2018 Athletics Hall of Fame: Kay Schneegas

Well, I started out as a teacher. I started out by swimming, and I noticed that
the men had wonderful, wonderful, wonderful uniforms and looked great and had a locker. And I walked in and I didn’t even have a gym
at that time. And I thought I don’t like that. I think the girls should have the same. So, but I thought, I only had a short time
here and I don’t want to lose my job because I love it. And so over time and getting to know everyone
in sports that one of mine and he’s deceased now and I want to mention his name, Howie
Schiedt, and was our top man. And he was absolutely fantastic. He would always
say to me, Kay, what do you want and what and we are going to shoot for it. He always, always did that and it was wonderful
and Ray Pietrylla did a lot of the swimming. And together I think that we were able to
do more to help our students. There was nothing for women. And I, um, I thought what am I gonna do. And I’d come up with my my program and then
I redid that with everything. And so all of that was exciting, but a lot
of work. After school, I’d be out you know washing
cars and selling T-shirts so that the kids could they wouldn’t be looking like they’d
look like an athlete. So it wasn’t because, oh I’m a teacher so
it’s just going to happen, no. It’s you gotta work and I think it helped
the kids because I said one guy said I just got out of service Kay and I’m scared
to death, I never got in the water. Can you help me, and I said yeah, I’m gonna teach
you how to swim. For me it was so nice that I had a chance
working with kids. I’m single, never had my own and so I had
this bundle of kids, and I think I still have them right now. I think that I would like the women to play
football. There are some schools that have that. I don’t
know maybe, and oh my gosh I wish I would’ve been able to do that. You know just touch football, oh, I don’t
know. There probably are some schools because they’re
not fooling around now.

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