2019 Athletics Hall of Fame: Bob Lanigan

I played basketball at Moraine Valley
from 1984 to 1986. I played for Bill Finn. I played forward on two teams. I was team
captain our sophomore year. What makes me most proud about my time at Moraine
Valley was how it helped me develop from a skinny kid who didn’t have good study
habits, who was physically really just starting to develop, emotionally just
starting to develop, into somebody that could chase his dreams and get a few of
those things accomplished. Other than my mother and father, basketball has given
me everything in my life. If it wasn’t for basketball and Moraine Valley here, I
probably wouldn’t have gone on to school. I probably wouldn’t have gotten a degree,
and getting a degree opened up the world to me. I’ve been able to visit 20
countries. I’ve been in 49 states. I’ve had amazing experiences from the Sistine
Chapel to the beaches of D-Day in Normandy to volcanoes and Hawaii.
I’ve seen and done so many amazing things and experienced NBA championships,
Super Bowls and World Series and Stanley Cup Finals and Kentucky Derby and the
Indy 500. These are all experiences that I’ve had in person because basketball
put me on a path toward an education, toward a degree, toward a job and toward
life experiences. It gave me my wife. I met my wife through guys I played
basketball with, so almost everything I have in my life traces directly back
through basketball which starts in earnest here at Moraine Valley in 1984.
If I don’t come here and play and then move on to the University of
Tennessee at Martin and get my degree, I can’t imagine half of that stuff ever
happens for me, and it’s been amazing. I’ve done so many things that I wanted
to do. I’ve done so many things I had no idea I wanted to do, but just kind of
happened, and now I’m so grateful that I did. And basketball has been the conduit for
that, and Moraine Valley was the vehicle for that journey to begin. When I first
got the email that notified me that I’d been elected into the Moraine Valley Athletics
Hall of Fame, I first thought it was a joke. I thought this someone’s playing a
joke on me because there are far more deserving athletes and coaches and stuff
here than me. It hit me like a lightning bolt. It was such a such an honor. I’m
thrilled. I’m, I’m flattered. My basketball journey is not, I think,
like most. Everyone has a story, but I was not a star player in grammar school or
high school. I developed here at Moraine Valley and got even better from here on,
so to be inducted into the Hall of Fame is such a great thrill and a great honor,
and I promise I’m gonna be an excellent representative for Moraine
Valley for them doing this for me. I’m truly grateful. [music playing]

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