, she’s
going to put the ball down.>> Looks like Hobbie gets it again.
That time a double block was there.>>So all day we’ve
talked aboutthe hands and the arms for the You see the
blockers.blockers.Their arms are going to go up straight over
their head and then push forward.You can’t block like
that.You have to push forward first and get your hands over
the block to seal the net so the ball stays on the other side of
the net. >>Paige Smith with the serve.
Sidney, tip, over the block.Good discipline by Wapsie Valleyto
get under it.Roll shot. Blocked back.Back to Sidney.That
was a quick ricochet back.Down for the point. Give credit to Kaylee Imbrogno
for that.>>They have a nicely formed block.All four arms are
up there forming a wall.You don’t see a lot of holes or
space between it.Nice block.>> Katie Sauerbrei as well teamsup
for that.3-2, Cowgirls on top, and a chance to serve for Wapsie
Valley. returned.Clips off the top of
the net, is Good hustle out of Wapsie
Valley.No return on that. Good attack from the near
sideline.Maddy Duncan.She’s a 5’5″ outside hitter, a senior who had 256 kills this
season, and a 221 kill efficiency.I was talking with
Wapsie Valley, one of their assistant coaches, Austin
Shepherd before.I said, so what did you do winning the semifinal
and yesterday, you know, besides getting here?>>He said, it was
pretty late.We went back to the hotel.We ate some food, talked,
relaxed.>>I said, what did you do todaybecause you wake up in
Cedar Rapids and you have until 7:00.I thought it was pretty
creativewhat they did.>>Me too.It sounded fun to me.of it.I
wish we could have been a part>>We’ll tell you about it aftera
time-out. lead.The Cowgirls are on a run,
a 6-2And let’s hear what Sidney has to say with Amy McClintock.>>
Make sure that when you have that — when she’s in that front
row, you got to bring that block to the left a little bit, okay,
and you got to go away from her. If you have to tip, you got to
go this way or to the middle because the line is not open. Hey, let’s go.Focus.>>I’m not
sure which player they’re talking about, about bringing
the block in. but we’ll see.I would guess
maybe Imbrogno, It could also be Rosengarten.Just talking a
little bit about placement of the block, and thenI liked it
when she said the tipisn’t open right behind the block, you have
to go somewhere else with it if you’re in
trouble.>>Good to know that informationbefore the set’s
coming your wayand you’re hanging up there trying to
decide what to do.I’ve got a variety of options.Tip isn’t
one.Okay.>>Maybe I should decide before I land.>>A tough
serve right out of the time-out. Quickly returned.And Wapsie
Valley gets the point.Lydia Imbrogno leading the team in kills, averaging 3.5 per set.
>>And so Imbrogno has been hot all week. She’s been the majority —
gotten the majority of the sets, job.and she’s really done an
amazingShe’s only a sophomore, and it’spretty impressive.>>A
nice job in the back row there to keep this ball off the court.
Here she is again. Quick set middle, back row, and Sidney gets it blocked.Timed the
jump perfect. you make.>>And that’s a great
point thatWhen the hitter is hitting from the back row, the
block’s timingis different.They have to wait a little bit longer
before they go up to block the wall.>>A lift, so
that’s a service ace.After that time-out was called, it’s been all Wapsie Valley. Early stages here, but this looks like a more confident
Wapsie Valley team.They cleaned up some things after that
lopsided 25-17 loss in the opening set.>>So they
called a lift on that.A lot of times when the ball kind of
rolls down your body or the net in front of your body, when you
try and get under it fast enough, you end up lifting the ball.>>Wow.She didn’t come
with power.Instead went with placement.>>Well, and it was a
little bitof a different spot because there was a back row
player there, but she placed it perfectly so that it was just
out of reach of the diving defensive player.>>7-6.Again,
the momentum has shifted for Wapsie Valley during the last five minutes or so. Back set swing off the hands.And
that’s good contact there.A hitting error into the net makes it 8-6, sideout.And
Sidney, again, if you want to see a gritty, scrappy team,
that’s just what they hang their hat on the last five years.>>
Well, and you can tell it from the rallies that we’ve seenhere. ball defensively.They get
touches on almost everyAnd that’s exactly what scrappy
defense is.It may not always be a perfect up. points.It may not always be
scoring But they’re always getting a come along and get a
second hand on it so someone else can contact.>>Attack error sails deep and out of bounds.96, Cowgirls with
the lead. There you see the Sidney student
section and the focus from student athlete to head coach.
Tip.Sidney swings and gets it through the block.Again, the
block was there, justnot executed as strongly as it
needed to be.>>Correct.The feet are there, but the arms
aren’t doing what the arms should be doing.>>They were
there, though, right?>>They’re there, but they’re going
straight up and leaving a gap between the arms and the net.You
have to go push over like the slope of the roof of a house,
push over the net so thatit seals off the net and there’sno
room for the ball to go between your arms and the net.>>You’re hearing coaching and
analysis from the great barb Willis Randall.fame, played on
the U.S. She’s a member of the hall of national team, played
internationally, was an assistant coach at Purdue and at
the university of northern Iowa for a long time.That’s her
credentials.I’m Eric Brayly, her friend and colleague.And, barb,
we had a chance to see the 5A, 3A, and now 1A.Maybe
just describe to our viewers how special the talent is here in
the state of Iowa because not only all the options
with junior college, division 2, division 3, division 1, but
there’s a lot of coaches that come here and recruit the state of Iowa. The Iowa girl for volleyball to
come out of state and play.>> Iowa has great volleyball
throughout all the ages.It’s because we have a great work
ethic.The kids in the state work hard.There isn’t a match when we
aren’t saying there isn’t anybody on this team going to
play in college.They’re all — they’ve all got teams that are
going to play somewhere.Like you said, at any level, it could be
division 3. It could be division 2.Maddy
cubic, who we talked about because her sister played on the
5A west Des Moines valley team. She’s a freshman at Nebraska,
one of the top collegiate division 1 teams in the nation.
So coaches like to come to Iowa to get great players.Sydney
Peterson, she’s out of Newhartford.She’s playing at the
university of Texas.>>True freshman.>>They’re in the top
five in the nation. So we’ve got a lot of kids who
sport. go and do great things in the>>13-8.That’s why we love
bringing you all this coverage here, so you can get a chance to
see not onlythe kids that are going to go on and play at the next college level, but also just the
hardworking dedication that all these student athletes bring, and it’s pretty special to get
There’s only eight teams that this far.are playing here on
championshipFriday, and only four of them become champions.
Well, Sidney is starting to pull away a little bit, and a
time-out on the court.Let’s see what Wapsie Valley is huddle.
talking about inside their>>I know she’s running your tail
off.You’re going to have to try to do your best.Otherwise when
you’re blocking alone, you’ve got to take that strong angle
away.Ladies, come on.Here we go. Serve/receive, we’re cleaning it
up.Hitters, you have to stay high.You have to swing hard.All
right.Right now we’re not taking smartshots at all.All right.You
got to stay smart.You got to stay competitive.Let’s go.Let’s
get after it.You girls can do this.Come on! You got to believe.>>Warriors on three.One, two,
three.>>Warriors!>>Right now they’re showing a little bit of
fear by tipping all the time and Sidney is picking up those
balls.So swing high, swing hard. Be aggressive, go out battling.
>>It is a battle.They don’t just hand out those championship
trophies.You got to work hard. You got to earn it.Wapsie Valley
has had a special year.Again, they’ve won 12 out of their last
14 matches, and theironly two losses against 1A competition
against Janesville and NorteMA. before it That ball was touched
went out of BObounds is the call.The Cowgirls get the point.
They won the first set 25-14, and they have a seven-point lead
right now.There’s the head coach looking on, Amy McClintock.Good pass.
Pops it up.Blocked. The timing has been perfect for
Sidney.>>Well, and a really nice block because that was hit by Becca
Platte, who’s a lefty.So you have to set your block upjust a
little bit different whenyou’re blocking a lefty because place.
the ball’s hit from a different So the outside hitter needs to
set the block, and the middle needs to get over to her, and
they did it perfectly.>>But a service error makes it
16-9. Again, looking to get a
championship trophy, either Sidney or Wapsie Valley.If
you’re just joining us, cedar falls one the 5A match.In class 3 A, it was Mt.
Vernon over Kemper Catholic 3-0. And the 2A match was a good one.
Western Christian 3-1 over diersville Beckman. In that, Kimmy ver BEEK, won a 12th title and closing in on
that 12th state championship.>>Aside from those 12
championships, they’ve been here a record — I think it’s 37
years.She’s brought a lot of teams to cedar — well, to
whatever the state tournament’s being held. >>On the slide, Wapsie Valley
on the left of your screen in the light tops.Sidney on the
right.Great hustle.Love the effort.Getting down and dirty as
we work for every point. Boy, does that pay off!Dust
yourself off and get ready to do it again now.>>Well, and it just shows how
strong defensively both of these teams are.Both in the backcourt,
and then they’re getting a lot of toucheson the blocks as well.>>To serve, it’s Emma Jones.
Lets it fly. The setter sent it over herself. Wapsie was prepared for it.
Overpass. Back set into a block.Here’s
Wapsie Valley, roll shot. Tipped. Some options here.Good swing. Another long rally.times.You
don’t have to hit it three You can send it over on one or two. That’s what we’re seeing in this
great rally.>>Who’s going to take a big
swing?>>And it finally drops!Kaley Imbrogno. I should have started the stop
watch.Now the gap is close to just four — make it three.
Little timing issue, trying to go to Paige Smith on the
outside.Sails outside the antenna, and it’s now a three-point ball game here in the second.>>That is a
tough serve. It’s barely skimming the net.>>
And the momentum has officially shifted over to the Wapsie
Valley Warriors side of the net, and the student section’s
getting louder and louder with each and every point. >>Well, and that’s their sixth
straight point.>>Trying to make it seven.
Another good serve.Out of bounds. >>Emma Jones, the server, is a
freshman.Time-out by Sidney.>> Not playing like a freshman.>>
No, she isn’t.>>Let’s listen inside the Sidney huddle with coach Amy
McClintock.>>Set goes down the left.Hey, we’re starting to
relax a little bit too much, okay?You got to keep working.
Every point’s important, okay? Let’s go.>>Interesting point.
She said we’re starting to relax too much.There’s a fine line.You
want to be relaxed, but you don’t want to be too relaxed.>>
Yep.>>If you’re too tight, then yougot problems. If you’re too relaxed, you have
different problems. So there’s a fine line there,
and sometimes you got to screw around with it a little bit to
figure out where that line is. >>And some players play a
little more tightly wound.>> Yep.>>You have your
high-energy spark players.You have your laid back players. It takes a whole team to win a
championship.And right now — boy, they needed that point.>>
That was the play drawn up bythe coach.She said put Kelsey out on
the outside, and she went out there and just hammered it past
the block down the line. >>Seventh kill for number 6,
Kelsey Hobbie.All-tournament team last year, averaging 3.8 kills per set this
season.Sidney takes a good swing at it!It’s denied.They started
celebrating, and I guess they’re going to say it did hit.>>They
called a lift.So I think they got it up, but they called a
lift. >>So the point does stay with
Wapsie Valley.>>But, yeah, that just proves you got to play
until the whistle.>>So many times this
year these teams have just been superior
compared to their competition, where you just get a good swing,
and it always goes down.Well, not necessarily here at Cedar
Rapids at the state championship.Perfect placement
on that far sideline.>>There’s Hobbie hitting from the right. We’ve seen her hit mostly to the
middle.They’ll set her in the back row,back row as well.and
she’ll get kills from the She does it all.>>She’s serving
right now. Quick set middle.Perfect.>>Rosengarten taking that
cutback shot back across her body so that she can hit that
deep corner back in zone one.>>Rosengarten now with eight kills to lead Wapsie Valley.>>A little bit of
miscommunication over on Sidney, but they still don’t let the
ball drop.>>Down the line but out of bounds. >>Nice job by Lydia Imbrogno.
Imbrogno that time got her foot to the sideline, so she knew if
it’s too my right, it’s out. And that’s a great way to play
defense.>>Here’s Lydia.Quick set.Tip.
What a swing! And the Warriors are playing
like Warriors.Down but they rallied back to take the 19-18
lead.>>That time Spurlock’s arms were straight up instead of pushed over.>>Sidney over the block, and in the net called against Sidney.
Play to 25, win by two. And a time-out on the court.
Sidney leads the series 1-0. Let’s listen to the Wapsie
huddle and head coach Heather Robinson.>>Girls, we’re
supposed to be covering that. Block takes angle. You’ve got to sit in on that and
stay deep so you can play it if they’re going to roll shot it
over our block.All right?Come on, girls.You’re doing great. Keep going.Believe.Good choices.
Come on.>>Positioning is always a good thing to talk
about because likewe’ve talked about, defensive players in the
back row tend to kind of scoot in.So reminding them to stay
deep and stay home is always a nice
thing to help your players remember.>>We’ve had some
outstanding coaches here on this championship Friday from Cedar
Rapids.We had a couple of younger coaches who have had a
lot of success but have bright futures as well as long as they
stay in the coaching ranks. A little confusion.Bodies kind
of flying everywhereon Wapsie Valley’s side.>>And a double
contact is called for that one. Kind of gets Sidney out of the
pickle.>>Olivia Larsen serving for
Sidney.Near service ace.They can’t return it.And, boy, this
one’s going to go it, Barbie?right down to the
wire, isn’t>>Well, I think that we kind ofall — all the
coaches who have been around this week have to go five. thought this one has
potential>>Didn’t look like it in the first set, cruising to a 25-17
victory was Sidney.And early on in the second, Sidney was up.
Wapsie Valley hung and fought, and now they lead 21-20.>>Well,
Presley Brumbaugh thought that that ball hit the blocker’s hands and went out of
bounds, so Xishe was confused whenthey gave the ball to Wapsie Valley.>>Hannah Knight serving.Good
placement to the back row.>>So we need to talk about thata
little bit because Wapsie Valley is the first team we’ve seen today that plays a rotation
defense, which puts people back in those golden corners. So that opens up the middle back
of the court. >>21-21 here in the second set.
And going to Kalvyn Rosengarten. She is just a freshman and on the season, 223 kills.Second
best on the team. She does a great job blocking as
well. Miller serving. Free ball over the net.Did it
get in?>>It is. sideline.>>Oh, my, grabbed the far Right in
front of Sidney’s bench.Third kill of Sauerbrei.>>A little
bit of mistiming on the jump caused a funny trajectory that
made everybody think it was going out of bounds, and it
landed just on that sideline.>>Sidney makes it 23-22. Third kill by Presley Brumbaugh.
Lily Johnson serving.Not the best pass.Needs to send it to
the back row. Wapsie Valley, back row. The Warriors have battled to
take a 23-22 lead. Very patient with it.Sidney, and
that’s too hard. Deep and out of bounds, and it’s
set point as Wapsie Valley is trying to tie this series up as
we go to the third set.What did the coach say time and time
again? Heather Robinson. You got to believe. Kept alive.To the outside.In
system. Off the hands.>>Double contact.It’s going to
be called on that set.Point to Sidney. >>That’s a touchy call.there?
What are they looking at right >>Well, basically your hands to
same time.have to touch the ball at the If they don’t, then it
can be called a double contact. >>Still set point, though.If
Wapsie Valley gets this point, it’s tied 1-1. Sidney with the ball. Another good swing.Kept alive.
Free ball over the net. Another great rally.Popped up,
and there’s no returnon that one.Cue the celebration for
Wapsie Valley. That was hard fought, and we’re going at least four here in the
class 1A championship match.>> We wouldn’t expect anything
else, would we?>>25-23 Wapsie Valley defeats
Sidney.We’re tied at one apiece. We’ll be back with the third set right after this from Cedar
Rapids.You have been tuned in to Iowa high school volleyball
championship here on Iowa Public Television.>>>As expected, we head to the
third set, and we’re tied.Sidney wins the first.Wapsie Valley
wins the second.Everyone’s watching this statewide here on
Iowa Public Television championship match.We’ve handed
out four championship trophies. One more to go.I even got a text
from the American idol winner. She said, my whole family is
watching. It’s great TV.>>This next set
should be really fun.So let’s sit back, enjoy it, andwe’ll
tell you all about it.>>So let’s take a look at some of those highlights from that
second set.I thought Sidney might kind of run away with this
here, but younever doubt a Wapsie Valley teamapparently.>>
Well, you never doubt a Wapsie Valley team, and their blocking
has gotten hot.We call blocking kind of a feastor famine skill.
And Wapsie Valley has eight blocks, which I think –>>
They’re feasting on it.>>I think eight blocks is the most
we’ve seen all day out of any of the classes.Those matches are
complete.here.We’re only in set number three >>Some great highlights as we
get set here.Overall, 17 kills for Wapsie Valley.24 for Sidney. The attack percentages are about
equal. Rosengarten with six kills.And
the leaders, it’s Five for Imbrogno.Three for Sauerbrei.And
four Sidney.Eight kills for Hobbie. Seven kills for Duncan.A really
nice match, Maddy Duncan.And three kills for Smith, and
Brumbaugh with four kills as well. First point goes to Wapsie
Valley. Set to the outside. And Wapsie Valley, ball hung on
the net, unable to pop over. And Sidney with the point.Well,
and if you’re keeping track at home, the matchups haveremained
the same.So coaches either like where their players are
starting, or they like the matchups they have.Again, I’m
more of a little bit –>>You mix it up a bit.>>Yeah.I want
to try and get a better matchup every single time.>>Another point for Sidney and
the Cowgirls on a 2-0 run.>> Nice job by Paige Smith beingup
there and guarding against the ball coming over to the
Cowgirls’ side.>>A great job by our production team here on Iowa Public
Television, running cameras, directing, producing, instant I
could go on.replay, audio, graphics.There’s like 100 people
here, I swear.And they have been here yesterday. I think the call time was 6:30
a.m. today.And little tiny breaks in between some of the
matches to go to the bathroom, get a water,
eat a granola bar.>>We’ve been lucky because we had other people doing our job in the other matches but they
have no break.>>3-2.Cowgirls leading the Warriors as Sidney — there they are inside
the control room.I love it.If I knew there was a camera in there
we could put up at any time, I would have gone to that
multiple times throughout today.>>I thought I saw some candy in
there earlier, so I think they get the luck of having snacks.>>
Have to sustain a long, long day.Hey, I never finished my
story, did I?>>No.>>That was like 20 minutes ago.
An attack error ties this up at 3-3.So I was talking to Wapsie
Valley. I said what do you do if the
match isn’t until 7:00?We, we eat breakfast and check out of
the hotel.I said, then what do you do?They said, they go to a
farm and scavenger hunt.fleet store and
they do a Everyone has $20, and you have
30 minutes to find like a white elephant gift and other things.
So just, you know, getting them — having fun, maybe not
thinking about the match, how big of a day it is, walking
around.And then they came here and thenwatched the 3A, 2A
championships.>>When I coached at UNI, that was kind of one of
the things wewould do before.We didn’t want the players to be
sedden tarry all day, but we also didn’t want them to be
tired for the match.So we would do what we call — it looks like there was a huge
net violation there.>>The net’s shaking.>>We would do what we
would call active rest, where we’d go to a mall and they’d
have to walk around a certain amount of time.Then they could
study or whatever, but we’d make sure they weren’t just sedden
Terry the whole time.>>It was about
8:00 last night before Sidney and Wapsie Valley were able to leave as their
semifinals were wrapping up. >>So that ball was called out,
but it was also called there was a touch on the block, or maybe
in the back row.I’m not sure where the touch wascalled, but
four people could have.>>Sidney with the serve and the
one-point lead.>>So you say you’re getting texts from Maddie Poppepy.I got
a text from someone who’s saying he’s actually an official.And he
said that he and his wifedo a shot every time we say
trajectory.So should we help them out a little bit and say it
a little bit more?>>It’s a big part of the game of volleyball.
>>That’s right.The trajectory is a big part of the game of
volleyball.>>That ball I thought was real close to being
in.Sidney, saying let’s let that Real good communication by one
go.>>Lay off that one.That’s right.That trajectory is too
long.>>And I tell you what.The coaches were right there.It was
right in front of the They’re helping communicate thatSidney
bench.as well. A player on the team has to help
any way they can.So if you’re sitting on the bench and you
don’t ever get into the game, you can really make a big
difference by tellingthe players on the court, hey, this shot’s
open, or the tip’s open here, or when you do this, they do this,
so pay attention to that.>> Brumbaugh with the play
offensively for Sidney.A three-point lead.And Wapsie
Valley gets the sideout.Their sixth trip to state, second in
the last three years. They won the title in 2006 and
in 2007.And this Wapsie Valley team, good blend of youth and
experience. Four seniors, five freshmen. Serving it is Hannah Knight, one
of those freshmen.Too deep and out of bounds, and the Cowgirls
now lead by three here in the third.>>But you know what we
say about a three-point lead?It’s
kind of like not having a lead. >>That’s right.>>Especially
this early on.>>Now, if it builds to six or impact. seven,
that might have a bigger>>You still can’t get too comfortable.
>>Yeah. Building to four here.>>
Time-out by Wapsie Valley.>> And I think Wapsie Valley
doesn’t want it to build to six or seven.A run being put
together by Sidney, and here is Amy
McClintock, their head coach.>>A lot of energy.Keep it going,
okay?You guys are doing great. Just keep working hard.Let’s go. Play together.>>I agree.There’s
not a lot that they needto change right now. They are up by four in the third
set.Keep doing what you’re doing.Keep pulling away. I might have added, work hard to
make sure you get this point. But, yeah.>>Each assistant
coach has a role on this team as well. And at this stage, I mean you’ve
been playing together since August.You’re hearing Christmas
music on the radio.This is the last day of high school
volleyball in the state of Iowa in 2019.It’s been a long season.
Everybody knows their role, what they need to do to help the team
succeed.Nice idea.>>Nice angle. She saw the two blockers up
straight ahead of her, so she tried to cut it back around that
block, and it just went a little bit wide.Right idea.>>Cowgirls
first to double digits, and they’re doubling up the Warriors 10-5.Tip. Sidney so good, so sound Kelsey
Hobbie.defensively, and frustrated is She’s love to have
that one back.>>She would.She just got behind the ball.So even
when you’re hitting fromthe back row, you still need to stay on
top of the ball so you can make sure the trajectory goes down
and stays in the court.>>Back set.Wapsie Valley. They won the second set 25-23.
But it’s been all Sidney since then, winning 25-17 in the first
and now racing out to an 11-5 lead.It’s been a mixture of
Sidney doing some things really good and some miscues on Wapsie
Valley’s side of the net.>> Well, and that’s really what
it’s been for Wapsie Valley. This set has been a few little
issues.They’re still fighting hard.defense.They’re still
playing great They have some great rallies. Then one little mistake will
catch them.>>You know, something that I find interesting is that Wapsie
Valley really has been battle tested. They play in the extremely
challenge NIC east.They finished seventh in their conference.>>
Wow.>>But they’re playing schools
2A, 3A in their conference.>> Well, the worst part about that
is your head because you start kind of losing a little
confidence.>>There’s no way we’re going towin the title if
we can’t –>>Right.>>Well, right now Sidney is
humming right along, hitting on all cylinders.Let’s see what
Wapsie Valley cando to figure out how to get the momentum on
their side.>>Get the ball in Kaci’s hands so we can swing.
She’s all over the place, all right?We can do this.We are a
better team than this.Do we believe in it?>>Yes!>>All
right. Take a deep breath.Ready?You
ready to go now?All right.Let’s go!>>That’s what we talk about
being too tight.So she had everybody take a breath to relax
them a little bit.Get your platforms out so that the ball
is not just bouncing off and over the net.Help the
setter out.>>She’s working hard.>>She’s working hard.
after this match.She’s going to be just exhaustedHelp her out.
Let her run the offense.They can come back just like they did in
the second set.>>In the second set, it was very similar to what
we’re seeing here in the third set.
Wapsie Valley put the run together to KWclaim that
victory. That one goes through the block.
Presley Brumbaugh again going to play volleyball at southeast community college in Nebraska.
And the chance for the libero to add more points here for Sidney. Lily Johnson. Sidney has been the better of
13-6.the two teams here in the last seven or eight minutes.That’s
the swing they want.Good job defensively in that front row by Wapsie Valley.That
block was there, but it hitoff the hands and took a straight drop down to that pink
court.>>On a play like that, when a player tries to slide
their handunder the ball, it’s called a pancake.And if the ball
hits the hand and none of the floor, it’s legal.All four
officials get to make the call. If they see the ball hit the
floor, they get to help with that call.>>And on some
courts, you mightnot be able to tell as well, buton a hot pink
surface, it’s easier to see was there a hand under it or not?We
saw the down official with her pink whistle.All part of the
branding of the Iowa high school athletic association.Their
director for the last several years, Jean Berger, really
trying to take it up a couple of notches.Longtime division 1
university.administrator at drake There she is.I’m just
talking about her, and immediately they got her on
camera.At UNI, at drake, and saying, hey, we need to make
this an even bigger deal, these
championships for the Iowa girl.>>Because of that, they get
state championship.pink T-shirts when they win a They have pink
balloons fall from the ceiling. The court is pink.It didn’t
always used to be pink.You know –>>Pink brick road.>>They
run in on a pink brick road. All the union employees are
wearing pink in some way, shape, or form, as are we.>>I had to
go buy a pink tie.I didn’t have to.I just didn’t have a pink tie
inmy wardrobe.Good excuse to buy a pink tie.Well, the Cowgirls
now a double-digit lead, and they justare playing really
fundamentally strong as we see the fourth kill
for Wapsie Valley’s Sauerbrei. And just continuing to believe
is what Wapsie Valley needs to do their side of the net.But
Sidney is making it hard.>> Well, and there’s a net
violation called on Wapsie Valley for that one. But the ball also went down.>>
The regional tournament, Sidney defeated Bedford Lenox and east mills. And Wapsie Valley took care of
starmont, west central.>>If you’re not familiar with where
Sidney is, we weren’t either five years ago when they first
came here.But they are in about as far southwest in Iowa as you
can get.They are way down there, and they also are famous for a
rodeo.>>And I’m assuming that’s why
the school’s mascot is the Cowgirls.>>I would assume the
same thing.>>Barb, I’d like to go to that rodeo with you
sometime.Throw that on my bucket list. >>I almost went two years ago.
>>19-7.Sidney on top.They’re in the driver’s seat andin control
here in this third set, trying to break the tie.
What perfect placement to that corner.>>And Kelsey Hobbie
took kind of a breath of relief after thatone because I think
she thought it was going out, and then it landed right on the
line with that great trajectory of hers.
>>A 13-point lead, the largest of the entire match.Wapsie
Valley gets the point, and they just need to get some momentum.
We know this is going at least four.But Wapsie Valley just — I
meanif they could get to 15 points, even if you lose it —
>>Yes.>>Something positive. >>Right, right.Well, and coach
Robinson has been helping with that, you know, in the second
set.She talked to them about what they needed to do.They need
to believe.They still believe. It’s just you got to kind of one
point at a time.How do you eat an elephant?>>One bite at a
time.>>That’s right.So that’s how you come back froma large
deficit.>>Emma Jones serving.Jones a
freshman.>>And we might have another person going to the
rodeo with us. I just got a text from a college
teammate of mine who said, I’ll go to the rodeo with you.>>Why
wouldn’t you?>>Right.>>Many amazing things going on across
this great state of Iowa.I’ve lived here my whole life.>>You
don’t know about most of them, yeah.>>Joust at the net, and
it’s going to be Sidney winning that battle. >>One of the things, Olivia
Larsen is maybe the unsung hero of the Sidney team.>>I could
see that, yeah.>>She’s the setter, and she just does an
amazing job.She gets to every ball and she battles at the net.
She knows when to send it over. She knows, when she has to send
it over, how to make sure it stays on the other side.She’s
just tremendous. >>Olivia Larsen wearing the
number 2 for Sidney.Leads 1A in assists at nine per set. A four-year starter and over
3,300 assists in her career.>> And her demeanor is perfect for
a setter. She keeps everybody calm, even
keeled.If there’s a problem, she helps resolve it.They had a
little problem yesterday, she helped resolve
it.>>Another point, and the Cowgirls up double digits,
needing just three more points to win this third set. 12 kills now for Kelsey Hobbie. 22-11.Good pass.Here’s the back
set.Wapsie Valley.The block, sends it back to Off the hands.
>>Nice up.>>Love the effort. The Warriors get the point. Well, I think we need to mention
the fact of that Janesville had been here the last four years.
They’ve won the last four state championships here in class 1A.
Great tradition from Janesville. So when Wapsie Valley got that
win, that had to be a huge boost for their confidence.>>
Absolutely.And that was the first round here. And so then that gave Wapsie
Valley the confidence to come in and beat Holy Trinity, who has been awesome, I mean, ever since
I can remembered.>>And you’ve been around a longtime.>>That’s
not very nice. >>It’s true, though.There’s
just some schools that have that tradition.You look, it’s like,
oh, they’vebeen to state 20 times, 30 times.>>Yep.And by
putting the name of theirschool on their Jersey, they might
score a point or two for having that name on their Jersey.>>It
starts with the young girls at a young age, working hard, looking
up and saying, hey, when I’m at that position, I want to go to
state.I want to Wwin a championship.>>That was a
great rally.What was called was a center line violation.The body
part can be on the line, but it cannot be completely over the line.Once it
quits touching the line,it’s a violation.>>Great serve.Almost
a serve ace. It’s set point, and there it is. 25-12 is your final score here
in the third set.ASidney, the number one ranked team who has
not lost to anyone in class 1A this year is one setaway from
claiming the state title. We’ll see if Wapsie Valley can force a fifth set on Iowa public
television. apsie.>>>They showed up about
6:30 a.m.That’s inside the truck.They’re working hard
whether they’re in the truck, out of thetruck, running camera. Thank you from the bottom of our
hearts, Iowa Public Television crew for putting in a hard day.
There’s the general manager and camera operators.We get the easy
job.We just sit here and talk. >>And they feed us, and then we
get a break, and so we really have the best job here.>>Every
corner of the state allaround, you have enjoyed the sights and sounds from downtown
Cedar Rapids, a great host for the Iowa high school volleyball
championships.crew.Thank you so much to our great here.Let’s
play some more volleyball Wapsie Valley.It’s a must-win
scenario for And Sidney, hey, they’re lookingfor their first
ever state championship in the sport of volleyball. That would be big for that
community.Barb Randall, Eric Brayly with the call here. Again, we’re the ones with the
easy job and the fun job. We’ve been doing this about 15
years, and it’s a very special weekend on our calendars as
well.Wapsie Valley, they have Warriors in their name.They were
down in the second set, battled back to win.They trail 2-1.The
team that wins three sets wins the match and the championship
trophy.First point goes to the Sidney Cowgirls.>>Well, and
both teams have thesame matchup.>>Here is a look at updated
statistics. As a team, Wapsie Valley, 25 kills, 20 errors, 131 attempts,
hitting 0.038.And for Sidney, 39 kills, 25 attack errors on 138
attacks.Hitting 1.01. 34 assists for Larsen.22 for
Beesecker. And 17 digs for her as well.
Miller has 20 digs and Paige Smith with 18. Maddy Duncan, 14 digs.13 for
Lily Johnson and 11 for Olivia Larsen.Cowgirls with another
point.For Sidney, Hobbie has led them with a dozen kills, hitting 111. 9 kills for mMaddy Duncan.Five
kills for Paige Smith. Four kills for Harley Spurlock.
Two kills for Olivia Larsen. 2-2 here in the fourth. An individual kill statistics
for Wapsie Valley, both Kalvyn Rosengarten and Lydia Imbrogno
have eight kills. Five kills for Sauerbrei. Two kills for Heinze.It’s a
must-win situation for Wapsie Valley, trying to force that
fifth set.And Sidney would love to close it out here and win their first ever state title in volleyball. So many of these student
athletes that we have shown you on Iowa Public Television this
year, multi-sport athletes.I know a number of them are
playing girls basketball.You know when their season starts?>>
It was last week, right?>>So I’m assuming Monday?>>
Yeah.>>Trade in volleyball knee padsand tennis shoes for your
basketball shoes.>>Do they still wear high tops or is that
an olden thing?>>I think so.>>So there’s that three-play we’ve seen all day off and on.
It’s a quicker set about 10 feet away from the setter.It’s lined
up to be in between the two blockers on the other side of
the net.But that time Wapsie Valley didn’t have any blockers
against them, so it was a wide open
shot.>>Tying this thing up at four
apiece, and that is the 11th kill for Maddy Duncan.When you
work your middles like that, you got a lot of options.
And Rosengarten.>>I, for one, am never going totell someone to
set away from the middle.I like it when they set the middles.I’m
maybe a tad biased on that, though.>>So you played the
position very well in high school and college.You coached
the position.When you were recruiting, what do you look for
in a good middle.Someone who has size obviously helps.>>Well,
and even more importantthan size would be the height they get
above the net.>>So adding that vertical leap.>>Yep.And as well
as that, they need to move laterally really well because a middle blocker needs
to block every single time the other team attacks.Then they
have to be able to getoff the net and approach and make
themselves available to the setter as an offensive weapon.>>
Blocked but out of bounds. Hitting off the block and getting the kill.Maddy Duncan
another chance to serve. Duncan on the season, the 5’5″ hitter, 2.56 kills per set. 18 aces as well.Into the net.And
I have a feeling this fourthset will be very similar to what
we’ve seen here at the end as what we’re seeing in the
beginning.One point here, one point there,one point here, one
point there.It’s the team that puts a sustained run together,
and thenit goes to the one point here, one point there.That’s why
you can’t give a cushion to anybody.>>That’s exactly right. You need to make sure that as
soon as the other team takes the ball away from you, you get it
right back.>>On the slide, getting the kill.Rosengarten
again. Folks, she is just a freshman.
>>My guess is that coach Robinson said, hey, don’t forget
when we pass better, we can use our middle.So when we pass well,
let’s try and get our middles more involved.And they’ve been
able to do thatso far in this third set — or fourth set.>>Presley Brumbaugh
with the kill. Brumbaugh on the season, the senior, 174 kills, a 1.79 kills
per set average.Setters dump. Sidney was expecting it.Would
you, great decision.Didn’t go with power. Did a little roll shot over the
block and down for the back row kill.>>Well, and she was able
to hitthat spot because she knows they’re playing the rotation
defense.So they have coverage in the corners and the open spot is
themiddle back.>>9-7.An early time-out.Let’s go inside the
Wapsie Valley huddle.Find the ball.>>Find your shoulder.Go
take it out of her hands.That’s what I need you to do.Everyone,
you see the ball, you glow.Don’t look at each other.Just go.
Somebody go high, somebody go low, and get after it, okay?You
girls, you’re in this.You’ve got to find it and believe it, all
right?Keep swinging. Keep being aggressive.>>
Anticipate it.>>All right.>> Absolutely.Are we good?>>Yes.>>Every point hard.>>Ready?>>
Hey, guys, believe in ourselves. We got to go right now. We’re in it.>>Let’s go.>>Coach Robinson has seen some
hesitancy from her players.go. That’s what she means by just
Don’t expect someone else to get Don’t think someone else is it.
Go.going to cover it.Somebody go low.Somebody go high.Go.And once
you go, someone else will go because effort is contagious.>>And put the ball on the head
of your setter as well. throughout every time-out that
>>Yeah, that’s been a theme we’ve listened in to hers.>>
You want to make her job as easy as possible so she has those
options. So Lily Johnson serving.It’s a
10-7 lead for Sidney.10-8 now. Nice attack and down for the
point.>>And Imbrogno does a nice job from the back row.
That’s the first time I think we’ve seen her swing from the
But throughout this tournament, back row.she’s been doing a
great job from the back row.One other thing I would say is when
they set her on the outside, she needs to just keep swinging line
because there’s the potential of running into Hobbie if she goes
crosscourt, but she’s got a short block her
line every single time.>>Back to a one-point ball game and double-digit kills now for
Lydia Imbrogno, the team leader in kills on the regular season.
>>As a sophomore. >>As a sophomore, yeah.I think
Wapsie Valley might be back here again.The two leading players
are freshman and sophomore. Split the block, and in the net called against Wapsie Valley.
11-9.>>That time Hobbie took the ball and cut it back across
her body to that right back corner.
Seeing that the block was set up towards her other side.>>Hit to the back row. Good patience, and it’s over on
three.Wapsie Valley all the way to the outside, and that’s not
returned. Another kill for Lydia Imbrogno. And checking in to serve will be
Emma Jones.A look at Heather Robinson, leave years coaching,
third year at Wapsie Valley. Been to the state tournament
twice. Down from sideline to sideline. A kill for the Cowgirls. Here’s a look at that replay.
Just bumping it over and getting right on that line.Well, Barb, I
want to make sure people listening here. I get
your thoughts for all the>> Uh-oh.>>As someone who’s had
success in multiple sports as a high school athlete, as someone
who had success in the division 1
volleyball level and at the international level, why are you
a proponent of not just specializing in folks saying 365
days in the sport of volleyball?>>It’s interesting because
every year as each year goes by, little bit.>>Okay.my thoughts
on that change a Where are we in 2019?>>But not differently.Just
the reasons continue to mount for me.I think that multi-sport
athletes are — you learn things from other sports that you
wouldn’t learn just playing one sport all the time.>>Teamwork,
competition, what?>>More like skills.>>Okay.>>I felt like
my peripheral vision was better in volleyball because of playing
basketball and having to look down the court and where my
teammates were.Things like that that people who just play one sport won’t ever
find out.I think that if the sport gets too cookie cutter
when everybodyplays the same sport all year-round.We’ve
talked about it a couple times that it’s three contacts, three
contacts, three contacts.You’re losing some of the craftiness,
some of the send it over unexpectedly and break up the
rhythm, that kind of thing. But I also — and this might be
the most important reason is I think when you play one sport
every day all year round, that you tend to have overuse issues
and injuries, and that can really come out later in life.>>Again, she’s Barb Randall,
all-American at Iowa. schoolgirls athletic association
She’s in the Iowa high hall of fame, and an outstandingdivision
1 volleyball coach as well. Joining us on our broadcast
here. It’s in for a 14-13 Cowgirl That
ball just grabbed the line. lead, and that’s 14 kills for number three, Maddy Duncan.
Relive the excitement, share the moments with your family, friends, and neighbors, visit
IPTV.org for archive games.If you want to go back to four
years ago, you can watch the archived broadcast.This has
proven to be a great broadcast and championship here as we are down to the 1A
championship match.Let’s listen inside Sidney’s huddle now.>>
Your right side be on the line. Everybody else go cross, but be
ready for a short roll, okay?You got this.One pass at a time. Focus mentally, okay?Focus. Let’s go.>>She knows that Wapsie
Valley’s tendencies are to tip and use shots when they’re in
trouble, so she is warning them. Be ready for a tip or a shot. Then she’s also reminding them,
hey, it’s all about passing.It all breaks down to passing.Keep
passing well. You’ll be fine.>>15-13, just
past the halfway point of this fourth set. It’s a must-win situation for
Wapsie Valley because if Sidney wins this set, they win their
first ever state volleyball championship title.Some
confusion on Sidney’s side of the net.Again, Sidney defeated springville in the quarterfinals
on Wednesday.Now taking on Wapsie Valley, whothey defeated,
four-time defending champion Janesville inthe quarterfinals
on Wednesday, and Holy Trinity Catholic in the semifinals yesterday to get
here.Split right between two Wapsie Valley players in the
back row, and the Cowgirls jump out to a
two-point lead t. That is now 15 kills for Maddy
Duncan. Sidney sends it over from the
setter.A whistle, and Sidney’s going tobe charged. >>With a net violation.>>Got a body part in the net.
You can’t do that.There’s not a ton of rules in volleyball, but
that’s an important one, right?>>Yes, it is.>>I just don’t
know how you throw the emergency brake on andstop your momentum
when you’re just flying in.>> It’s all about technique.That’s
why we go through technique for your approach and technique for
your blocking and different techniques because
doing it certain ways will be more advantageous than others.>>The line was open. Good vision.17-15, Sidney with
the lead.Spurlock with her fifth kill.Good things have happened
when Lily Johnson is serving for
Sidney.Oh, nice job.She can get kills wherever she’s at on the court, can’t she?>>
She lilreally can.They probably should start usingher even a
little bit more. >>13 kills for number 12, Lydia
Imbrogno.Well, two keys you had for Sidney, keep laser-like
focus and enjoy the match. grading out on those?How would
you say they’re>>Well, I would say their focushas been okay.It
hasn’t been perfect, but it’s been okay.They’re losing a
little bit of focus right now.It looks to me, as I look at some
of the players after a play.But for the most part, I’d say, yes,
they’ve been pretty focused.I think for the most part, they’re
enjoying what they’re doing.But they aren’t demonstrative like
some of the other teams are. So it’s harder to see that part of it.>>Ball grabs in. That’s a quick hit and play, and
Sidney now leads 18-17.14 kills now for Hobbie as you see the
replay.No hesitation.Drills that one down to the court. Play to 25, win by two. Sidney won the first set 25-17. Wapsie Valley won the second set
25-23.Sidney won the third in dominantfashion, 25-12. This one has been as tight as it
is right now, one or two points separating these two schools.>>
That’s why Wapsie Valley wants to make sure it doesn’t get any
further away from it than what it is right now.>>Oh, it just
barely sails out of bounds.>>I thought there could have been a
touch on that.But we are completely across thegym.>>
Yeah, our vantage point.>>We don’t have a good vantage point
for it.>>Checking in with Wapsie Valley’s keys, you said
remain fearless and start quickly.>>Yeah.I would say
that the fearlessness is not what we’ve seen in other matches this week.
Starting quickly, they started quickly.I mean they were up 4-1
in the first set.But then they went on a — Sidney went on a
seven-point run, so not really quite the jump that I would have
liked if I were their coach.>> Here’s Emma Jones for Wapsie Valley. Jones, a freshman.And they’re
having a tough time returning it.Finally they do. Wapsie Valley to the outside.
Here’s Sidney. Rolled it down the front of the
net.Great up there by Imbrogno. We play on.Tip, return!Quick
block!And the ball just won’t drop to the court on either side of the
net.Great rally.Good up in the back row by the libero.Down the
line.Oh, they sent it out of bounds.>>That’s the right
idea.She was up against a single blocker.That single blocker came
from the middle, so that leaves some
line open. It just was out of bounds.Close.
>>21-18, leading by three and needing just four more points is
Sidney. Wapsie Valley, back row attack,
and it’s just mis-hit into the net. And now the Cowgirls can sense
it.Getting closer. They want to join cedar falls, the 5A champion, Sergeant Bluff-Luton, Mt. Vernon, and
western Christian.Sidney has never been a state champion in
volleyball. And now, Barb, they’re so close.
>>They’re so close, but that doesn’t mean that they can let
up.>>Absolutely.>>They need to keep going untilthe number
hits 25.>>Duncan with 16 kills. Head coach Amy McClintock is this program.Sidney, slide, down
the line.It’s good.And Sidney has match point here in the fourth set. 15 kills for Kelsey Hobbie. Fifth consecutive trip to state. Undefeated versus 1A competition
this year. The number one ranked team in
class 1A trying to battle off the Warriors of Wapsie Valley. One more point. They have options. Another great rally. There it is!Oh, it just sails
out of bounds, and the door of opportunity
remains open for Wapsie Valley. Here’s the replay. And it sails out.24-19.>>Well,
that’s why we say you got to hit six inches inside theline,
right, so that it’s not exactly on the line and somebodyhas to
make the call. >>Match point for Sidney.And
Wapsie Valley, they believe. Their coach, Heather Robinson,
has said time and time again, you got to believe.They got a
mountain to climb if they want to force the fifth set.Back
against the wall right now, facing match point.Briley
Bellis, another freshman for Wapsie Valley.There’s five
freshmen and four seniors on Wapsie Valley’s roster.Sidney
attacks.Blocked.Point, guess who?Wapsie Valley on a run.But
they built that cushion, Sidney has, to get this lead.
Time-out on the court. Here’s the last play again.The
Warriors playing some inspired volleyball. Down but certainly not out.>>
Pull it in a little bit.Protect the middle of the court,okay?All
right. Come on, girls, you got this.>>
Here we go.>>She knows that Sidney likes to put the ball in
the middle ofthe court, so she wants to make sure her team is
prepared for that shot. high school volleyball action.>>
It’s been a fun-filled day of It’s the final day, and we’re in the final minutes and moments of
the 2019 Iowa high school volleyball season. Sidney one point away. Wapsie Valley serving, on a run. Good pass.Back set. Swing, blocked, point Warriors!>>Talk about grit, right?We
like watching players with grit. We like watching teams with
grit.Wapsie Valley is showing they’vegot grit.>>And mind you, Briley Bellis
is a freshman back there, serving tough. Match point Sidney.Trying to
stop this Wapsie Valley run and win a state title. And Wapsie Valley does it again.
Are you not entertained?None of today’s championships have gone
five. Fighting off match point after
match point after match point. Trying to tie this thing up. Match point again for Sidney. Big swing, tip.Back row attack.
Blocked.Tap back over. Great hustle.The pass is there. The swing, and there it is! Final score, Sidney 25, Wapsie
Valley 23. And for the first time ever,
Sidney is a state champion in Iowa high school volleyball. Quite an ending, an exclamation
point to our full day of broadcasts.Been on the air since
10:00 a.m., and the Warriors were Warriors down the home
stretch in that fourth set, leading the
way, 15 kills for Lydia Imbrogno.12 for Kalvyn
Rosengarten.Here’s that champion point again.Maddy Duncan with 17
kills. Kelsey Hobbie with 15.Sidney
didn’t know if this wouldever come, and then it did. And cue the celebration.>>Presenting awards to the 2019 class 1A all-tournament team is
the regional manager for Iowa Farm Bureau. Ladies and gentlemen, your 2019
class 1A all-tournament team. From Sidney, Maddy Duncan. From Holy Trinity Catholic, Claire POLKATAKAS. From north TAMA.Katie CAPRIVA.
From Wapsie Valley, Kalvyn Rosengarten. From Sidney, Olivia Larsen. From Wapsie Valley, Lydia Imbrogno. And your class 1A all-tournament
team captain, from Sidney, Kelsey Hobbie.>>Kelsey Hobbie, a senior, going out as the captain of the
state tournament team. Well deserved honor against
senior, senior class unbeaten at home this year.37-0.Throughout
their career and undefeated this year in 1A
competition.throughout conference 49-0, Fifth
consecutive trip to state,and they finally win that state
championship.>>Awesome.They did a great job.They had a great
week.It’s been so fun to watch them the last five years.>>And
Wapsie Valley beat the four-time defending champion Janesville. They blended that youth of five
freshmen and four seniors for the state runner-up honor. >>From Wapsie Valley, the
Warriors and head coach Heather Robinson. And now, your 2019 class 1A
champions, coach Amy McClintock and the Cowgirls from Sidney!>>Final thoughts on this match
and the overall day that we just experienced here.>>Well, I
think it put the perfect cap on a wonderful day.What a great
match. also.Wapsie Valley had a great
week They were really fun to watch. It’s always fun when a team
pushes pedal to the metal, beats the number one team, the team
that’s been reigning champ for four years.Great job by both
teams.>>For years, Iowa Public Television has showcased and inspired the Iowa girl, bringing
unparalleled, professional coverage of girls state
championships to homes across Iowa and the nation.This year
IPTV is celebrating 50years of being Iowa’s only statewide
network.Can’t wait to share the next 50 with you.We thank our
great crew for putting in a long day.It has been quite a treat.We
hope you enjoyed it.For Barb Randall, my good friend, I’m Eric Brayly saying so long. We’ll see you all next year. Thanks for watching.>>>Funding for the Iowa Girls
High School Athletic Union, Iowa Farm Bureau girls state
volleyball championships is provided by — >>the path to greatness starts
early.The Iowa Farm Bureau believes inIowa’s youth and
their pursuit of greatness. That’s why we’re proud to be the
title sponsor of the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union.Each
student’s effort is important, and when one rises, we all rise to a better Iowa.>>>
Fairway, along with Nabisco, Frito-Lay, and Sara Lee is a sports championships.proud
sponsor of the Iowa girls We congratulate all the schools and
student athletes participating in this year’s
girls high school state volleyball championships.
Fairway, proud to care for the places we work and live.By Musco
lighting, the sports lighting specialists.Providing lighting
systems for you, your project, and your community.

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